Inglorious Return

1. Short story long, first I lost my internet connection, then had a massive hardware failure. Now up and running with a new computer. AHHHHHHHH….

2. I’m glad that I wasn’t able to post, because if I had, I would have said things that I would have walked back, and I’m not a walk-back kind of girl. Now I’m just and ex-cattle broker from Denver, so what would I know? BUT I have it from a good source that …

The 300 page dossier by the three cardinals on the homosexual mafia and the homosexual cardinals WILL BE READ ALOUD AT THE CONCLAVE in the presence of ALL of the voting cardinals with NAMES NAMED after the oath of secrecy is taken.

These recent resignations of cardinals may very well be the sodomites running scared.

And yes, the Vatican sodomites are tied to the Vatican bank. Are we really shocked that sexual perversion and financial crimes are linked? You people who are STILL falling for the “what people do in their sex lives doesn’t matter” meme have got to wake up. Sex, be it homo or hetero, DOES MATTER. Bill Clinton’s escapades with Monica DID MATTER, because if a person can operate in the realm of sexuality with zero morality, shame or remorse, what do you think that implies about their business dealings, political dealings or their general psychological state? Sexual perversion and promiscuity are directly correlated to sociopathy and psychopathy. Sane people don’t treat other people like pieces of meat. Sane people don’t treat themselves like pieces of meat. Sane people regard other people as subjects, not objects. Sane people have consciences. Sane people have standards of decency and are repelled by sexual perversion.

It’s on, y’all. The Holy Spirit is on the move. When I was in the Sistine Chapel alone for those 20 minutes back in December, I stood at the foot of the altar, looking at the Last Judgment, and prayed (after the Judica Me) that the Holy Spirit would do SOMETHING at the next conclave to deliver the Church from the Marxist-homosexualist infiltrators – having NO FATHOM that it would be a matter of weeks and it would be on like Donkey Kong.

Oh, and the sodomites and their Marxist allies are learning that if you’re going to play chess with a Bavarian rocking a buck-eighty IQ, YOU. WILL. LOSE.

3. Stop the Timothy Dolan as the next pope talk. Please. Dolan is a fraud, an intellectual lightweight and basically the John Edwards of the episcopacy. In other words, he is a total phony, and anyone with a brain knows it within a matter of nanoseconds of the guy opening his mouth.

May I be permitted to make a physics analogy? If Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) is the analogue of Einstein, to complete the physics analogy, Dolan would be Britney Spears. Or perhaps the lint from Britney Spears’ dryer. As proof, here is Dolan at the rededication of St. Francis Xavier parish in Manhattan. This is the “gay parish”, run by sodomite Jesuits (but I repeat myself …) who celebrate and encourage sodomy, celebrate and encourage the practice of Buddhism AND witchcraft IN THE PARISH and IN THE MASSES there held. When I first posted this clip, a reader who lives right around the corner from St. Francis Xavier parish in Manhattan emailed me and said that during the so-called “prayers of the faithful”, the congregation is directed to turn to the four directions, and that this is done as an open, explicit bow to the LESBIAN WICCA contingent in the parish.

Dolan is a cretin, a heretic and is on the path to hell himself for his politicking, which is nothing more than throwing the sheep to the wolves so that he can get invited to parties with politicians and celebs and fancy himself a “cool guy”. Dolan is the kind of guy who will tell you what you want to hear with enormous faux-earnestness, and then ten seconds later tell the next person exactly the opposite with exactly the same level of faux-earnestness. His rehearsed faux-sincerity fools some people, sadly, but not everyone.

My favorite Dolanism is the ponderously-chewing-on-the-glasses move, which he must have spent many an hour rehearsing in the mirror. He does it at the 5:30 mark while the ACTIVE SODOMITE CLUB is introduced and cheered in the middle of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.