Pulchra Vera: Hail Mother of Mercy

I promised a longtime reader I would post this today. This composition is from the 11th Century. Listen and remember that you have been taught for your entire life by “enlightened” American culture that these were the “Dark Ages”. What a lie. Look out your window and behold a truly Dark Age, abominable and desolate.

Enjoy, and happy Feast of the Assumption.

We’ll have a couple of cool science-based posts tomorrow.

Hail mother of Mercy, mother of God and mother of Pardon, mother of Hope and mother of Grace, mother full of holy gladness. O Mary!

Hail, honor of mankind. Hail worthier Virgin than the others because you surpass all of them and in heaven you occupy the highest seat of honor. O Mary!

Hail Blessed Virgin yet bearing child: For He who sits at the Father’s right hand, The ruler of heaven, of earth and sky, has sheltered Himself in your womb. O Mary!

Become, O mother, our solace: Be for us our source of joy, and at the last, after this exile, unite us rejoicing to the choir of angels. O Mary!

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