I offer the TLM (Traditional Latin Mass) publicly every weekday, with a few exceptions. I will commit to Tuesday mornings at 0830 EST.As you know, the Canon allows for ‘N and N’ at the Memento for the living, so I think it would be appropriate to name you and your benefactors each Tuesday.

I am committing to this because I have been given a mighty weapon in the war that is not against flesh and blood, and therefore I also have a grave responsibility to wield it in the day of battle. I am determined to stand my ground at the foot of Calvary and there – at the Altar – fight with Him, suffer with Him and die with Him (God helping me). Ann, the crucifixion approaches, and the perplexing desolation of Psalm 21 awaits the broken Body of Christ, especially every Alter Christus.

Note also that I am committing to offering the TLM for you and your benefactors in partial return for your having taught me to ‘put my elbows down’. You know, the one about… (Why Priests Can Only Ever Be Men).

“See” you next Tuesday.


So there you go.  Every Tuesday at 0830 Eastern, the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass in the Venerable Gregorian Rite will be offered for you, my Benefactors.

Elbows down.

Elbows down.

Starting Wednesday Off Right: Oh, Hilary! Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.


“Now it is time to speak, the time for silence is past. We must expect Christ’s return, for the reign of Antichrist has begun. The shepherds must give the warning signals because the hirelings have fled. Let us lay down our lives for the sheep, for brigands have entered the fold and the roaring lion is rampaging about. Be ready for martyrdom! Satan himself is clothed as an angel of light.”

-St. Hilary of Poitiers, Doctor of the Church

Let’s Just Start Calling the Diabolical Narcissist Rage Monster Bergoglio “Worshipful Master”.

Soooooo muuuuuuuuch. Where does one even begin.  I see the emails saying, “What is going on? How can this be happening? Why is Pope Francis doing this?”

I’ve already answered these questions, but I understand that sometimes it takes multiple “encounters” with the “tender two-by-four of reality” to have reality fully, permanently set-in.  So, I’ll walk you through it again.

Bergoglio keeps saying heretical things, recently denying the divinity of Christ (it was always just a matter of time) by saying that Our Lord had to beg forgiveness of Mary and Joseph for His “little escapade” when at age 12 He was found teaching at the Temple.  Begging FORGIVENESS has as its antecedent the COMMITTING OF A SIN.  Our Lord, God Incarnate, True God and True Man, was sinless. Period. If He had done anything ever requiring Him to BEG FORGIVENESS of anyone at any time, then He is not Divine, and if He is not Divine, then Calvary is meaningless, we are not saved, there is no Church, there is no Mass, there is no Eucharist, and there is no hope for any of us.  We all might as well commit suicide as soon as possible and either have our souls annihilated (as Francis has taught happens) or begin eternity in hell, because a few years plus or minus relative to eternity is simply irrelevant.


But why? Why does Bergoglio want and need to drag Our Lord down?  Why deny His Divinity? Why refuse to genuflect before Him?  Why present Our Lord as “one path among many”?  Why intentionally cover his pectoral cross in his latest video by holding a piece of paper up in front of it? (I just recorded a video presentation, and framing the shot took 45 minutes.  Every posture and range of motion was pre-checked. That holding up of that sheet of paper was absolutely, 100% planned and blocked, getting the lighting, angle and height just right to cover his pectoral cross. Sick.)

That height and angle of the piece of paper was carefully planned and adjusted. Ask any videographer.

That height and angle of the piece of paper was carefully planned and adjusted. Ask any videographer.

Why does Bergoglio seem to hate and resent God?

Because he is a diabolical narcissist.  (Gee, I wish someone would make a video explaining all of that.  Oh… wait.)

Bergoglio is also, almost certainly, a Freemason.  Why do I say that?  Well, maybe you know Freemasonry by its other name: HUMANISM. Humanism is defined as: a philosophical position that stresses the autonomy of human reason in contradistinction to the authority of the Church”. It is a diabolically narcissistic mindset. (Wow.  I sure would be interested to hear more about this diabolical narcissism.  It sounds really important…) Does that not pretty much encapsulate EVERYTHING Bergoglio has done and is all about?  Bergoglio is now preaching Humanism openly by name, specifically citing it as the great cultural foundation of Europe (well, yeah, since the Freemasonic “enlightenment”, which has done nothing but destroy European culture and get hundreds of millions killed in war after war after war – almost like war was an industrial complex unto itself…).  He also said that this great European Humanism must be defended.  That, my friends, is a dogwhistle. Who is the enemy of Humanism, that is to say Freemasonry?  Yep.  The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  That same Church which Bergoglio is absolutely hellbent to destroy, with the full cooperation of the Freemasonic media juggernaut, and replace with a pantheistic, self-worshipping Global New World Order (or “novus ordo”, for those of you in Yorba Linda).  The only question in my mind now is whether or not Bergoglio will be buried in his apron when the time comes.

