August Benefactor Mass Scheduled & A Lovely Letter

I am happy to announce that this month’s Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass offered for the intentions and benefit of all of my benefactors and supporters will this coming Saturday, August 23rd.  Yay!  Mark your calendars!

Here is a lovely and edifying letter which came over the transom today.  I’m getting my Zed on with the red bracketed comments.

Dear Ann,

I wanted to say thank you for you and your blog. Just this past Easter, I joined the Roman Catholic Church, and my life has been transformed.

Sometime last year I left the Presbyterian Church (USA) because it felt more like a Democratic party meeting than a worship service. [It wasn’t a worship service.  Worship involves the offering of a sacrifice, by definition.  Protestantism is protesting the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass, qua sacrifice, and thus Our Lord’s real physical substantial presence in the Eucharist.]  I was sort of in the wilderness for a while doing some “shopping” for another church to attend. The problem is that I had no idea what a church believed or didn’t believe. [Oh, neither do they.] There is absolutely no transparency in the land of Protestants. “Dogma” could change as fast as as a pastor changed.

I eventually started attending Mass due to a lot of seeds being planted here and there. I won’t bore you with the details (if I haven’t already), but your post where you mentioned the book “Four Witnesses” was the tipping point. After reading through that book, how can anyone deny that the early Church fathers viewed the Eucharist as the true Body and Blood of Our Blessed Lord?! [It requires utter, complete dishonesty born from massive pride.]  After that, I was all-in. [As one is when dealt the divine royal straight flush.]

Thank you again. I would imagine you have converted a significant number of people into Catholics.  [No, God does that, and it almost certainly has nothing to do with me, but probably also has something to do with the prayers and sufferings of some good and holy Nunny-bunnies somewhere.]


They pray.  God answers.  I rant.  God sighs.  You convert.   The Nunny-bunnies get the heavenly assist, as is meet and just.

They pray. God answers. I rant. God sighs. You convert. The Nunny-bunnies get the heavenly assist, as is meet and just.

 Thanks for telling the truth. [It is obligatory, no thanks required.] Thanks for your courage. [Meh. The Christian martyrs being raped and beheaded by ISIS, those people are courageous.  The jury’s still out on me.] Keep writing. [Okay.] Keep sounding the alarms.  We need you and this world needs more properly catechized Catholics. [You don’t need me.  You need Our Lord and His Holy Church.] I just punched in a donation. I will pray for you and I hope you will pray for me and my family. [Every day.]



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