More Objective Reality

From 2011, Pope Francis, then Cardinal Bergoglio, celebrating a “youth Mass” complete with puppets. This is just about as bad as it gets, folks.

The consecrations are at the 5:30 and 6:15 marks. No genuflection. In fact not a single person there on the altar, such as it is, genuflects, much less kneels, except the young server in the front with the incense, who is on his knees. All of the rest of the concelebrating priests remain standing throughout, and of course, the two kid “cantors” just stand there between their performance opportunities.


This is the state of the Church in Buenos Aires, and all of Argentina, as I have been told repeatedly by Argentinians who have emailed me, both laity and clergy. Banality, insipidity, sacrilege. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Calvary made present, is treated as a bad joke.

And now, a quote from Cardinal Hummes of Brazil, who is one of Pope Francis’ closest friends and colleagues, as evidenced by the fact that Hummes was standing beside Pope Francis on the balcony on Wednesday night:

Q: In what sense is reform necessary?

Cardinal Hummes: Not just of the Curia, but many other things: our way of celebrating (“fazer”, lit. “making”, “doing”) Mass, of doing evangelization, this new evangelization needs new methods. The pope spoke in the meeting with the cardinals of new methods, we need to find new methods.

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