Hey, Too Bad No One Saw This Obamacare Implosion Coming. Oh, wait….

Obamacare was specifically, consciously designed to hyper-inflate insurance premiums and healthcare costs, implode the system, and thus give the oligarchy an excuse to nationalize the entire healthcare industry.  Anyone with even the slightest comprehension of markets and risk pooling saw this coming years ago. And if we assume that the Insurance Companies themselves have a basic grasp of the concept of insurance, they knew too.  Which points to the obvious question, how much were the insurance industry oligarchs paid to consciously execute and oversee the auto destruction of their own industry, and what sort of power and money have they been promised in the nationalized, single-payer system?

If you want to hear the truth about insurance, here is me explaining today’s current events IN CONTEXT, five years ago, and what will need to be done after the war.

Forgive the flag.

Gloves Off: Paragraph 303 God Wills Mortal Sin, and Bergoglio’s Sinister Affinity for Judas Iscariot

From paragraph 303 of “The Exuberance of Buttsecks”:

“Yet conscience can do more than recognize that a given situation does not correspond objectively to the overall demands of the Gospel.  It can also recognize with sincerity and honesty what for now is the most generous response which can be given to God, and come to see with a certain moral security that it is what God himself is asking amid the concrete complexity of one’s limits, while yet not fully the objective ideal.”

The fact that Bergoglio is a full-blown heretic is no longer debatable amongst serious adults.  The question for the adults at the table now is, WHO IS BERGOGLIO?  And yes, I mean that in the most sinister sense possible.

I have been reading about a very famous exorcism, in which Judas Iscariot was listed as a “Demonized Spirit” that possessed a young woman in Iowa.  I was struck by this, first because I did not know that damned humans could possess, but also because of my work (continuing slowly as it may be) on Diabolical Narcissism.  The lynchpin and core concept about Diabolical Narcissists is that they are human beings that have freely chosen to adopt the demonic psycho-spiritual posture and emotional palate.  How? By voluntarily purging themselves of all LOVE. They are human beings voluntarily incapable of love, and as a corollary, incapable of empathy, genuine happiness, genuine pleasure, gratitude, and even of sadness – which is an essential component of human affectation.  Remember, “Blessed are those who mourn…” and, “Jesus wept.”  Diabolical Narcissists only experience those emotions that the demons experience: anger, hatred, jealousy and fear.  They are animated by spite.

Bergoglio earlier this week delivered a sermon at Casa Santa Marta in which he called Judas Iscariot a poor, repentant man, victimized and driven to suicide by unmerciful lovers of the law.  This stunning attempt to rehabilitate Judas Iscariot, the greatest, most wicked traitor in history and despairing self-murderer, is beyond unprecedented.  It reeks of supernatural evil.

This coupled with Bergoglio’s repeated statements that there is no hell, that the worst that can happen to a human soul is that it be simply annihilated at death, and that the possibility of eternal damnation is not part of “the logic of the gospels”, and Bergoglio’s relentless push to keep people from confessing their sins TO CHRIST by convincing them that not only are their sins not sins, but are, as we saw in the Paragraph 303 quote above, God’s will, can not but make one think that Judas Iscariot could be a big player in all of this.

Further, Bergoglio’s lust for worldly power and adoration mirrors Judas Iscariot, as does Bergoglio’s open admiration for Marxism.  Remember, Judas Iscariot was the primordial proto-Marxist as stated in the Gospel of John, chapter 12:

Mary therefore took a pound of ointment of right spikenard, of great price, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment. Then one of His disciples, Judas Iscariot, he that was about to betray Him, said: Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?Now he said this, not because he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and having the purse, carried the things that were put therein.

I don’t think people understand how Bergoglio’s serpentine words denying the reality of hell and eternal damnation tie into his Marxism and materialism.  Bergoglio casts everything in earthly, worldly, material terms.  Bergoglio constantly preaches that material poverty is the worst thing that a human being can experience, and even that “discerning the Body and Blood of Christ” means NOT that a person believes and confesses the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, but rather that one has “greater fellowship with the underprivileged”.  What this all does is plant the seeds in the minds of men that any suffering due to lack of material wealth or earthly suffering COULD justify suicide.  Life on earth COULD become intolerable, or even just enough below the mean to put suicide on the table as a viable option (no pun intended).  Because, after all, the WORST that could happen is the sweet relief of the “big lights-out”, because eternal damnation is “not part of the logic of the gospels”.  From here, it QUICKLY becomes an act of “mercy”, and by that I mean the monstosity of “FrancisMercy”, to abort a child that might have to live a life of so-called “underprivilege”, or to “ease the suffering” of a sick, lonely old person.

