Checkin' In

1.  Yes, I yet live.  Thanks for the concerned inquiries.  I have been hustlin’ for a new parking spot, and might be close to closing a deal.  It is much closer to the job where I CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!, which is good, but it is also double the rent.  This is NOT unexpected.  The previous parking spot was extremely favorable in multiple ways, including the price.  So good, in fact, that it can never be replicated.  Thank you for all of the prayers, especially in joining in the St. Joseph Novena.  Please be assured that I prayed for all of your intentions throughout the Novena as well, and continue to do so every day.

2.  Admittedly, enthusiasm and work ethic on this end are flagging.  Yes, there is much to say, but, to be perfectly blunt, writing essay after essay saying “yeah, I told you so – like SIX YEARS AGO” and “well, no shit, Sherlock” is not FUN.  None of this is FUN.  This shit is deadly, deadly serious, and getting more so by the day.  It isn’t exhilarating to be proved right when what one has been warning about is nothing less than the end of civilization as we know it.  I still struggle mightily with the whole moral question of “doom porn”, and what exactly I’m supposed to be doing here, now.  At this point, I just want to die well, and have been thinking about how I should go to my death in various scenarios.  I have decided that no matter what, I want the Name of Jesus to be the last thing I say, because The Holy Name of Jesus contains in itself everything: love, truth, mercy, beauty, justice, reason.  One word.  Two syllables.  Everything’s covered.  Oh, and it’s also HIS NAME.  How could you not want to die with the name of your Beloved on your lips?

3.  I have been asked by other people to continue writing because I tend to be the person who cuts the rhetorical path through the jungle with my verbal machete, thus broaching unpleasant topics, so that other writers and pundits may then follow-up with more staid language.  Yeah.  I know.  And I guess I’m fine with that.  We all have our roles.  That is clearly mine.  So, I shall try to do better, get myself back on the horse, and beginning tomorrow try to clear some more path.

4.  A point of housekeeping.  I have had multiple inquiries recently about my Cattle Marketing DVD set.  YES.  IT IS STILL FOR SALE.  I have order fulfillment elves on standby.  And by the way, if I may say, it is getting better with age.  This version – the second edition – was recorded in March ARSH 2011, and I added modules on SEVERE PRICE INFLATION and how to deal with and remain oriented in an inflating, hyper-volatile, and eventually currency-less market environment, including the criticality of GETTING OUT OF DEBT and expanding not with leverage, but with equity.  These modules seemed cuckoo-pants to some people at the time, but almost everything I talked about has already happened.  Mathematical and moral truths are timeless, and unavoidable.

So, if you want to order the Cornerstone Cattle Marketing Level 1 DVD set, the best bet is to send a check for $500 made out to “Ann Barnhardt” to my mailbox with “CATTLE MARKETING DVD” written in the memo.  Do not be surprised if the cleared check comes back endorsed over to another account.  Also include your shipping address.  The shipping turnaround is usually one business day.

Ann Barnhardt
6834 S. University Blvd.
Centennial, CO 80122

5.  Here is some pick-me-up music.  The finale to the William Tell Overture by Rossini.  I aspire to playing the triangle in a performance of this piece some day.  I could do that.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.