More Evidence of the Hollowness of Western Civilization

I wrote in the John Maynard Keynes post about the hollowness and “fakeness” of Western civilization today.  In case you didn’t see it, KD had a post up a few days ago about so-called “peer reviewed” scientific journals and how they are nothing of the sort.  Utterly fake articles made by automatic word generators that literally string random polysyllabic words together into sentence structures – in other words, NONSENSE – are being regularly published in these journals.  An investigative study found over 120 such articles over the past few years.

“Peer reviewed” science and academia is a LIE.  Papers are published and certified as “peer reviewed” that have literally never been read by ANYONE, including the editors of the scientific journals.  And yes, this echoes the fact that the so-called “laws” being passed and used to destroy civilization are likewise never actually read by anyone, most particularly the psychopath whore politicians who vote on them.

This has been a recurring theme of this website since its inception over ten years ago.  Guys, I’m telling you, stupid people and/or frauds are running the planet.  In fact, civilization is so far gone that the higher-ranking a person is, be it in academia, business, politics or the Church, the less likely it is that they have any degree of competence or genuine skill.  This is a lesson that I have learned over and over and over again.  The very people in positions of authority that we all desperately want to believe are not just competent but truly knowledgable and wise, are, almost without exception, bluffing or openly incompetent.  The truly competent are marginalized at best, and destroyed at worst.

If you still believe in any way that higher-ups in the government, military, business world, universities or the Church are in any way competent to solve the unprecedented problems that humanity faces today (assuming that they want the problems solved at all), you are operating on a false premise that is so utterly contrary to reality that it defies quantification or even description.

Recognizing and acknowledging this sad and terrifying reality is utterly, utterly critical.  You MUST have an accurate observation and picture of the battlespace in order to have any hope of formulating, much less executing effective tactics.  You all think that you are battling veritable giants and geniuses, when in fact you are battling a cadre of puny imbeciles and obvious frauds.  The main quality these puny imbeciles and frauds have that is allowing them to roll over Western Civilization essentially uncontested is BOLDNESS.  They act.  They play offense.  But more importantly, YOU DON’T.  Yes, they play dirty and we can’t.  But the root problem isn’t that they are beating us by playing dirty.  The root problem is that we aren’t playing at all.  We are fielding no team whatsoever – not even a clean offense.  We aren’t even on the field.  We are all over on the sidelines curled into the fetal position, eyes shut tight, trying desperately to rock ourselves to sleep – while a team of five slobbering fools marches uncontested down the field over and over again in a game of 11 man football.  So yes, a cadre of frauds and imbeciles can absolutely roll over an entire civilization IF and ONLY IF the civilization is so weak and whipped, so steeped in an effeminate desire to deny reality and avoid confrontation (aka, “be nice”), that the said civilization will surrender itself to said frauds and imbeciles to avoid any sort of masculine confrontation of reality, much less the execution of bold corrective action.  In short, we didn’t “lose” our nation and our civilization – we forfeited it.

It is indeed ironic that truly great men spring from cultures who don’t particularly NEED them, and those cultures that desperately need good men to lead them are all but incapable of producing them.

And this is why we pray, unceasingly, for the Divine Assistance and intervention in these especially dark days.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.