Finally, Bergoglio, like Judas Iscariot, gives every indication of being embarrassed to rage by the reality of the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist (see John 6), but also goes out of his way to not only backhandedly deny the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist (as in Paragraph 186 of “The Exuberance of Buttsecks”), but also to encourage and incite as many people as possible in open, unrepentant mortal sin to defile the Blessed Sacrament by sacrilegious communion, with the full cooperation and assent of Christ’s priests – the very men tasked with defending Our Lord’s physical substance, like the angel with the flaming sword stationed at the Gates of Eden.

During the exorcism referenced above, it was recorded that Judas Iscariot was the worst offender against the Blessed Sacrament, “constantly trying to somehow destroy or defile it. To manipulate or mutilate it would represent everything [he] had attempted to do in life, and would be in league with the diabolical activity of attempting to taint anything Holy.”

That pretty much describes Bergoglio’s agenda over the past three years.

Now check this out:

It turns out that Judas Iscariot is, in the Hierarchy of Hell, the patron demonic spirit of suicide. In my research on Diabolical Narcissists, people who I refer to as “Hell’s Mercenaries”, and which are described in heartbreaking anecdote after heartbreaking anecdote as “soul murdering”, in the more severe cases, the DN actually fantasizes about driving his selected target or targets to… SUICIDE. For DNs, the ultimate manifestation of their power and superiority to “mere humans”, most especially those weak and pathetic humans who manifest that which the DN is voluntarily incapable of, LOVE, is to drive such a one to suicide.  Like I said, these people are literally demonic.

Very interestingly, the priest who conducted the exorcism of the girl in Iowa prophesied that the spirit of Judas Iscariot will be a controlling and guiding force in the age of the Antichrist, which was fast approaching.  That was in ARSH 1928.

Again, it is time that the grown-ups start openly discussing WHO OR WHAT Bergoglio is, and beyond that what must be done to counter him.

Here is where I am going to start:

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.  Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all evil spirits who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.  Amen.

If you want to read more about the exorcism of Anna Ecklund in Iowa, I recommend starting with this summary HERE.

Letter to “Rev” from fellow Baptist convert


This Truth-seeker sounds a lot like me in many respects. I was a Reformed Baptist before taking my sideways misstep into the Anglican / Episcopalian void [before finally entering The Catholic Church]. I was taught that the Pope is the Anti-christ and Rome is the whore of Babylon – and I taught it myself as a Baptist ‘pastor’… I taught a lot worse, too.

I mocked the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and did so repeatedly and publicly in my ‘sermons’. I led people away from the Truth, and into the kind of blasphemy that is soul destroying and worthy of Hell.

I actively recruited Roman Catholics to share in my protestant hatred of all things Catholic. I ‘evangelized’ them in numbers, and sadly, quite successfully – enough to fill the new church building I put up with their donations. I filled their ears with heresy, tried to rob them of their Blessed Mother and deny them access to the prayers of the Saints. I was a rabid anti-Catholic heretic who ‘thought he was doing God a favor’ by saving these poor superstitious souls.

‘Come out from among them and be ye separate,’ says the Lord, ‘and touch not the unclean thing.’ So said Isaiah and so said I. Only, I quoted it to Catholics who, I thought, couldn’t be Catholic and Christian. It was one or the other.

If anyone deserved Hell and not mercy it was me. It is nothing short of a miracle of grace that Jesus Christ decided to rescue me from my ignorance and turned that verse from Isaiah back on my own hard heart. ‘Come out from among them!’ and I did.

I will spend the rest of my life doing penance for what I have done. ‘I will show him what great things he [St. Paul] must suffer for My Name’, our Lord said to Annanias after St. Paul’s conversion. I expect no less, for, like him, I persecuted the Church. Yet, even this is a mercy in which I actually rejoice. After all, what is the alternative? To be left in my heresy and pride-filled protest against that Church that is good and true and beautiful, against the One who is Good… and reap what I have sown for all eternity. 