Denying the Divinity of Christ is utterly, utterly essential for all of this.  If Christ is Divine, if Christ is God, then ALL OTHER RELIGIONS ARE FALSE, and all people should be proselytized and hopefully converted to the One True Faith. Period.  Full stop.  If you, dear reader, being a typical contra-educated, propagandized American or European can’t get your head around that basic, fundamental logical truth, then stop reading now and sit in stillness and THINK about it until the simple, radiant truth of it penetrates the darkness of your reptilian mind.  Seriously.  We have all been inculcated non-stop to believe the utterly nonsensical proposition that there are multiple truths.

Freemasonic Humanism is all about the diabolically narcissistic proposition of DEIFYING THE HUMAN SELF.  Thus, “truth” is relative and present in DIFFERENT FORMS within each individual person.  So, if Jesus says divorce and remarriage is adultery, then that is “his” truth, a product of “his” time and culture, but if you consult YOUR conscience and “the internal forum”, and you come up with a different answer, that is great, because YOU are YOUR OWN GOD, and God is not God, He is just a mascot for “tenderness” and “mercy”, which actually means agreeing with everything YOU think, feel and do. And your true savior, the one who finally came and revealed your own divinity to you so that you can finally have mercy on yourself, is Worshipful Master Jorge Bergoglio.  ALL. SHALL. LOVE. HIM. AND. DESPAIR.

And finally, in review, this is happening because God is very, very, very, very angry with His faithless, effeminate people who have sat by and watched the Church and the world descend into evil never before plumbed in human history.  The diabolical narcissism and effeminacy is so pervasive in the world that it will require trauma and suffering on a scale never before seen to purge.  (Wow.  That would make a really interesting video presentation or something….)

‘Return O ye revolting children … and I will give you pastors according to My own heart’.
(Jer. 3:14,15)

“The most evident mark of God’s anger, and the most terrible castigation He can inflict upon the world, is manifest when He permits His people to fall into the hands of a clergy who are more in name than in deed, priests who practice the cruelty of ravening wolves rather than the charity and affection of devoted shepherds. They abandon the things of God to devote themselves to the things of the world and, in their saintly calling of holiness, they spend their time in profane and worldly pursuits. When God permits such things, it is a very positive proof that He is thoroughly angry with His people and is visiting His most dreadful wrath upon them.”
-Saint John Eudes

Starting Tuesday Off Right: Back to the Fight Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

"My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"

“My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

“Prayer is not a machine. It is not magic. It is not advice offered to God. Our act, when we pray, must not, any more than all our other acts, be separated from the continuous act of God Himself, in which alone all finite causes operate.

It would be even worse to think those who get what they pray for as sort of court favorites, people who have influence with the throne. The refused prayer of Christ in Gethsemane is answer enough to that. And I dare no leave out the hard saying which I once heard from an experienced Christian: ‘I have seen many striking answers to prayer and more than one that I thought miraculous. But they usually come at the beginning: before conversion, or soon after it. As the Christian life proceeds, they tend to be rarer.  The refusals, too, are not only more frequent; they become more unmistakable, more emphatic.’

Does God then forsake just those who serve Him best? Well, He who served Him best of all said, near His tortured death, “Why hast Thou forsaken Me?” When God becomes Man, that Man, of all others, is least comforted by God, at His greatest need. There is a mystery here which, even if I had the power, I might not have the courage to explore.  Meanwhile, little people like you and me, if our prayers are answered beyond all hope and probability, had better not draw hasty conclusions to our own advantage.  If we were stronger, we might be less tenderly treated.  If we were braver, we might be sent, with far less help, to defend far more desperate posts in the great battle.”

-C.S. Lewis, “The Efficacy of Prayer”

FrancisChurch Dogwhistle Words

You may have noticed that pretty much everything Jorge Bergoglio says is a meaningless pastiche of drooling nonsense, punctuated by a core vocabulary of dogwhistle words, and for those of you who have actually heard him speak, the gutteral, slackjawed verbal tick, “Eehh?”

You can tell who his drooling sychopants are, because they pick up and conspicuously litter their speech and writing with these dogwhistle words and phrases.  For me, these words are now ruined – rendered totally unusable by Bergoglio and his fag toadies.  Just as no more boys can ever be named “Adolf” (Sorry Coors family!), these words and phrases will now incite spittle-flicked nutties whenever they fall upon the ears of decent, God-fearing human beings.

