CMR Interview Part 5: Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho, The Novus Ordo Mass Has to Got to Go.

Ever wondered why the world is going to hell in a hand basket?  Ever asked yourself why people today are not just stupid, but completely irrational?

Do you honestly think it is just a coincidence that western civilization went completely flipping bonkers at EXACTLY the same time that the Novus Ordo Mass was promulgated?

Read up.  The source teaching on this is no less than St. Thomas Aquinas.  So good luck arguing against it.

Thanks again to Patrick Archbold and the kids over at for publishing it.  We took a slight pause whilst all of the Communizing and blaspheming was going on down in South America, but we’ll finish the seven part series out this week.

** Fun bonus.  Can you find the grammatical mistakes?  What rank are you in the grammar Nazi Reich?  Test yo’ skillz!

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