‘Rev’: Listen to the advice that Ann gave you. Run, don’t walk. Count the cost, so you can see, like I did, how precious Jesus is in His Church. When you lose your extended family, all your Baptist buddies, your ministry, and your congregation’s respect; when your mother, through her tears, tells you that ‘you’ve really hit rock bottom now and you couldn’t have done anything worse’; and when the cost includes losing your means of feeding your family, and having no rectory/parsonage or roof to put over the heads of your children, in other words: just about everything… that cost is NOTHING compared to the salvation of your soul, and that of your wife and children.

Then watch our Lord provide. He is no one’s debtor. Have faith and move forward… at the double.



Happy news – “Rev” reposts back that he found on the lists provided a Latin Mass parish TWENTY MINUTES from his house, which in terms of modern American sprawl is categorized as “in the back yard”.

And yet, in the midst of all of this, THIS lands in my inbox…

{I dunno.  I dunno if my tactics are right or wrong. I dunno up from down some days. But I do know that emails like this land in my email box with some regularity.  This one is especially edifying, though.  I’m posting this because as I have said before, even when The Catholic Church is being systematically destroyed from the inside by THE POPE HIMSELF – and remember that the papacy is the NUMBER ONE HURDLE for most protestant converts; even when it would seem that every protestant objection to the papacy is incarnate and manifesting before our very eyes in Pope Francis Bergoglio – the radiant, shimmering beauty of The Bride of Christ, scourged and nailed to the Cross beside Her Spouse cannot, CAN NOT be obscured.  He truly does draw all things to Himself.  Read on, with my response below.}


Dear Miss Barnhardt,

I am writing to ask for guidance. It is partly your fault that I need guidance! When I first began reading your blog last year, I loved your candor, but hated your idolatrous Catholicism.

You see… I am not your average lay person. I have a BS (no pun intended!) in Biblical Education and an MDiv degree from a respectable Baptist seminary. My father was a Baptist pastor and my grandfather also. I am a direct descendant of that great Pilgrim and runaway protester, William Bradford of the Mayflower. I have been a protestant pastor for more than 20 years and more than half of that time as a REFORMED Baptist pastor, the worst of the Rome haters! Our confession says that the Pope is the Antichrist. I know you actually agree with that regarding the current anti-pope, but of course that confession was written in 1689. [I do not believe he is THE Antichrist.  I believe Bergoglio is of the spirit of Antichrist, and MAY be the false prophet forerunner of The Antichrist, but Bergoglio is WAY too dumb to be the big show himself.]

I won’t belabor my entire boring story, but over the past few months, my theological dominoes have begun to fall and I have, for all intents and purposes, become a Roman Catholic. It began with Justification (Luther lied!) and then… the blessed presence of Christ in the Eucharist. I have seen the heavenly vision and I don’t want to go back.

I have read several works by Scott Hahn, devoured some of the Fathers and other sources also… including your frequent rants. “They Don’t Actually Believe Any Of That “Bullshit”  beat the hell out of me.

I am not currently pastoring a church, but I continue to teach an adult Sunday School class in a local Baptist protest party (I am increasingly loathe to call it a church).

Here is my dilemma. I am nearly on the Ark, but I feel like my mast is shredded and my provisions are few. My wife and children are mostly on board with me, but they are the only ones that know of my crisis in faith. I have attended two celebrations of Mass with them, but that has only brought increasing confusion. It is not that we didn’t enjoy the Mass… I just don’t know if it was real or maybe better, legitimate.

I can see clearly that this Pope is a flaming heretic and perhaps every Pope since Vatican II and that nearly every local church has gone right on down the bowl with them. Some “fundy” Catholics suggest that, at least in N. America, it is over. No more church. Do you agree with this Ann? [No way.] I understand your position on the form of Mass. But, would you go that far?  I know that our time is short. I completely agree with you that western civ is on life support and that we will probably soon descend into chaos and possibly even collapse.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? [Haul ass to the nearest FSSP or ICK parish.] I desperately long to confess my sins to a godly priest and to receive the Body and Blood of our Savior. I just don’t know where to turn. It seems that most if not all of the churches I can find don’t actually believe any of that bullshit.

I don’t know what I am doing, but I have asked our blessed Mother to pray for me. I have asked St. Patrick to pray for me also. I figure if God could use him to reach a pagan cesspool like Ireland, who knows. [That’s RACISSSS!]

Ann, will you pray for me and for my family? If you can offer any advice, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you again sister for your labour of love. Please continue to be faithful and I will pray that the Lord will bestow a great measure of grace upon you.

May the Lord be with you!



