Tuesday Podcast for December 3, ARSH 2013

I thought it the Christian thing to do to post the timestamp markers for each topic.  This one was one hour fifteen minutes, so if you only are interested in one topic or the other, mercifully you can fast-forward.

A congested and sniffly Ann discusses Bitcoin from 0:00-30:00,
and Pope Francis’ statement on islam in his “manifesto” from 30:00-46:40.
Papal infallibility is briefly discussed at 46:40-1:01:24.
Finally, the three bedrock tenets of Christianity that the islamic political system explicitly denies: the Trinity, the Incarnation and the Eucharist, are addressed beginning at 1:01:24.

“My Catholic Faith” Catechism:

In case you can’t wait, this sums up my position on Bitcoin:

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.