How I Saw the Francis Disaster Coming, and Saw It Easily…

As more and more people realize that Bergoglio is trying to do nothing less than destroy the Church, I am reminded of those first days in March ARSH 2013.  I called the disaster that was coming, and I called it without hesitation, based upon one simple thing.

At his first Mass in the Sistine Chapel Bergoglio did not genuflect to the Host or to the Precious Blood, which is God Himself, after the consecration.

Here is my March 16, ARSH 2013 post titled, “Oh, we are in deep, deep trouble…”

Everything else flows from that. Everything flows from the Liturgy. Everything flows from the Eucharist.  Bergoglio signaled from the very, very beginning that he did not believe, but no one wanted to look.  No one wanted to face reality.

Well, face it now, as the Church Militant is probably in its last days as we know it.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.