Dear Tiber-swimming Wetback-

There is a very strong positive correlation between the – can we just say it now? – CATHOLICISM of a parish and its priest(s) and the form of the Mass that is celebrated.  One of the great regrets of my life is that I entered the Church through the Novus Ordo, not by way of the local Tridentine Rite parish. Not only was the “instruction” desperately lacking, but so were the rites themselves.  Oh, to have been baptized and confirmed in the Old Rite! The prayers are so powerful!

So, here are two links to the two main Tridentine Mass priestly fraternities: The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and The Institute of Christ the King.  As I said above, peruse the list, and if there is anything within a 24 hour drive, haul ass over there ASAP and GET. IN. THE. BOAT. We are talking about the eternal fate of your soul, and the souls of your wife and children, whom God has given you charge over as husband and father.

Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter location list

Institute of Christ the King (full list on right side bar)

Be assured of my prayers, and probably one or two other people who read this.




Notes on franciSEXhortation, “The Exuberance of Sodomy”

First, it has been a pleasant surprise to see how many people have come out and torn to shreds this evil, satanic document.  If you have kept an eye on the “Trad-Catholic Drudge Report”, PEWSITTER.COM  , over the past week, you know just how much has been written about the raging heresy throughout the document.

Second, with regards to Cardinal Burke, yeah, I never really had any hope that he would do anything.  He is a weak man, and even now, after being demoted in the prime of his career from being the equivalent of the Chief Justice of the Vatican Supreme Court to being nothing more than a mascot for a charity, he is still a “company man” to the core, apparently quaking with fear that he will somehow lose more human respect – human respect of Freemasonic Marxist faggots.  There is nothing more sick to behold than men groveling to faggots.

Third, just as a note regarding the Latin title,which is clearly, obviously a double entendre, I just want to point out that the document does not exist in Latin.  It was released in seven languages, and Latin was not one of them.  So… why give it a Latin title if the text does not even exist in Latin, a language which, remember, all of the infiltrators loathe and despise?  Because, as I explained, the double entendre only works in Latin.

Now, just a few quick notes by paragraph.  This isn’t even close to exhaustive.  I just want to jot a few things down for the record.

Paragraph 36: Francis and his fags take down both Humanae Vitae and John Paul II with the opening words of paragraph 36, “We also need to be humble and realistic…”, which, of course, communicates to the world that Humanae Vitae, JPII, and the entire Church for the past 2000 years has been neither humble nor realistic.

REMEMBER:  Francis HATES John Paul II because John Paul II was, in fact, one of the great forces against Marxism, with Reagan and Thatcher.  Bergoglio is a hard-core Marxist and admires not just the satanic Marxist political system, but even more so the tyrannical thugocracy of Marxist dictators.  Bergoglio ADMIRES the Castro brothers.  He ADMIRES Evo Morales.  He ADMIRES Obama.  I suppose it could be said that Bergoglio’s fantasy is to create himself the ultimate Marxist tyrant – a Marxist tyrant with SUPERNATURAL stature, by fundamentally transforming (by controlled autodestruction) The Church into a Marxist entity, with himself as the absolute monarch.

Paragraph 46: This odious screed says that the Roman Catholic Church needs to be providing “pastoral care” for musloids qua musloids, encouraging them and ratifying them in their “religious formation” and “spiritual richness of their rites and traditions.” At the same time that the Roman Catholic Church should be providing this formation in a satanic political system, teaching and encouraging musloids to purge their souls of every possible scrap of love, empathy and normal human affectation, and instead be lying, murdering sex pervert rage monsters hell-bent on global domination and the total extermination of all people who do not capitulate to their cult, at the same time Christians in musloid lands, being openly genocided, should STAY WHERE THEY ARE. Christians should stay, but musloids should be happily permitted to invade formerly Christian lands, such as Europe and North America.

And during World War II, the Allies should have encouraged the Germans to read and fully embrace Mein Kampf – and in the same breath told the Jews to stay in Frankfort.  (Hat tip Dorothy)

Yeah, Paragraph 46 is dripping with Religious Indifferentism, which is just the polite way to say what I have been saying for years: THEY DON’T ACTUALLY BELIEVE ANY OF THAT “BULLSHIT”.