1.  Encounter

This is a dogwhistle for faggots.  Faggots have “encounters” in grotty toilets, bathhouses and Novus Ordo seminaries.  Encounters are brief meetings. Wham, bam, thank you, Fr. Rosica. (Go ahead and sue me Tom, you diabolical fag.  You can get in line to all claims on my non-existent estate right behind the IRS.  Heh.)

2. Dialogue

This is faggot-speak for moral relativism and/or modernism. There is no Truth, and we don’t actually believe what we believe.  Dialogue.

3.  Exclude/include

Bergoglio, being an illiterate moron, seems to not understand that EXCLUDE is a transitive verb, meaning it takes an object. Or does he…? For example:


The Church is the subject.
Excludes is the transitive verb.
Pertinacious heretics is the direct object.

Bergoglio uses exclude and include like a cudgel, as intransitive verbs, just hanging there without an object, as he makes his strawman arguments.  “Jesus includes and never excludes.”  Jesus includes WHAT OR WHOM?  Unrepentant sodomites? Satanists?  Jesus never excludes WHAT OR WHOM? Baby killers? Nazis? Musloids?

Using exclude and include as intransitive verbs is a dogwhistle for moral relativism.

4.  Closeness

Ew.  Again, another faggot dogwhistle, conjuring images of Roman bathhouses or stopped elevators in Montevideo.

5.  Accompany

Another faggot dogwhistle.  I won’t judge you in your despicable, filthy sin.  Heck, I’ll ACCOMPANY YOU! And if you have a particularly pillowy Brad Pitt lips, why then I’ll even…

6.  Accompany body-to-body

Quite possibly the single most faggoty phrase ever uttered in human history.

7. Tender, tenderness, tenderly

Well.  I guess we can never, ever, ever listen to “Love Me Tender” ever again. Thanks for ruining everything, including ELVIS, fags.

8.  Caress, caressing

Drop this one and all fags within a half-mile radius will come running. Er, make that, sashaying. Snap.

9.  Tenderly caressing

This is the veritable Bat Signal of the fags.  Drop this one and a pink phone somewhere in Casa Santa Marta rings.  See below.



10.  The Poor

This is now a dogwhistle for any and all “victim classes”, including fags, adulterers and all aberrosexuals.  Anyone whose behavioral choices that the Church and Divine and Natural Law condemn, are unrepentant, and who will become cheering fanbois for FrancisNewChurch, can be classified as “the poor”. Oh, it is also boilerplate Marxist class warfare incitement.

Email more if you think of them.

The bottom line is this: I judge people who have conspicuously weaved any of these terms into their writing or speech since Bergoglio’s squatting on the See of Peter VERY, VERY HARSHLY.  These are shameless asskissers who are trying to weasel their way into and ingratiate themselves before the FrancisNewChurch Mafia.  Make absolutely no mistake, people who pick up and use these now wretch-inducing terms are throwing billowing smoke signals that they are for sale and ready to play ball with Bergoglio, his toadies and their utterly satanic pro-sodomy, anti-Christ agenda.

You can smell ’em a mile away.  If you come across anyone using this fetid sodomite dogwhistle language, run in the opposite direction before you or someone you love gets tenderly caressed in an unwanted body-to-body accompaniment.






Wherein Ann Tries to Make A Chipper Christmas Post and Fails

1.  First and foremost, a very happy Christmas to one and all.  Remember, Christmas lasts for TWELVE DAYS, so no slacking off. Maintain intensity.

2.  Thank you all for your warm Christmas greetings, updates, and for your perpetually stunning generosity and munificence.  Be assured of my prayers and don’t forget “Benefactor Mass Mondays!”

3.  Personal update. Scripture is replete with references to the “good people” fleeing to the hills and mountains.  Flattering myself, I have taken that seriously and have procured a new parking spot in remote highlands. So now, my name is Ann Barnhardt, I am thirty-nine years old, and I live in a “van” down by a … crick.  I will make sojourns into Urban Babylon for a while as I tie up loose ends, but the truth is, I can see, smell, and feel the satanic cloud descend on the city, and, for me personally, I simply can’t stand the faggots anymore.  FAGGOTS. EVERYWHERE. I don’t want to see them.  I don’t want to hear them. I don’t want to be anywhere near them.  Let history record that ARSH 2015 was officially the year in which Ann Barnhardt HAD ENOUGH OF THE FAGGOT CRAP.

So Lot went out, and spoke to his sons in law that were to have his daughters, and said: Arise: get you out of this place, because the Lord will destroy this City. And he seemed to them to speak as it were in jest. And when it was morning, the angels pressed him, saying: Arise, take thy wife, and the two daughters which thou hast: lest thou also perish in the wickedness of the City.

