Clarity and Why Your Accountant is a Stormtrooper-in-Waiting

Apparently I’m losing my knack for it.

The janitorial work I am doing is cash under the table daylabor.  I didn’t get a job at Home Depot.  Illegal alien workers hang out in front of Home Depots looking for dayjobs that pay cash.  I used that meme as a rhetorical flourish in my quasi-fictive narrative-cum-parable.  Stop emailing me asking why I’m working for pro-sodomy Home Depot and asking how I have avoided FICA taxes.  I’m not.

Today I cleaned out a vacated apartment.

Tomorrow I’m back on the floor waxing crew.

I am paid in cash, and rest assured, pay not a dime in taxes.  In fact, I doubt my employers even know my full name.  And you know, that’s how it should be.  If one man wants to contract with another man for labor, the state has no role in that.  It is none of the state’s business if I want to clean out someone’s garage for fifty bucks or whatever.

After the counter-revolution and war, I’m tellin’ y’all, the whole income tax satanic evilness has GOT TO END in the new nation or kingdom or whatever it is.  A low sales tax, at this point, seems to me to be the best option.  I know the method of tax collection is a very complex question, and certainly tax revenue is needed because some government and public infrastructure is needed.  No question.  But we can definitely strike off the list the methods that we know to be evil, and income taxes are a perverse monstrosity from the blackest pit of hell; once again, a construct of the (all together now!) early 20th century!

And remember, the accounting industry will fight to the death and align itself with any regime that promises to keep a horrific income tax code in place because tax prep is now the accountant’s entire raison d’etre.  Again, if you think that a bunch of middle-class white people in the United States are incapable of aligning with and beating their neighbors into submission to the tyrannical oligarchy, just take a long, hard look at a picture of your accountant and behold the new incarnation of the stormtrooper.  Those guys will do anything, will climb into any bed, give anyone up and rat anyone out in order to maintain the internal revenue code.  Just like the Obama regime, they will never, ever just peacably walk away.  They will never, ever voluntarily give up the cash cow and power that they now have.  No way.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.