Paragraph 302: If you sin MORE, to the point that your sin could be characterized as “habitual”, then your culpability is reduced.  And it actually says this, I kid you not: “Under certain circumstances people find it very difficult to act differently.” Well, no shit.  And then it goes into how “finding it hard to act differently” mitigates culpability.  So, once again supporting the proposition that Bergoglio is really just a Lutheran, this satanic SEXhortation encourages sin.

Interesting speculative aside: I will not be surprised if Bergoglio tries to do something to ratify and regularize Lutheranism.  I smell a HUGE rat with regards to Bergoglio’s overtures to the Society of St. Pius X (the SSPX), and wouldn’t be surprised if he is trying to establish some sort of “precedent” with the SSPX, and ultimately wants to regularize Lutheranism under the same guise.  The evil here would be unprecedented, because the SSPX is not only Catholic, but VERY Catholic (with some very unfortunate events, and dubious characters, in its past), and Lutheranism, as we have discussed before, is a truly sick heresy. I want the SSPX to be regularized very much, but Bergoglio’s oily overtures simply scream “AMBUSH!!”

Papagraph 311 states that adhering to anything as concrete denies God’s Omnipotence.  Um, so, let me get this straight.  If I believe that God is Omnipotent, I am denying His Omnipotence.  Do I have that about right?  If it weren’t for the fact that this is all so evil and that countless souls are being scandalized unto eternal damnation because of it, it would be funny.  But it isn’t.  If there is one thing these fricking fags are NOT, it is funny.

And then, of course, Paragraph 186 in which the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is. once again, backhandedly denied, and “discerning the Body and Blood” means “giving free shit to poor people and agreeing with Bergoglio’s politics”.  If you don’t do that, then you shouldn’t partake of the symbolic snack/wine tasting, lest you bring judgment down upon yourself. But if Kevin is having buttsecks with his “stable partner” Kyle, because, you know, it is really hard to behave differently, and Kevin and Kyle do the buttsecks A LOT, so that it is habitual, then… COME ON DOWN! Because all the Kool Kidz know that “the law” is just a macro-level thought exercise, an “ideal”, but not “realistic” in “concrete situations”.  Besides, for Kevin and Kyle to NOT do the buttsex might prove detrimental to the lives of their pet children that they bought, er, excuse me, adopted.


God knows I tried.

If it doesn’t start at the 18:58 timestamp, advance to it.

This was recorded December 4, ARSH 2012, in Colorado Springs to a Tea Party group.  These people were all active in the Colorado Republican Party.  I gave this talk, and they all told me how great it was, and how right I was… and didn’t listen to a single damn word I said.

Y’all ready to listen now?

Yeah, well, it’s too late. Way to go.


Elections.  For the love of God, if you don’t hear anything else I say for the rest of the evening, listen to this.

Elections are no longer free.  They are staged theater, designed to maintain the illusion of representative governance and to enrich the political class.  This is despotism.  If after this mess that we just went through, if you do not understand this, you are beyond hope.  My God.  He threw that even worse than McCain threw it.  I mean, Obama – how many different angles of attack could you have just rhetorically destroyed Obama on, and what did Romney do?  NOTHING.  Obama didn’t even prepare for that first debate.  Romney didn’t say anything.  Romney didn’t say anything about Benghazi.  He didn’t say anything about any of it.  I don’t understand how it is that anybody can not fully comprehend that that was all theater.

And then you have election fraud on top of it. Here in Colorado ten counties had voter turnout in excess of the total adult population of the [county]. Not just the registered voters – the total adult population of the county, excuse me, the county. And what did Romney do? Roll over.  How can you not see this? How can you not understand?  Do not talk to me anymore about elections.  There are no elections.  There are no more free elections. Just stand over that dead horse and beat it – it is never going to get up.  For the love of God.

Romney raised, let’s call it a billion dollars, which was largely invoiced and cross-invoiced to “consultants”.  These “consultants” are members of the oligarch political class.  These campaigns are money-making rackets.  Period.  Full stop.  End of story.

“Oh, we gotta give money to this person!  We gotta give money to that person!”

Are you stupid?


All these people are doing is running fake campaigns, taking fake polls, putting out fake data, invoicing and cross-invoicing each other to the tune of millions and millions and millions of dollars.  And do you know what they do?  They sit back and they laugh at all of you.  They laugh at you just exactly the same way the banksters in New York laugh at all of you. Goldman Sachs calls you guys “the muppets”. And, you know, i assume that Karl Rove and that whole oligarch political class feels exactly the same way. You are a bunch of “red-neck hillbillies” who all they see you as is as money to be to be bled and harvested, so that they can set up their consulting firms and then invoice each other for consulting fees on these elections.