And as he lingered, they took his hand, and the hand of his wife, and of his two daughters, because the Lord spared him. And they brought him forth, and set him without the City: and there they spoke to him, saying: Save thy life: look not back, neither stay thou in all the country about: but save thyself in the mountain, lest thou be also consumed.
Genesis 19: 15-17

4.  As is typical, rent rates in remote areas are fractional, and indeed my rent is now 40% of what it was.  I now hope to get out in front of and pre-paid on rent by at least twelve months as a security cushion.  There is wild game out the gazoo here, and a thriving hunting culture.  Even if cut off, starvation won’t be much of a concern.  And my place is set up for wood heating and cooking, and for the growing of vegetables.

So that’s what I have been doing for the past ten days – executing the “I’m Not Gonna Stay Here And Get Greased With All Of These Faggots Mountain Evacuation Protocol”.  With Christmas right smack dab in the middle.  Much Turkey, stuffing, and HAAAAAM was et.  Carols were sung, and merry was made.

5.  Video recording of the “Diabolical Narcissism: Remember Lot’s Wife” presentation has been delayed because we determined that we needed professional lights.  They have arrived, and now it is just a matter of getting Christmas wrapped up and back to a regular working schedule. In your charity, if you think of it, pray for the project and for protection for myself and the video crew.  I can tell you right now that Powers and Principalities and their human mercenaries are REALLY not going to like it.

6.  I know it isn’t Epiphany yet, but I just can’t wait.  Here’s God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings by BNL and Sarah McLachlan.

King forever, ceasing never, over us all to reign.

Glorious now, behold Him arise
King and God and Sacrifice.

Are We Comprehending The Barnhardt Axiom YET??!!


The fact that a given person is holding or seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.

So… Paul Ryan.

Yeeaah. You know how you coulda seen YEARS IN ADVANCE the fact that Paul Ryan is a lying psychopath who would gleefully assrape his own grandmother, or an entire planet of grandmothers, for a nickel?

The Barnhardt Axiom.

You realize this applies every bit as strongly to Trump too, right?  Tell me you are not so stupid as to believe for one second that Trump would actually do ANY of the things he is talking about. He’s just smart enough to know what y’all want to hear, and is saying it.  You know how I know that Trump will never follow through on anything he is saying?


Remember, the only thing that actually WANTS to be in a cesspit is a PIECE OF SHIT.


Boston Speech Transcript

Many of you have watched or re-watched the Boston Speech.  Good, and thank you for the feedback.  I will be posting an essay which fleshes these concepts out and addresses specific questions and heresies that are being promulgated today, including the evil, satanic, and may I say breathtakingly stupid heresy that Jews don’t need to accept Christ or be baptized. Of course they do. OF. COURSE. THEY. DO.  This is still for pre-study.  For those who don’t like the video format, or can’t stand the sight of me, my pompadour, my shrieking harpy voice, my non-glazed eyes and emotive, humanly affective delivery of ideas that I ACTUALLY BELIEVE (needy, self-absorbed emotional blackmailer!), here’s the transcript, which is now permanently linked on the “The One About… ” page.

I haven’t watched or read this in years.  I gotta say, it is really prescient.  Especially the middle section about governance systems.  Remember, Bergoglio didn’t squat upon the See of Peter until March of ARSH 2013.  This speech was written and delivered in early May ARSH 2011.  

There isn’t much I would change about this speech.  You can tell that even in May of ARSH 2011 I had not fully thrown in the towel on the U.S., and was still speaking about it as if it still existed.  The big change I would make is at the very, very end.  If I find myself in a situation where I am being killed together with an unbaptized person, I would beg them to tell God that they desired to be baptized. (Let all the Feeneyite heads explode now! Saint Emeretiana, pray for us!)  

Finally, many thanks to Gerard Van der Leun of who originally asked for and posted the transcript of the Boston Speech, and it is from a wayback cache of his site that I retrieved this.

Here it is.  All 4200 words.


Hello, my name is Ann Barnhardt and I am the person who says the things that everyone else is too terrified to say.

This is the speech that I was going to deliver in Boston today, May 15, 2011 had a facility been available to me. Unfortunately, no facilities were willing to host my speech, sponsored by Rabbi Jon Hausmann, because I was deemed to be “hateful”, “bigoted” and “potentially violent”. Well, we’ll see about that.

In this speech we are going to cover a lot of intellectual and theological ground. I tend to set my goals extremely high, and this speech is no exception.

