(Originally penned and posted on August 19, ARSH 2011.  The despisal remains evergreen….)

Well, this hasn’t been a long time coming or anything. But, for everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven, quoth the Byrds, after Pete Seeger, after Qoheleth after the Third Person of the Triune Godhead.

You know, I’ve had just about enough of these damn feminists. [It’s official now.  I’ve had enough.] Last week there was a minor brou-ha-ha when Michele Bachmann was asked in a debate whether or not she, as president, would be submissive to her husband. This was a clear and obvious attack on Ephesians 5 wherein St. Paul once again reveals human marriage to be patterned directly off of the larger reality of the marriage of Christ, the Bridegroom, to the Church, His Bride. While it was a man who posed the question, the dripping scorn was a direct byproduct of a century of feminist indoctrination and undermining of our culture, and of morality itself.

The first thing we all need to do is examine and identify who feminists are, because this is what everyone dances around and no one wants to talk about – even though we all know the truth. But, if the truth is never, ever spoken or proclaimed, it is made inert. The Word of Truth MUST BE SPOKEN in order to be efficacious in the world. So, here goes:

-Feminists are angry, bitter, jealous, narcissistic, prideful, self-absorbed women who hate men and deeply resent their own femininity.

-Many feminists are lesbians, and thus, by definition, are suffering from massive and acute psycho-sexual disorders rooted in self-loathing.

-In addition to being lesbians, many feminists are also de facto transvestites.

-Feminists hate both authentic masculinity and authentic femininity, and desire to establish themselves as a third gender which dominates and is superior to the other two.

And so, we have three basic groups of people inside the feminist milieu. We have the “third-gendered” quasi-females themselves, who are the core and driving force of the movement. We have women who have been indoctrinated and manipulated by the third-gendered types, and we have the men who have allowed themselves to be castrated by the third-gendered “wymyn” and the normal women and other gelded men who have fallen under their influence.

In terms of numbers, which of these three groups is the largest? Without question, it is the men. The vast, vast majority of men in this culture have been psychologically gelded. They are powerless and impotent, unable to assert themselves or initiate any sort of meaningful action.

They do not act – they watch.
They do not speak – they pander.
They do not defend – they capitulate.
They do not assert – they grovel.
They do not lead – they cower.

And they do these things because they have been conditioned for their entire lives to believe that passive, cowering, groveling surrender is the standard of masculine morality. They have been taught that their masculinity is a disease that must be purged, or at least hidden and suppressed. They have been taught that masculinity itself is a sin. They have been taught this by the feminists, led by angry, bitter, jealous, physically grotesque (by their own choice) lesbians who have anointed themselves the pinnacle of humanity.

I’m sick of these nasty old hags, and I am sick of them daring to speak for me, or claiming to represent me. I am not a lesbian. I don’t hate men. I love them. A lot. (Calm yourselves, people. I am speaking corporately.) I appreciate masculine beauty – without having any desire whatsoever to be physically masculine myself. Why do you think that I decided to wear pink peep-toe heels in that picture of me with my *pink* AR-15? Because I clearly see the intrinsic disorder and dangerous tension inherent in a woman being forced to manifest masculine strength, and insist upon keeping myself tethered to the reality of my femaleness. In short, I know this is all messed up, but I’m not surrendering to the disorder. Yeah, I can throw down and kick @$$ if FORCED TO DO SO, but you lesbian feminist ogresses will take my femininity over my COLD DEAD BODY. In the words of Eowyn just before she slaughtered the Witch-king of Angmar on the Pelennor Fields,

“But no living man am I! You look upon a woman. Begone, if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you if you touch him.”

I appreciate masculine leadership qualities, intellect and social customs – on the extremely rare occasions that I see them anymore. Men should rise when a woman enters a room or joins a group. Men should remove their hats when greeting a woman. Men should open and hold doors for women. A man should never, ever watch a woman carrying something heavy by herself. OFFER to help. If your offer is declined, you are released, but you are obliged to offer because you are at least twice as strong as we are – and those of us who are psychologically normal have NO DESIRE to be as physically strong as you are because that would require physical grotesquery. WE THE NORMAL don’t want to be grotesque – we want to be modestly beautiful, and we want to be beautiful FOR YOU, you morons.

And no, six dollar high-and-tight haircuts, fades, buzzcuts or officer’s cuts are NOT beautiful on females. They are creepy and tranny and wrong. And that goes double for nuns. You want a low-maintenance hair management system, Sister? It’s called a VEIL. It’s the perpetual bridal garment of those women espoused to Christ. Put it on so you stop scaring and confusing young children with your transvestitism, and generally weirding the rest of us out. We don’t think you’re cool.  We just think you’re creepy and pitiable.

And get. off. the. altar.
The priesthood is the exclusive domain of men. Only a man can call down and hold Our Lord in his hands as He becomes totally vulnerable to humanity in the ultimate act of Love. Get in the nave, where you belong, on your knees in adoration and thanksgiving, and quit RUINING EVERYTHING for everyone else. YOU aren’t the center of the universe. Jesus Christ, God Made MAN, is the center of the universe, so back off, sit down and shut up.

