I Officially Declare ARSH 2015 the Year of Cutting the Crap.

1.  Pope Francis is wildly popular and people think he is great because he is morally permissive and ratifies and confirms people in their mortal sins.  Elton John (real name Reginald Dwight), a notorious and flagrant sodomite, declared that Francis should be made a saint immediately, not even waiting until Francis is dead, because Francis has confirmed Reginald Dwight in his wretched sin.  Francis has done this to countless millions of souls.  Moral laxity and permissiveness is the currency he uses to buy earthly popularity.  When Dwight repents of his entire life of sodomy and moral depravity, and points to Francis as the reason why he has done so, then Francis will have led Dwight to Christ.  As it stands now, Francis has put his foot in Dwight’s, and countless millions of people’s backs and pushed them deeper into the maw of satan.

2.  Do you know what the Kirchensteuer is?  It is the church tax in Germany, and is the reason why the heretical German bishops have massive power, even though the Church in Germany is, for all intents and purposes, dead.  The Kirchensteuer is a NINE PERCENT tax on income that is levied automatically.  If a person who is Catholic opts out of the Kirchensteuer, say, for example, because the German bishops invest in pornography publishers, that Catholic can and usually is denied the sacraments – marriage and burials for certain, and sometimes other sacraments as well.  In fact, until quite recently, opting out of the NINE PERCENT Kirchensteuer was considered an act of APOSTASY by the German bishops, which is perhaps the quintessence of pots calling kettles black.  THIS, my little chickadees, is called “simony”, the selling of sacraments.  This is why the German Church should be put under interdict, and Roman Catholic missionaries sent to re-evangelize the Barbarians.

Instead, Pope Francis grovels and kowtows to these wicked, wicked men, like Cardinal Kasper, who is a proven artless liar and scumbag.  You know why?  Because the Kirchensteuer brings in over TEN BILLION EUROS per year.  And since the Church in Germany is basically dead, the German bishops live like Sultans AND distribute GOBS of money to … wait for it … LATIN AMERICA.  Yup.  Bergoglio suckled off of German largesse down there while implementing the “destroy from within” plan himself.

The reason that these filthy German prelates want so urgently to abrogate the 6th Commandment and destroy the sacrament of marriage is so they can keep Germans, who have all lost their faith anyway precisely because of the heretic bishops and priests and their open war against God and His Holy Church for 50 solid years now, from opting out of the Kirchensteuer by appeasing them by RATIFYING THEIR SINFUL NEO-PAGAN LIFESTYLES.  The German prelates figure that if they make a big deal of the fact that they will give the “Cracker” and the “Wine” (which remember, is the physical substance of Our Blessed Lord) to these people at the “Ecumenical Table Gathering” – because that is all the Eucharist and the Mass is to these people, so why not give them their “meaningless symbolic cracker” and make them happy – then the cash flows will be maintained.

And don’t kid yourselves.  Timmy Dolan in New York and Cupich in Chicago, among many, many others in the former US are on exactly the same wavelength, and covet the revenues and worldly personal popularity that would come from appeasing unrepentant neo-pagans, both in the form of private donation AND by government transfer payments.  These bishops and priests have not, do not and will not hesitate for a moment to toss Our Blessed Lord’s Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity to any obstinate sinner who demands it, because, let’s face it, most of them don’t actually believe any of it either.  Oh – but they know EXACTLY what the weekly rake is.

3.  So, the day after Bergoglio was elected and I passed along that he was a Peronist Fascist, which is, of course, a subset of Marxism, with a seething hatred of the Traditional Mass, and that he was going to be a disaster, and the hate mail rolled in.  Lil tip, folks.  When you have a MOUNTAIN of objective data, it is not only permissible to draw very simple, top-level conclusions from that mountain of objective data, it is morally incumbent upon you to do so.  This business of denying reality and painting it as some sort of perverse virtue is just another manifestation of the complete feminization of the culture.