My God.  Come on.

The political class working the Republican side looks down upon all of you as gullible hillbilly trash to be bled dry.  How much longer are you going to stand for this?

You should be done.  You should be done with all of it.

Are you really that stupid?

I can’t believe that you are.  I have to think that you’re just deluded and just have this false hope and this false optimism.  Please, don’t tell me that you’re that stupid.

Are you really going to fall for this scam again? Are you so obtuse that you’re going to fall for whatever bullshit artist waves the Republican flag and scams you out of your money….”

“The clue that anybody is ineligible for any leadership position in this country is the fact that they’re running for office. Do you see this?”

“If you do choose to fall for the bread and circuses again, and that’s what the election cycle is – it’s all bread and circuses – I’ve said this before.  This election stuff and politics is bread and circuses entertainment for people whose IQs are on average about 20 points higher than the people who are watching Ballroom Dancing with the Stars, and that’s a fact.  I’m dead serious.

If you do choose to fall for the bread and circuses again, you will be morally responsible for enabling the satanic revolution and will deserve every bit of the hell that rains down on you.

I’m sorry, but there comes a certain point where you have got to pull your head out of your ass and deal with reality. You cannot just keep going on with this over and over and over again, saying, “Well if I just give somebody some money and I put some signs in my yard I’m doing enough…”

No, you’re not doing enough.  You’re not doing enough at all. Not even close.  In fact, if you’re participating in this, you’re part of the problem.”




I have adopted a refugee family of 13, that are now camping in my back yard.

Meet the Testud family.

The adults: Terry, Terry and Terry.

And Terry and Terry’s TEN CHILDREN: Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry and Terry.

They are silent, completely self-sufficient, and insist that they only want “low-quality weeds” to eat, which I have in abundance.

Oh, and they totally agree that islam must be destroyed.

And that Bergoglio is a heretic.

I think we’re all going to get along just fine.

What would Francis say?  Those tortoises are breeding like rabbits!

What would Francis say? Those tortoises are breeding like rabbits!  Back row: Terry, Terry and Terry.  Front Row, Left to Right: Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry and Terry.

Terry - on the move.

Terry – on the move.

And this is, of course, Terry.

And this is, of course, Terry.

Pure Evil: Using St. Thomas Aquinas to Justify Total Lawlessness in Paragraph 304

Evil, evil, evil rat-bastard faggot demon-spawn.

The more I thought about “The Exuberance of Sodomy”, the more I realized that the most satanic part was Paragraph 304.  In this wretched section, Francis, his ghostwriter Archbishop Oral Fixation, and whomever else signed off on this loathsome, murderous screed, contorts the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, to argue that The Law is only a macro concept, and breaks down when applied on the individual level.  This is nothing less than a call for total anarchical  lawlessness.  But, this has been the keystone of the entire satanic plan.  Keep saying that MACRO concepts are unchanged (orthoDOXY, dogma, doctrine), but that MICRO application must change in order to be “pastoral” (orthoPRAXY, “inclusiveness”, “accompaniment”, “tender caressing”, “wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you took off your shirt”, “this is our little secret”, “let me heal you with my mouth”, etc.)

It is often said that no man has ever known the scriptures as well as satan and the demons.  We have now been reminded that satan and the demons know Thomas better than Thomas knew Thomas. And it is now to the point that they will start dragging writings of the Fathers, Doctors and Saints down into the pit with them.  It is total war.

Here is Paragraph 304:

304. It is reductive simply to consider whether or
not an individual’s actions correspond to a general
law or rule, because that is not enough to discern
and ensure full fidelity to God in the concrete life
of a human being. I earnestly ask that we always
recall a teaching of Saint Thomas Aquinas and
learn to incorporate it in our pastoral discernment:
“Although there is necessity in the general principles,
the more we descend to matters of detail, the
more frequently we encounter defects… In matters
of action, truth or practical rectitude is not
the same for all, as to matters of detail, but only
as to the general principles; and where there is the
same rectitude in matters of detail, it is not equally
known to all… The principle will be found to fail,
according as we descend further into detail”.(Summa Theologiae, I-II, question 94, article. 4.)
It is true that general rules set forth a good which
can never be disregarded or neglected, but in their
formulation they cannot provide absolutely for all
particular situations. At the same time, it must be
said that, precisely for that reason, what is part of
a practical discernment in particular circumstances
cannot be elevated to the level of a rule. That
would not only lead to an intolerable casuistry, but
would endanger the very values which must be
preserved with special care.