I hope to fully explain the relationship between Christians and Jews in today’s world, and show that we, and really all people of civilization and good will, are allied in a war of survival against satanic evil, manifested today by islam and Marxism.

I am also going to show how our fundamental human rights as codified in the Constitution of the United States flow directly out of the Judeo-Christian milieu and the bible.

I will then contrast this to the Marxist-islamist paradigm, and show that Marxism and islam are actually cut from exactly the same philosophical cloth.

Finally, I will discuss my personal three-point tactical plan that I will carry out should the proverbial “poop” hit the proverbial fan. My three-point plan serves not only as a system of engagement, but it simultaneously rebuts any and all accusations of “intolerance”, “bigotry” and “hatefulness”. AND I aim to do all of this in less than 30 minutes. Like I said, I’m a very high goal-setter.

The first concept we need to tackle is that of the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. There is a tremendous amount of confusion, ambiguity and bigotry flowing in both directions. There are plenty of anti-Semitic Christians who think that the Jews are the accursed killers of Christ. There are also plenty of Jews who think that Christianity despises them as a point of intrinsic doctrine. Both are completely wrong, and it is high time that someone stepped up and explained the relationship clearly and without mincing any words.

The fact of the matter is this: you show me an anti-semitic Christian, and I’ll show you a Christian who is completely and totally clueless about his faith. Sadly, in this day and age, most Christians are exactly that – CLUELESS. And that goes for everyone, Catholic, Protestant, non-denominational, all of them. If we look at the Church from an intellectual standpoint, it has already been reduced down to just a mere remnant. There are so many heresies active today that it would take a lifetime to define them all individually, so I have named them corporately. What the Church suffers from today is the Heresy of Stupidity.

Now everyone listen up, Jew, Christian, atheist – everyone.

The foundational premise of the Jewish people and of Israel is that Israel is the representative proxy for humanity. This is why the Jews are called “the chosen people”, because they are. God chose Israel to stand in representation of all people everywhere. This is an honor, but it is a taxing and dubious honor due to the Fall of Adam and Eve and the inherent tendency that all people have for sin, which is called concupiscence.

God chose Israel to stand at the fore of humanity and be the people with whom the historical narrative of Salvation History is played out. This began with a married couple, Adam and Eve, and then expanded to a family unit through Noah, then the expansion moved to the tribal level through Abraham, the national level through Moses, then to the level of a kingdom through David, and finally in the fullness of time the expansion moved beyond Israel to cover all people everywhere through Jesus Christ. BUT, the only way to fully understand God’s relationship with us as individuals is to understand God’s interaction with Israel through history.

We see in the Old Testament a continuous pattern of Israel falling away from God in sin, and God taking Israel back, many times after a required chastisement to make Israel fully appreciate the gravity of its sin. God says to Israel over and over again that He will NEVER, EVER forsake His covenant. God uses the imagery of marriage to make Israel understand that the relationship between God and Israel is not a mere legalistic contract – it is a covenant sealed in flesh. The covenant cannot be broken. It can be abused by one of the partners, but it can never be broken.

God does not walk out. God does not “get divorced”. He always has been and always will be ready and willing to take us back, forgive our indiscretions and betrayals, if we will only turn back to Him. He did it after the unfortunate incident with the golden calf at the foot of Mt. Sinai. He did it after the numerous phases in which Israel had bad kings and fell into idolatry and immorality. He did it with King David after David’s sins of the flesh.

The exuberant joy of the “honeymoon” period after Israel’s return to God was put into words by Solomon in the Song of Songs. The image of the rocky trials of the marriage relationship was put into writing by the prophet Hosea.

Every macro image of Israel presented in the Bible maps perfectly to the micro context of the individual. Every sin committed by Israel corporately is a sin I have personally committed as an individual. The worshiping of idols, the failure to trust in God’s provision, the hypocrisy, the sins of the flesh – all of them. Every single one. They all map precisely to me as an individual. And to each and every human being.

And now we move into the New Testament. There are many verses in which Jesus soundly and harshly rebukes the Jews and the Pharisees. Knowing now as we do that Israel is standing in our personal stead as the proxy representatives of humanity as a whole and as us as individuals, we need to read these words of Christ as chastisements and critiques of us individually and personally, not as a critique or condemnation of a third party.

When Christ says, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites . . .” He is speaking directly to me. “Woe to you, Ann, you hypocrite.” When Christ says, “You are like whitewashed tombs which appear beautiful on the outside but inside are full of dead men’s bones and every kind of filth” He is speaking directly to me. I am the serpent. I am the brood of vipers. I am the liar. And if I may be so bold, so is every one of you.