4.  Pope Francis Bergoglio is pushing the global warming con because it is a pure mechanism for unlimited government wealth redistribution, and also because Bergoglio is dimwitted and, I have been told, scandalously unread.  He is babbling global warming talking points that were popular ten years ago and have been utterly, completely debunked and objectively disproved for five years, because he isn’t even sharp enough to keep up with the latest line of Marxist carnival barker crap.

5.  The reason why I so boldly state that these people, including the current Pope, seem to not actually believe any of it, is their anecdotal history of turning away people who wanted to convert and enter The Church (Bergoglio did this in Buenos Aires), and Francis’ repeated sneering diatribes against “proselytism” and repeated assurances to those outside the Church that he has no desire to convert them.

Okay.  THIS is what I’m talking about.  Right here.

For those of you who have been around here for a while, what have you learned about The Church?  Well, two things, for certain.  You have learned that the Eucharist, the bread and the wine after the consecration by the priest at the Mass, becomes the PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE OF GOD ALMIGHTY.  God, physically present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  NOT SYMBOLICALLY, BUT ACTUALLY.  The bread stops being bread – there is no bread anymore – there is the PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE OF GOD under the appearance (accidents) of bread.  Same with the wine.  That isn’t wine.  That is God under the accidents (smell, taste, viscosity) of wine.  Right there.  And we can eat Him.  And then God is physically, substantially inside of our bodies.  Because He loves us, and that is what He wants, and so that is how He set it up.  Because LOVE.

You have also learned that the Mass is not a show or a community meal, but is the literal bending of time such that the event of Calvary is made present to us every day.  Why?  Because Our Lord loves us and wants us to be there with Him while He dies for us.  He is CONSOLED by our presence at Calvary.  This ONLY happens at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  This does not happen anywhere or at any time outside of the Church.  This does not happen at any Pentecostal gathering, or at Superfun Rockband church, or at the Methodist Sunday service.  It does not happen at any synagogue.  This does not happen when an atheist or agnostic or Christian-in-name-only goes for a hike or ponders a sunset.  And it certainly does not happen at a gathering of the members of that satanic political cult called “islam”.  It doesn’t even happen when you go out and give free shit to poor people, either.  It happens ONLY at the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass.

Now here is the excruciatingly simple question:  If you know these things, and you understand them, and you BELIEVE them, please, please, please explain to me how you could NOT want to convert every single human being on the planet to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church?  How could you NOT want to tell other people about Our Lord, The Mass, The Eucharist, the Sacrament of Confession, and Our Lord’s Holy Church?  Further, how could you TURN AWAY a person wanting to convert?  How could you encourage someone to remain AWAY from the Eucharist, AWAY from the Mass and OUTSIDE of the Church?  HOW???  How could it possibly be that Our Lord DOES NOT want one of His children to be with Him at Mass, and receive Him in the Eucharist?  How could you call proselytism, that is, helping others to enter, know, love and receive Our Lord in His Church which is His gift to us, “solemn nonsense”, and sneer contemptuously and those who take The Great Commission seriously?  How?

There is one answer, and deep down we all know what it is.  We can see it – terrifyingly – in the Pope, we can see it in our lukewarm-at-best priests and bishops, and we can see it in ourselves.  We don’t tell everyone we can about these things that are so unfathomably and SUPERnaturally wonderful because we don’t really believe any of it – and, like Judas Iscariot, some are so completely embarrassed by it that they want to tear it all down, from the inside for some, from the outside for others.

I do believe, Lord: help my unbelief.

6.  Ending on a happy note:

Hi Ann,

It’s your friendly neighborhood ex-IRS revenue officer who emailed you awhile back. I read your New Year’s update from this evening, and while I’m very happy you have a job lead…

[…. advice, advice, advice, redacted ….]

On another note, I wanted to say I went to confession for the 1st time in more than 15 years a few weeks ago. My mortal sins have tormented me for a long time, and it was an unbelievable relief to lay them down. I have always thought of myself as a decent person at heart, but when I sat down and prepared my examination of conscience, I was shocked at what a bastard I have been. Thank you for the benefactor Masses, though the couple of measly donations I have sent hardly qualify me for that moniker. God bless you for the work you are doing.




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