The Uganda Martyrs Died Because They Refused to Engage in Sodomy with King Mwanga

So Francis/Bergoglio has flown off to Africa and will be visiting Uganda on Friday, I think.  There is going to be great talk while he is there of the Uganda Martyrs, and it is widely suspected that since there were 13 Catholics and 11 Anglicans in the company of martyrs, it will all be lyingly cast as a great proof that “this Church is as good as that church” and “the differences don’t matter” blah blah blah.

Please spread the TRUE STORY and REAL POINT of the Ugandan martyrs far and wide, and don’t let the evil Freemasonic infiltrators and enemies of God and His Holy Church twist this into yet another heresy-supporting perversity.

King Mwanga was 19 years old and a raging sodomite.  The Ugandan martyrs were young Christian men, the youngest being 14 years old and some of them actually OLDER than King Mwanga himself, the eldest being 25 years old, who were pages in Mwanga’s court that categorically refused to comply with his demand that they engage in homosexual sex with him or anyone else, including his… wait for it… MUSLOID buddy, Lutaya.

In the week leading up to the commencement of the great bloodletting, a lad named Matthias Gayinga refused to have sex with the musloid Lutaya at King Mwanga’s specific order.  Matthias Gayinga was tortured, but not to death, for his virile stance against the sodomite wretches Mwanga and Lutaya.  This incident, and the “splendid example” as it was called among the Christians, is what led directly to the rage and mass martyrdom at the sodomite Mwanga’s hands.

The leader and protector of the young men and boys in Mwanga’s court was a Catholic man named Charles Lwanga who had ascended to that role just a few days earlier when his predecessor was beheaded by King Mwanga. Upon being made head page in Mwanga’s court, Charles Lwanga himself asked to be baptized and received into the Church on November 15, ARSH 1885.  When King Mwanga’s favorite male concubine, a lad named Mwafu, revealed that another man named Denis Sebuggwawo was instructing him and the other boys, under Charles Lwanga’s supervision as head page in the court, in the Catechism and preparing them for baptism, and that is why Mwafu had stopped coming to Mwanga’s court (for sodomy with King Mwanga), King Mwanga became enraged, sealed the court and summoned his executioners.

Charles Lwanga, knowing that they would all be killed by the raging sodomite king, immediately baptized the four catechumens on May, 26, ARSH 1886.  The next morning they were summoned before King Mwanga, and the Christians were asked to identify themselves, and then asked to apostatize.  Not one lad apostatized.  All stood manfully for Christ, knowing it meant their torture and death.

As I have hinted at with regards to my upcoming video, almost all sodomites have freely adopted the psychological pose and emotional palate of the demonic, and thus relish in inflicting wanton suffering upon others.  Generally they are confined to emotional and spiritual cruelty, but when given power, like King Mwanga, they are reliably physically sadistic.  The torture of the Ugandan Martyrs is no exception to this.  Charles Lwanga was separated from the rest of the lads and had his feet BURNED OFF before being finally killed. As his feet were being burned off, Charles Lwanga said to the executioner, “It is as if you are pouring water on me. Please repent and become a Christian like me.”

The other lads were marched 37 miles, and at the place of execution were wrapped in reed mats, stacked like logs, and burned as a human pyre.

I find several extremely relevant points here.

First, King Mwanga’s demand was not just for sodomitical sex, but CONSENSUAL sex.  The lads were not raped, it seems.  This is a huge distinction, and so reflective of our contemporary culture and situation.  Sodomites are never content to be “left alone” to their wretched depravity.  The cultural progression goes from tolerance to acceptance, acceptance to ratification, ratification to support, and support to participation.  King Mwanga tortured and killed those lads because they refused to crawl down into hell with him – just as the demons and their human allies want every human being to freely choose hell, just as they did.

Second, we all know that the part about the sodomy will be totally glazed over by FrancisMercyEcumenicalChurch this week.  Heck, just in researching this post I came across Catholic websites that never mention it – only “the King’s immoral practices”, being conspicuously careful to never say what those “immoral practices” were. According to the evil infiltrators of the Church, poor King Mwanga just wanted to be “loved”, albeit in a “different way” with it own unique “value”. Who are we to judge, and who were these pious, rigid, fundamentalist, creepy young men who judged King Mwanga judgmentally, and refused to encounter, dialogue and accompany him body-to-body with the tender caresses of the God of Surprising Newness on his equally valid path through the fragrant lands of teh sweet, sweet buttsecks?

Make no mistake, according to FrancisNewMercyChurch, the Ugandan Martyrs had it coming.

I look forward to the Cirque de Soleil-level contortions that will be required to explain how EXACTLY the Anglicans among the company of martyrs can be reconciled to the Anglican milieu of today, since the Anglicans have enthusiastically embraced sodomy in all its forms.  How exactly will “Bishop” Vickie explain to her “wife” in that evening’s pillow talk that celebrating a feast commemorating martyrs who died refusing to engage in consensual sodomy is in no way judging or casting aspersions on their sapphic union?

I look forward to FrancisNewMercyChurch pointing to the Ugandan Martyrs as proof that “we are all the same” when the Anglicans DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WHAT THESE MARTYRS DIED FOR IS EVEN A SIN.

Please tell everyone you can about St. Charles Lwanga and his Companions and their glorious and holy deaths at the hands of a raging sodomite and his musloid instigator, standing against that sin so vile, so foul, that it cries out to heaven for God’s vengeance, and that even the demons themselves withdraw from once instigated, given their angelic nature: SODOMY.

St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, pray for us, that we too may die before we ever capitulate to sodomites.

Oh, wait.  I guess it is too late for that….




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