Pimm's Cup

1.  Pimm’s is an English gin that has spice and citrus in it.  I had never heard of it until recently, but it is very good.  A Pimm’s Cup cocktail is one shot of Pimm’s, a slice of cucumber, a slice of lemon, strawberry slices, ice and fill the glass with either 7-Up or lemonade.  As you can tell, this is an especially timely cocktail when it is 15 below zero and the snow is blowing sideways, so have at it!

2.  Feel free to email me with any typos or grammar corrections that you may see.  I had a horrific one on the St. Andrew post wherein I typed, “Here this now” instead of “Hear this now”.  I blame being stricken with this influenza/tuberculosis thing I have been fighting.  ACTUALLY, I blame the three Hot Toddies with which I had “holistically self-medicated”.  I was distracted by the mating call of the Famous Grouse.  Yeah… That’s the ticket.  Yes, I know the difference between “here” and “hear”, and when the correction came in I pretty much wanted to go crawl under a rock and die – and as you may have intuited, I’m not exactly a go-crawl-under-a-rock-and-die kind of a broad.  Such humiliations are good for soul.  Stengthens the character.  Puts hair on one’s chest.

3.  Why don’t I allow comments on my YouTube videos?  Um, because I don’t feel the need to read a bunch of imbeciles discussing the various and sundry ways they would like to sodomize me – after putting a bag over my head to shield them from the  supreme and instant buzzkill that is my hideous, hideous countenance.  There are actually two subsets: the first is the western, post-Christian degenerate who says, “I hate her guts although I pretty much agree with everything she says, but man that ***** need to get laid.  She’s wicked ugly, but I’d hit it, and here’s how….”  And then there is the other subset, usually beginning with, “O infidel harlot….”  Yeah.  No.  Sorry.  Not interested.  Not gonna happen.

Q:  Dear Ann,
Ann, you are the first person I ever heard who, for real, went “John Galt.” Thank you the clarification in your writings. Please understand I am not as adept as you about the world (although educated, I am possessed of absolutely no guile), so why can’t the male leaders or someone help us now? You state they can’t even if they want to, but why can’t they? They have the money and education. Is it lack of moral courage? What happened to us? Why are we cringing when we have the arguments and facts?

A:  Dear P,
No one will do anything because all of the men keep their balls in a pickle jar sitting on top of their televisions, which they can only wistfully gaze upon whilst watching testicularly intact morons scamper about on a field, diamond or court.  Meanwhile, their wives are in the other room watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashinans” and running calculations on how much longer they need to wait before filing so that they can optimize the property split and/or alimony package.
No balls, no civilization, no peace.  Period.

Behold, your role models and vicarious masculine proxies!  Scamper right out and buy some jerseys with their names on them that you can wear out on the town and thus make the extermination of your own identity as a man complete!

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.