The more a person thinks that Jesus is speaking not to them but only to the Jews, and then considers themselves able to sit in seething hatred of the Jews, the further from Christ they actually are. These people who read Jesus’ words as exclusive to Jews aren’t in the right ballpark, they aren’t even in the right galactic cluster. This is the Heresy of Stupidity in full bloom.

Now to ten of the most beautiful words in the New Testament. Every Jew watching this has heard these words, and probably has shuddered every time they heard them. These ten words have been twisted by stupid, ignorant people to justify horrific acts of evil against Jews for 1978 years. And many of these people have claimed to be pious Christians. Well, we’re going to fix this deal once and for all. The ten beautiful words are:

“Let His Blood be upon us and upon our children.”

These are the ten words shouted by the Jewish crowd to Pontius Pilate as he was sentencing Jesus. I repeat these words internally at every Mass, because these are the words that give hope to humanity. These are the words that open the gates of heaven. These words are the means by which our salvation is accomplished.

At every Mass, the temporally transcendent sacrifice of Calvary which is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ Himself, re-presented to God the Father by the power of God the Holy Ghost. This is accomplished through the transubstantiation of Bread and Wine as prefigured by the priest and King Melchizedek in Genesis 14. This sacrifice is the Todah sacrifice of Israel, which is the only sacrifice to be offered in the post-messianic age and for all eternity, according to ancient Rabbinic teaching. The Todah sacrifice is the sacrifice of Thanksgiving. The word “Thanksgiving” in Greek is Eucharist. The Divine Surprise to Israel and the world is that GOD provided and provides HIMSELF IN THE FLESH as the final, worthy and fully efficacious Todah sacrifice.

There is a saint called St. Gaspar del Bufalo who was an Italian priest who had mystical visions during his life. In one of St. Gaspar’s visions during a Mass, he saw angels approach the altar after the consecration of the wine into the Precious Blood. The angels took branches of hyssop and dipped them in the chalice. The angels then turned and proceeded to sprinkle the people with the Blood of Jesus, exactly the way that Aaron and all of the Levitical priests sprinkled the people of Israel with the blood of the animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant. We are literally being showered and cleansed with the Precious Blood of Jesus.

Let His Blood be upon us and upon our children.

I believe this is happening at every Mass in a dimension that we are not, at this time, able to physically see. And so TO the Jews who stood in Pilate’s courtyard as my representative, and as the representatives of all humanity, and called the Precious Blood of Jesus down upon humanity, all I can say is THANK YOU. God heard the deep, groaning cry of Israel, and answered it, even though Israel didn’t understand it themselves. And again, isn’t this exactly what I do as an individual? I lash out at God in groans of anger and despair and misunderstanding, and He hears me, and answers by transforming my anger and despair and misunderstanding into grace, through His Mercy.

In the last month and a half since I burned my Koran on YouTube, I have received a significant amount of anti-semitic email and comments left on my YouTube Channel. They are all fairly similar, but I did reply to one in particular. The man started out by complimenting my burning of the Koran and then asked, “When are you going to go after the Christkillers?” And then proceeded to launch into a typical anti-semitic diatribe, concluding that if I didn’t share in his anti-semitism, that I wasn’t really a Christian. I responded thusly:

“Sir, you are deeply confused. I killed Jesus. The Jews are merely the historical proxy for me.”

That shut him up. And I would invite all of the Jews the world over to feel free to use my reply if ever accused of being “Christkillers”. Please reply by saying, “No, Ann Barnhardt killed Christ.” Because that is the truth. I betray Him, and like Judas, I do it with a kiss.

It is ME who is whipping Him with the flagellum at the pillar. It is ME who spits on Him and laughs at Him as He carries the Cross that should be mine. It is ME who nails Him to the Cross. And it is ME who callously walks away leaving Him to die in my stead. And I do it every damn day. And yet He stays. You would think that He would eventually get to the point where He would simply say, “This is too much. I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry it didn’t work out between us, but I think it is better that we just go our separate ways.” But no. He’s not going anywhere because it is the same with me as it is with Israel. We are in a covenant, and He will not forsake that covenant. Ever. No matter how much I deserve it. He chose to enter into it, and I am free to choose whether or not I respond to that covenant or not – just like Israel was free to drift in and out of His Grace over the centuries.

Now that we understand that Israel is the proxy for all of humanity, both on a macro scale, and on a micro, individual scale, we can now turn to the question of proper systems of human governance as revealed to Israel and recorded in scripture.

