After Pausing and Taking Several Deep Cleansing Breaths, My Nutty Remains Spittle-Flicked

I have been told repeatedly that my particular vocation seems to be opening up discussion about deeply unpleasant things and being the first to broach topics.  Once someone has said something publicly, it is easier for other people to begin to discuss it too, apparently.  In this I am happy to help.  I hope this somewhat meandering piece helps.

I have received many emails from thoughtful people citing Canon Law which, if I am reading it correctly, indicates that despite the extensive, forceful body of law addressing the corruption of a Papal Election, no matter what is done or how the law is broken, the law is not enforceable. Ironically, the reasoning given is that it is only in this way that integrity of succession can be guaranteed.

Now, many people at this point will say that since I have been screaming like a banshee since the Obama usurpation in ARSH 2008 about the Rule of Law and electoral integrity, that this is going to be a mere case of “Ann has her little hammer, so everything to her looks like a nail.”  If you say so.  But I continue to be amazed at the parallel tracks that we have seen with regards to the Obama regime and the Bergoglio regime.  The sheer number of datapoints that map across almost perfectly are impossible to ignore.  And now we have election fraud and possible coercion.

So, my questions are these:

If there is extensive law written that covers election fraud, but it is impossible to enforce, or if a sufficient number of people agree that So-and-So is the President or Pope despite the law, how does that not utterly, completely destroy the entire notion of the Rule of Law itself?  As I have said for years with regards to Obama, if you can’t enforce Article II Section 1 Clause 5 of the Constitution, what can you enforce? Can you enforce the border? Can you enforce citizenship? Equal protection? Search and seizure? Right to bear arms? Can you enforce the law against treason? Theft? Murder? Trafficking in body parts? Religious persecution?

If you can’t enforce the clear law protecting the Church against a cabal of Marxist-Sodomite infiltrators determined to destroy the Church from the inside by fixing a papal election years in advance, and who are now openly, publicly admitting it, to say nothing of the evidence that is now re-emerging that the previous Pope may have been coerced into resigning by using the SWIFT system to totally shut down the Vatican’s ability to use money – evidence which I admit I initially wrongly disregarded as being too tangential – if these laws do not apply to this situation, what possible situation could they apply to?

I really want to drill this point home.  If having the Church and the See of Peter usurped by the Enemies of Christ is NOT sufficient to warrant corrective action and enforcement of Canon Law with regards to not only papal election integrity, but also with regards to heresy, then logically, there is absolutely no circumstance that would warrant any sort of resistance to the schemes of Satan and his minions on earth with regards to the Papacy.  None.

The same with the U.S.  If having your government usurped and overthrown by an Indonesian National with a Kenyan musloid Marxist biological father and an Indonesian musloid Marxist adoptive father who, along with his Communist handlers, has openly declared his intention to destroy the country from the inside-out for decades, if the eligibility laws do not apply to this situation, then what possible, possible situation could they apply to?

The answer is: none.  As I have said from the beginning of this long, strange trip, once you nullify the Rule of Law itself, you’re done.  We see this in the U.S. wherein oligarchs and their favored associates commit capital crimes, crimes warranting execution, on a daily basis, and NOTHING is done to stop them, much less punish them.

We are now seeing this in the Church.  The September 8th Motu Proprio has, by utterly abrogating the Rule of Law with regards to the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony by inverting the presumption to be that every marriage is, in fact, invalid and thus null, law which is the Word of Jesus Christ Himself, “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder“, opened the door to an interstitial anarchy, which will then be seized by the Marxist-Sodomites to impose, by pure thuggery, the ratification of adultery and sodomy.  Because remember, as we have discussed previously, anarchy is ALWAYS temporary.  The biggest psycho thug mafia uses the engineered anarchy to become the new totalitarian regime.  This is why the Peronist-Fascist Bergoglio immediately made his battle cry, “Hagan lio!” Make a mess!  Raise hell!  They NEED that period of anarchy in order to take total power.

So, I have received quite a lot of feedback that it is wrong of me to even bring up the question or possibility that Bergoglio is an Antipope or that the See of Peter is vacant, or that Ratzinger may still be the true pope.  And by the way, I have no idea what the answer is. But I do know that the question is a legitimate one. By the way, most of these emails are extremely charitable and are saturated with genuine concern for me personally.  I hear you, and I am grateful.  Having said that, let me work through the logic of where I am coming from.

Question: Has there ever been an Antipope in the history of the Church?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Did the Church survive these Anti-papacies?
Answer: Obviously, yes.

Question: If there have been Antipopes previously, why is it impossible that there could be an Antipope today?
Answer: It is not impossible.

Question: Did any of the previous Antipopes do anything even remotely close to the damage that Bergoglio is doing?
Answer: No.

Question: Does the ascendancy of an Antipope constitute the “gates of hell prevailing” against the Church?
Answer: Obviously not. The Church has survived previous Antipopes. Therefore, it is not contrary to the words of Our Lord to concede that an Antipapcy is extant or even merely possible.

Question: Has there ever been a situation in the Church where more than one man could be argued to be the Pope?
Answer: Yes.  (See same set of corollary Q’s and A’s above….)

Question:  Has there ever been a period of “unnatural” sedevacantism in the Church, meaning something other than the interstitial period between the death of one pope and the timely election of the next?
Answer:  Yes.  (See same set of corollary Q’s and A’s above….)

Question:  Has anything even remotely close to the damage being done by the Bergoglio cabal been seen in the history of the Church, namely the de facto abrogation of a sacrament (matrimony)?
Answer:  No. This is unprecedented in its enormity and gravity.

Given this, I believe that it is not just appropriate, but MORALLY INCUMBENT upon us to ASK QUESTIONS about what exactly is going on with the papacy.  The Church is clearly under the greatest attack it has ever weathered.  The war was declared 50 years ago.  The bad guys have been wildly successful, and this is now the final push for their near-total victory.  Remember, the Church Militant could be reduced to, as one person put it to me, “one old woman hiding in a cave praying the rosary on her fingers”. To think that it is inappropriate or even sinful for the Good Guys to take any steps to not just resist, but even to try to determine the tactical situation – to ask, “who, exactly is in command, and what side is he on?” is simply wrong.

At this point, at long last, after all of this, we owe it to Our Blessed Lord and Savior and to all of the souls that He died for (first and foremost ourselves) who are being put in massively amplified danger of eternal damnation by Bergoglio and his cabal to ask the question, “Who is Bergoglio?” and “Is Bergoglio the Pope?”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.