Ann's Creepily Accurate and Funny Cartoon on Inflation

Back in the spring of ARSH 2011 I discovered those “make your own cartoon” websites and made a few cartoons relating to the cattle business.  This one, in particular, of a “prospective client” walking into a commodity brokerage office is quite something three and a half years later.  I just watched it for the first time in probably three years.  When I made this, fat cattle were trading at $118 per hundred pounds, all-time highs, which was a 30% increase in just the previous five months.

Today, fat cattle are at roughly $170 per hundred pounds.  Just a little inflation, there.  Just a touch.  Anyway, you financial guys especially will enjoy it.  It is one punchline after another, especially if you know the futures industry.

Thank you, Sweet, Sweet Jesus for getting me out of that mess.


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