We need to start in Exodus chapter 18. Israel has just escaped Egypt and is traversing the desert toward Mt. Sanai. Moses is visited by his father-in-law, Jethro. Yes, the Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies is named after Moses’ wifes’ father. And for very good reason, because Jethro was blessed by God with wisdom that would affect all of humanity. When Jethro arrived, Moses was sitting at the head of a huge line of people. One by one, each party would approach Moses and tell him of some sort of problem or disagreement between them that needed judgment, and one by one, Moses would judge these issues and claims. And this would go on for days, because there were hundreds of thousands of people in Israel, even at this time. Moses was judging them and governing them all alone.

When Jethro saw this he told Moses that it was “not good”. Jethro then, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, explained to Moses the concept of governmental subsidiarity. Jethro laid out a system whereby the people were encouraged to govern themselves in a tiered representative structure. The first tier removed from the individuals themselves was in groups of ten families. This would be the analogue of a neighborhood. The next representative tier was in goups of fifty. This would be analogue to a city or county commission. The next tier was in groups of one hundred. This would be the analog of a state legislature. The next tier would be in groups of one thousand. This would be the analogue of a national legislature. Finally came Moses himself, with Aaron at his right hand and Joshua at his left hand. This would be the equivalent of a Chief Executive with a cabinet.

Yes, our current system of representative republic governance in the United States was modeled after the Jethrine system in scripture. The big difference between The Jethrine system and our system is that in the Jethrine system, Moses personally appointed all of the representatives based upon their Godliness and good character. In our system, representatives and the Chief Executive, or President, are elected. However, the over-arching concept here is the concept of SUBSIDIARITY.

Subsidiarity is defined as the idea that a central authority should only perform those tasks which can not be performed effectively at a more immediate or local level. In other words, the most power resides with the sovereign individual, and as layers of government move away from the individual, the power structure necessarily dilutes, being tasked with those objectives that only they are capable of performing.

In the case of our federal government, those tasks would include such things as coordinating national defense, negotiating and entering international treaties and trade agreements, and perhaps most importantly, ensuring that the Rule of Law as defined in the Constitution is preserved, protected and defended throughout the chain of subsidiarity all the way back to the individual.

This concept of subsidiarity was first formally defined and codified by – GUESS WHO – the Catholic Church, although the concept existed and was understood and practiced in various ways all the way back to Jethro and Moses at the foot of Mt. Sinai. The Catholic Church has always understood subsidiarity through the life and actions of Christ Himself. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, manifested His Kingship by submitting Himself totally and completely to his subjects, to the point of willingly dying for them, and thus doing for them the one thing that they could never do for themselves, which is make perfect atonement for their sins.

Subsidiarity is not exclusive to democracy, representative republic or parliamentary republics. Subsidiarity can be executed in many systems of governance, including hereditary monarchies. This is why Christ did not call out a specific form of governance, because He knew that many forms of governance are feasible, so long as subsidiarity is observed. History has shown us that a Godly man can reign as a king, living as a humble servant to his people. In the Old Testament Good Kings included Asa, Hezekiah and Josiah. In modern times, King St. Louis the ninth of France, King St. Stephen the first of Hungary, and King St. Casmir of Poland are examples of Godly monarchs who ruled in a spirit of subsidiarity.

As a corollary, democratic or representative republic systems do not guarantee subsidiarity, and if infiltrated and usurped by Godless, power-hungry, money-grubbing moral degerates like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and all the rest, those systems will lead to totalitarianism and ultimate collapse.

That is what we are seeing happen right now. This is also why the so-called “Arab Spring” is no such thing. The totalitarianism of the Islamic political system, elevated to power, though it may be, by democracy, is still totalitarianism. So long as islam is the driving force behind ANY form of government, that government is satanic by definition, and by definition will destroy the people within it. Don’t kid yourself. The Arab Spring is the Arab Winter, because that is all it can ever be.

The Catholic Church, and many Protestant sects as well, today have been infiltrated and infested by Marxists. There is still a remnant remaining, but please understand that the infiltration and rot is DEEP. Any Catholic, from a lay person all the way up to an Archbishop or Cardinal, who proclaims Marxism, and ratifies the concentration of power in the state to redistribute wealth by force, or to elevate the importance of the collective above the dignity of the individual is a DIRTY SATANIC LIAR. Period. End of story.

And that goes not just for Catholics but any Christian or Jew, because the concept of subsidiarity was revealed at the foot of Mt. Sinai, recorded in the Torah, and demonstrated par excellence by Christ crucified on Calvary.

The argument that Christ’s call to love and serve the poor is to be achieved by dehumanizing the individual and installing a totalitarian state is satanic, serpentine manipulation. You filthy Marxist scum have been twisting and perverting the Gospel into this satanic filth for decades, and you know what? I’m ending it. Right here and right now.

