Speaking of Psychopaths…

Good grief.  About the last thing I want to be doing is wading back into this nonsense again, but it seems that serial criminal and conman Paul Lemmen is back at it, this time trying to con the “Three Percent” community.  He is behind a scam “chaplaincy corps” this time, and it is all complete bee-ess.  I

Very quickly: Paul Lemmen is a career conman who served a stint in the pen for, among other things, impersonating a flag officer in Iraq and attempting to abscond with enormous amounts of money.  But his history goes WAY back, including impersonating a Vietnam Vet, and comes all the way up to the present.  Everything this guy says and does is a lie.

Here is Paul Lemmen’s Wikipedia page.  (Yeah.  He has a wikipedia page.  It’s that bad.)

Here is an expose piece I wrote a couple of years ago at the request of some folks that Lemmen had conned.

Listen, here’s all you need to know if you just want the short version: Paul Lemmen, impersonating a USAF Brigadier General, crashed the funeral of Master Sergeant Tony Yost who was killed in Iraq, and stood over the casket at Arlington faux-weeping, making a complete spectacle.  Mrs. Yost has said that she feels Paul Lemmen deprived her and the Yost family of the consolation of the memory of Master Sergeant Yost’s funeral at Arlington, because Lemmen poisoned the entire event.

What kind of a man would do such a despicable, despicable thing?  What kind of man would be so shameless?  That’s simple:



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