"The History of Political Correctness" video. I couldn't look away.

So I’m not too proud to admit that I am blessed with the insomnia. And right now, I am fully inverted.  Up all night, and if I want to be up before the crack of noon, I better not just set the phone alarm, but sleep with the phone on my chest so that the vibration brings me to the point of infarction when it goes off.

What does a 21st century insomniac do to while away those frustrating early morning hours?  Why, watch YouTube videos, of course.  Last night’s spelunking into the caves of the internet brought me to the following video.  Twenty-two minutes.  I thought, “Oh, this’ll put me to sleep.”  Wrong.  Incorrect.  I couldn’t look away.  It is riveting.  It is the serious history of Political Correctness going back to its roots at World War I, (or as those of us in the know like to refer to that period, FATIMA).

If I survive the war (which I won’t) and if I am crowned Holy Roman Emperor (which I won’t be, because I’m a chick and a peasant and all that), the first thing I would do, even before nuking Mecca and Medina into an inland sea of glass, would be to burn to the ground, plough the ashes and then salt the earth (just to be sure), COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.

If there is an actual, physical portal to hell on this, God’s Good Earth, it is somewhere within Columbia University.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.