You CAN NOT BE both a Christian or an observant Jew AND a Marxist.

Specifically to Christians now: you cannot advocate a satanic system of governance whilst claiming to be preaching the Gospel of Christ. Nope. You have to pick. It’s either Marxism or Christ.

And so to Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the majority of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the majority of the Jesuit order, the majority of the United Methodist church, the majority of the Presbyterian Church USA, the majority of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the majority of the Episcopalian Church (what little is left), and of course, the ironically named Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ, and all of the others, CHOOSE. CHOOSE NOW. It is either Christ or Marx. If you choose Christ – great. Praise the Lord. If you choose Marx – in even the smallest way – and we all know that you will, pack your bags and get out. And we’ll be praying for you and for your conversion and return to the fold as authentic Christians. But your days of squatting in the Church are OVER.

Finally, I would like to lay out my three-point tactical plan should the Marxist-islamic poop hit the proverbial fan, which I am afraid is all but inevitable at this point.

In this portion, I would like to focus once again especially on the Jews in the audience. So far, we have established how Israel has been the proxy for humanity throughout Salvation History. Understanding that as we do, we can now see that to hate Israel is to hate humanity itself.

All we need do to confirm this is look at where the locus of anti-Semitism exists in today’s world. There are two main loci today: Marxism and islam. Both of these political systems have at their core an intrinsic hatred of the individual man. Both mask this seething hatred by wrapping themselves in a false cloak of collectivism, manifested in the call for Marxist class warfare and jihad. Both systems use the Jews as their primary scapegoat and whipping boy, blaming all problems in the world on Jews, and then calling for the “final solution” to the stumbling block to utopia that is the Jewish race.

From the Koran to Mein Kampf, the rhetoric is exactly the same: exterminate the Jews so that utopia can be achieved. But what this is at its core is a call to exterminate humanity itself, which is the ultimate goal of both Marxism and islam. If the Jews are exterminated, the rest of humanity will follow quickly, because if the Jews are exterminated, that means that there are no longer any people of good will on earth who could see and understand the representative quality of humanity itself in Israel. No one would be left to take up the banner of Christ and the Church Militant to march against the forces of evil in defense of not just Israel, but of all human life on earth. It is essential to approach, understand and see this coming war with the forces of evil through that lens.

I recently saw a video of an Islamic execution taped in the Middle East. In it, the three condemned men were bound hand and foot, standing beside an incinerator, or furnace. The men were doused with an accelerant, presumably gasoline, and then thrown alive into the incinerator, where they could be seen writhing in flames as they died in the furnace. These men were not Jews, but that is beside the point. They were human beings who ran afoul of Sharia Law.

This is what is coming. This, and executions like this, are the inevitable destination of both islam and Marxism. Hitler had his ovens. Stalin had his gulags. Mao had his execution quotas. The Khmer Rouge had their killing fields.

And so here is what I say to all people of good will, but specifically today to the Jews. If a second holocaust begins and you find yourself standing bound on the precipice of an incinerator – I’m coming.

My first tactical objective will be to come in, guns-a-blazing, and rescue you and we’ll both get out of there, and hopefully take a bunch of evil men out in the process. That is objective number one.

If that doesn’t work and I am unable to free you by force of arms, I will negotiate with the evil executioners to switch places with you. I will offer to be executed in your place, so long as you are freed. That is tactical objective number two.

If that doesn’t work, then I am going to stay and die with you.

There is no possible way that I am going to turn my back on you as you stand on the precipice of the incinerator, walk away and let you die alone and afraid and then congratulate myself on my ability to “handle and survive the situation”. No. I am going to stand beside you, I am going to throw my arms around you, and I am going hold you and tell you that I love you. I am going to make certain that the last sounds you hear ringing in your ears on this earth are the sounds of a friend telling you that you are loved, and that you are precious, and that you are not, never have been, and never will be alone. And then we will go into the incinerator together. Because I can’t think of a better way to die – with the words “I love you” on my lips. THAT is tactical objective number three.

One final question. Do you honestly believe that Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or John Kerry or any of the Hollywood people, or Michael Moore or Keith Olbermann or Joy Behar or any of the people who would call me a venomous hate-spewing bigot would stay and die with you if it came down to that? Of course they wouldn’t and we all know this. But I am the hate monger. I’m the bigot. I am the danger to society.

Ladies and gentlemen, Western Civilization has officially jumped the shark. The words, “I love you”, delivered in sincere Christian charity are now a hate crime that warrants the suppression of free speech.

Thank you for your time.

My name is Ann Barnhardt . . . . and I love you.