Look, what this paragraph is doing is giving all of these unctious sleazebags free rein to declare The Law – ALL LAW – to be merely a thought exercise on the broadest of terms, but that The Law breaks down and is UNRELIABLE when applied to individuals.

Let’s look at the conclusion of this citation from the Summa, shall we? (Click here to read the whole thing – it is Article 4 in Question 94)

Consequently we must say that the natural law, as to general principles, is the same for all, both as to rectitude and as to knowledge. But as to certain matters of detail, which are conclusions, as it were, of those general principles, it is the same for all in the majority of cases, both as to rectitude and as to knowledge; and yet in some few cases it may fail, both as to rectitude, by reason of certain obstacles (just as natures subject to generation and corruption fail in some few cases on account of some obstacle), and as to knowledge, since in some the reason is perverted by passion, or evil habit, or an evil disposition of nature; thus formerly, theft, although it is expressly contrary to the natural law, was not considered wrong among the Germans, as Julius Caesar relates.

Did you get that?  Yes, that’s right.  Thomas is saying that when knowledge of the Natural Law fails in these rare “matters of detail”, it is due to PERVERTED PASSION, EVIL HABIT, OR AN EVIL DISPOSITION OF NATURE.



This is in essence what people like me, Karl Denninger and others have been screaming about with regards to the Rule of Law and this business of Oligarchs and FRIENDS of the Oligarchs doing whatever they damn well please and then just scoffing at black-letter statute.  Think about such headline news today as Hillary Clinton’s email server antics – for which she will never be touched, and everyone knows it.  Think about the clearly illegal monopolistic collusion and felonious pricing of drugs and medical services which will never be prosecuted, and will keep healthcare costs ten to twenty times higher than they should be.  Think about the patently illegal mortgage dumping and foreclosure scam that pretty much all of the banks are up to their necks in, which will never be prosecuted. Think about Obamacare being used to selectively punish enemies or reward friends of the regime.  Think about all of the immigration laws being completely disregarded for musloid invaders and Marxist Latinos, and enforced to the letter against Christian refugees and contributive, law-abiding white people.  Think about PlannedParenthood being caught red-handed trafficking in baby parts, and the only prosecution is against the whistleblower.  I could go on and on…

Oh, there are laws on the books, it’s just that, well, all the Cool Kidz know that the Law doesn’t apply on the individual level. It’s just a thought exercise. Law breaks down on the detailed level, and can only be applied on a case-by-case basis.  Wink. Make that check payable to….

As I have written ad nauseam, no society can survive without The Rule of Law.  We know that secular government has been lost for quite some time now.  What we are seeing here is nothing less than the attempt by satan to purge the Law from The Church itself.  And sadly, barring supernatural intervention, it will be extremely successful.  The dissolution of the Rule of Law in Western secular government has primed the pump for this move in The Church.  Most people in the West who are paying any attention to this Francis crap are nodding their heads in agreement, saying, “It’s about time The Church entered the 21st century…”

Interestingly, in Article 6 of the same Question 94 in the Summa, the question is asked if it is possible for men to purge the Natural Law from their hearts.  The answer is that General Principles of the Natural Law can not be blotted out, but that Secondary Precepts which follow very, very closely from General Principles CAN be blotted out of men’s hearts by their “evil persuasions”, “vicious customs” and “corrupt habits”.

Just as Diabolical Narcissists freely choose to purge all love from their hearts, the resulting evil persuasions, vicious customs and corrupt habits that are corollaries to the loveless state of the Diabolical Narcissist’s soul (such as sexual perversion), themselves cause the Diabolical Narcissist to become ever-more distanced from The Natural Law, and thus he is no longer repulsed by heinous acts committed by himself or others. As we have discussed before, the more a person commits mortal sin, the more numb and more depraved they become.  It is a downward spiral, and it is fast and steep.  Men who start out looking at naked girls on the internet wind up looking at gay and child porn VERY quickly, as an example.

Earlier this week, some faggot bishop in France said this of child rape. CHILD. RAPE. :

A little later, several listeners upset by his remarks re-started the discussion and the Bishop explained: “It’s a great evil. That much is very, very clear. Is it a sin or not? I don’t know and that might be different according to each [person]. Thus we can’t generalize,” added the religious official.

