Homosexuality: Psychological Origins Part 2

Here is where things can go wrong. An intelligent, emotionally sensitive child can begin obsessively comparing himself or herself to their peers. Children with physical abnormalities are especially vulnerable to this: short, tall, fat, skinny, birthmarks, glasses, pigeon-toed or turned-out feet, severe overbite or underbite, etc. But really, even children who are average and even above-average can always find an example of the the boy who is just a bit more athletic, or the girl who is just a bit prettier. The bottom line is, the child, and then the adult, looks in the mirror and does NOT see the perfect human ideal (for simplicity’s sake let’s call that “Brad Pitt” and “Grace Kelly”) staring back at them, and thus they become hyper-critical of themselves which easily morphs into self-loathing. Then, the jealous, envious fixation on the “Brad Pitt” for boys and the “Grace Kelly” for girls becomes an obsession. When puberty kicks in and testosterone gets added to the stew, with not a little help from the whispers of demons who are always lurking and see little Jimmy and Little Susie staring at themselves in the mirror and then bursting into tears, the envious obsession with the exotic “Brad Pitt” becomes the EROTIC obsession with “Brad Pitt”.

Now our boy, Jimmy, is desirous of sexual congress with “Brad Pitt” because he thinks that if he gets close enough to “Brad Pitt” that he will TURN INTO BRAD PITT. Homosexuals in this psychological category are more likely to be EPHEBOPHILES, which is to say attracted to pubescent teenagers, because they get stuck in their adolescence and want to go back in time to junior high and high school and mount a conquest of the boy or girl present at the time of their onset of sexual feelings. Almost all of the priests who are child abusers fall into this category: homosexual men chasing after the cool teenaged boy in an attempt to relive and re-feel their own teenage years. This is VERY typical among effeminate homosexual men. This is also a common story among the lesbian gym teacher and girls basketball coach predator set. The men want the captain of the football team and the lesbians want the captain of the volleyball team.

Jimmy hates himself, remember. Jimmy self-loathes. Jimmy wants to literally be somebody else. And here is where it all comes together. Sexual congress between a man and wife is all about giving one’s self totally to the other as a GIFT. The marital act is saying, “I want the two of us to be one person. I don’t want to cease to exist. I don’t want you to cease to exist. I want both of us to come together and be one unit in the eyes of God.” This, of course, actually happens in the transmission of life. A child is the two people combined. This also serves as a great criterion by which you can know if you should be discerning marriage with someone. Are you desirous of seeing what the combination of your DNA with the other person’s would look like? In other words, do you want to have kids with that person – even if that is physically impossible due to age? If the answer is “nope, not interested”, you need to end any romantic association with that person, and certainly not get married.

If you hate yourself, you cannot, by definition, give yourself as a gift to anyone. The sodomite either hates the partner and seeks only physical domination and a sense of power over the partner (the victims of childhood rape), OR he self-loathes and wishes only for sexual congress so that he might “consume” the partner and thus replace himself. There is no such thing as healthy perversion. There is no such thing as benign sodomy. Even if both partners consent the act itself feeds dangerous, destructive psychological neuroses that will effect and DESTROY the broad culture like a metastasizing cancer.

This is why sodomites tend to be so promiscuous. They are looking for each sex partner to “transform” them, and every morning when they wake up and look in the mirror and have not been transformed into someone else and are still themselves, they become disillusioned and eventually hostile towards the sex partner who failed to transform them. This is why homosexual men are the most promiscuous class of human by orders of magnitude. This is why the per capita incidence of domestic battery is highest among lesbians. Ask any cop and they will tell you that lesbians just beat the tar out of each other.

I marvel at “libertarians” who claim that no government has the right to enforce any laws with regards to sexuality whatsoever. Are you morons blind? Can you not see what the tolerance of satanic sodomite culture has done over the last seventy years? Turn on your teevee. I know you have one. See all of that brain-dead perverted garbage it is perpetually spewing out? Do you think that just spontaneously happened? WHO and WHAT has been the driving force behind (N.P.I.) the utter debasement of the media, music and culture? WHO and WHAT culture began the embrace of promiscuity, adultery, divorce, cohabitation, contraception, abortion, pornography, perversion, sodomy and now is trying to totally destroy marriage and the family? Who kept pushing and pushing for the next more shockingly filthy rap lyric, the next more hard-core bit of porn, the next embrace of some ever-more unfathomable sexual perversion, all the while mocking and now openly destroying the lives of people who resist the plunge into hell.


If you want to pretend that “what consenting adults do behind closed doors” is irrelevant and you want to live in some irrational libertarian fantasy world, I won’t be participating. I will only consent to a RATIONAL, MORAL government that acknowledges objective reality, and the objective reality is that sodomy is a cancer upon humanity and if not kept aggressively in check will CONSUME and DESTROY whatever culture deludes itself into believing that it is harmless. As I said recently, sodomy MUST be a felony-level offense or else the society is doomed. The compassionate side of this is the requirement to help people deal with these psychological perversions and either facilitate a recovery OR to live in chastity. Remember, the opposite of love (caritas, or charity) is NOT hate. The opposite of love is indifference. To abandon these people to their obvious massive psychological problems and then to go the satanic step further in smugly ratifying these crimes and calling it proof of our own self-righteousness is the epitome of indifference. There is not one shred of love, not one shred of charity in that – not toward the sodomite himself, and not toward your neighbors in the broad culture who will themselves be destroyed by the cancer of the sodomite milieu. Step one? At least have the stones to understand it, and explain it to “Kathy”, even if she calls you a “hater” for doing so.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.