And now to the issue of submission, or subjugation. Should wives be subject to their husbands, as St. Paul exhorts? You’re damn right they should. All day, every day. The fact that this question even has to be asked is, by itself, evidence of how far gone our culture is. I truly believe that most people in Western Civilization go through their entire lives without ever actually experiencing love. They experience lust, and they experience various forms of attachment, but most people never actually love. To love IS TO SUBMIT. To love is to make oneself SUBJECT TO ANOTHER. To love is to freely choose to put another above yourself, to literally live for another. Within the context of marriage this dynamic of total self-gift obviously meant to flow in BOTH DIRECTIONS (as the love between God the Father and God the Son, and between Christ and the Church) and is equally expected of men vis-a-vis their wives.

The reason St. Paul went out of his way to specifically admonish wives to remember to submit to their husbands is because women have the greater tendency to slip into self-absorbed nagging shrewishness and take for granted the fruits of their husbands’ labors because those labors are usually done away from the home, and are thus invisible to the wife. A man married to a woman on a reality show about shrewish, materialistic wives (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) just committed suicide because he was run into massive debt by his wife’s ostentatious and utterly avaricious lifestyle demands, and was also having his character assassinated on national television BY HIS WIFE. This woman didn’t love her husband or submit herself to him, she rode him, never sparing the whip, until she literally killed him. This is the opposite of love. This is evil.  It isn’t a victory for the so-called liberation of womankind. It is a scathing indictment of our demonically perverted feminist culture.

I just finished a book of private revelation from the mid-18th century titled “The Life of Saint Joseph as Manifested by Our Lord, Jesus Christ to Maria Cecilia Baij, O.S.B.”  Poor St. Joseph tends to be somewhat overlooked, but this fine book details his exemplary life. It is also completely romantic in the most perfect and pure sense of the word. St. Joseph loved the Blessed Virgin Mary. He really, really loved her. And she loved him. They were mutually submissive in perfect love to one another, but the Blessed Virgin, as the wife, was the more submissive, and St. Joseph, as the husband, fulfilled his role as the guardian, provider and caretaker of both Mary and Jesus. For example, when Joseph and Mary were deciding together their movements during Our Lady’s pregnancy, Mary would always know exactly what God’s perfect will for her and Joseph was because she was receiving interior locutions from Jesus Himself who was in her womb. Joseph would always first ask Mary what she perceived God’s will for them to be, but Mary would ALWAYS turn it around and defer to Joseph, asking him what he had perceived in his prayer, and then joyfully confirmed his words. Even though Mary knew exactly what God’s will was, she always submitted to Joseph in this way, thus bolstering, supporting and underpinning her husband’s masculinity and proper role as head of their household and decision-maker. See how that works? It’s called LOVE.

Jesus did the same thing in relation to His parents. From the moment of His conception, He was in possession of full reason, though voluntarily limited by the physical development and state of His body. Jesus knew He was God, and Mary and Joseph both knew that Jesus was God, but He still submitted Himself to them as their Child because He loved them. Jesus subjugated Himself fully to all of humanity on the Cross, because He loves us perfectly. Perfect love is indeed the submission of the lover to the beloved. People used to understand this. People used to actually love. That is, until the feminists arrived on the scene and demanded everyone be as loveless, bitter and miserable as they were.

Look, you depraved bats. You have now destroyed the lives of fully three generations of people in Western Civilization. You have all but destroyed the institution of marriage and the family. You have murdered upwards of one billion babies in the name of your satanic cult, and you have almost – but not quite – destroyed the Church. And you know what? When you look in the mirror, it isn’t a damn bit better, is it? Not only are you not any happier, you’re actually even more miserable, aren’t you? It’s never going to get any better for you, because you will ALWAYS be a woman, because that is what you are. You will never, ever be a man, and you will never, ever be able to do the things that are exclusive to men. All you can do is present a perverted, grotesque, mutilated, piss-poor counterfeit.

I like being a female. I thank God that he made me a girl. I like that I don’t have hair growing out of my face (much). I like that the circumference of my wrist is 5 5/8ths inches and that the most that I have ever been able to bench press in my life is 135 pounds. I like wearing skirts and dresses and feminine shoes and hats and makeup. Furthermore, I wish that I had someone to submit myself to, to ask and consult and rely upon for provision and decision-making. I realize that the fact that I do NOT have a husband is not an asset to me, but rather a profound poverty and deficiency. I can accept this state in life. What I cannot accept is some 65 year old self-absorbed androgyne in a bad polyester pantsuit and hideous sandals who fancies herself my psychological better wringing every last shred of feminine consolation out of my life, and destroying my culture, my country and the Church. I resent having to act like a man because you have castrated all of the men, who now keep their shriveled balls in a jar atop their television sets. We have had enough of you and of your cultural poison. Repent and retire, or may you rot in the deep cinders for what you have done.  With THIS playing on a continuous, eternal loop….

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.