“The difficulty is what awareness does the person have of this evil? What responsibility does he feel? When one commits a sin, one has awareness that one wounds the relationship with another, and in wounding the relationship with another, one woulds the relationship with God,” he explained.

We’re on the order of sin but is this man a sinner in the strict sense of the term? I don’t know if I can say that, in every case, we can’t speak in general terms,” concluded Stanislas Lalanne.

Make absolutely no mistake – this “we can’t generalize” argument is exactly, precisely the argument being made by Francis and his minions in Paragraph 304.  Sure, there’s a general macro-level law against ASS-RAPING LITTLE BOYS, but when you get into the details, the law breaks down, and you really can’t say if ASS-RAPING LITTLE BOYS is sin in the strict sense of the word.

If they are ALREADY using this argument in terms of ASS-RAPING CHILDREN, then you have got to be out of your mind if you think this isn’t going to be IMMEDIATELY implemented with regards to adulterers, faggots, trannies and every other diabolical manifestation known to man.

And they cherry-picked St. Thomas to do it.

Pray to Saint Thomas Aquinas to call down God’s wrath.

I feel like the Russian soldier who was surrounded by ISIS in Syria and called in an airstrike on himself just recently. We’re surrounded.  Call in the bombers, and take as many of these evil bastards out as possible.



On PayPal, Diet, and The TradCatholic Version of Drudge

Three quick things before I start writing on today’s franciSEXhortation, “The Exuberance of Sodomy”.  I already have EIGHT discrete topics on the hot mess.  It’s just awful.

  1.  I got two of these topics from Karl Denninger over at Market-Ticker.org today.  The first topic is PayPal.  I dropped PayPal in December of ARSH 2014 because the Eye Arrrgh Essss swept my account, but it is now clear that PayPal should be boycotted given PayPal’s cancellation of a 400 job service center in North Carolina because North Carolina passed legislation preventing Diabolical Narcissist Transvestite Sex Perverts who should be institutionalized for their own protection and the protection of society, and really any other kind of sex pervert, from going into bathrooms of the opposite sex and engaging in voyeurism and/or molestation. Further, PayPal happily does business with all of the musloid countries that behead indiscreet fags.  Remember: Man-on-Man and Man-on-Boy sodomy is ENDEMIC in musloid culture.  They’re all a bunch of fags – and so being the Diabolical Narcissists that they are, they will happily kill fags that cross them, or that they deem too “flaming”.  Just like the Nazis did.   For the record, I would deal with aberrosexuals via anti-obscenity laws. I wouldn’t make it a capital offense, but I would use a combination of imprisonment and expulsion/deportation against those who engage in obscene behavior in public and those who publish or distribute obscenity.  And understand, ALL aberrosexual behavior is obscene, because it points to sodomy.  Per my recent piece at The Remnant, the First Amendment is subject to The Natural and Divine Law under the Kingship of Jesus Christ – NOT the other way around.  What we are seeing now is the inevitable conclusion of reversing the hierarchy – the demand that you happily give up your children to be molested by faggots in bathrooms.  In a nation that acknowledges Jesus Christ as its Sovereign King, this problem simply could never exist.  Just sayin’.

Let me take this opportunity to plug, once again, the service that I am now using, ContinueToGive.com .  I looked into the other big name payment services, but almost all of them are heavily involved in online pornography.  ContinueToGive.com are Christian people, and I really like how their payment flow setup works.  Every day that there has been a donation or donations, the net amount (minus transaction fees) is ACHed into my bank account, and then I take it from there.  Rarely do I have more than $100.00 in my bank account.  I bank pretty much exclusively with First Bank of Mayonnaise Jar these days.

Guys, one thing I have always understood, but it has been absolutely pounded into me recently, is the importance of WHO WE ASSOCIATE WITH.  Effeminately turning a blind eye to diabolically evil people and organizations because it is convenient, or financially lucrative, or gets one invited to all the best parties with all of the cool kids is basically why this society is finished. In this day and age, if you are popular on the social scene, or your life is REALLY easy… examine your conscience.

2.  KD also had a fascinating post up showing the results of some bloodwork done on a vegetarian.  And it is UGLY.

Chiming in, I went low-carb on January 1 with the intention of staying that way through Easter, which I have done before over the years, and have resolved to maintain a low-carb diet indefinitely.  My regime is pretty much this: low carb throughout the week with a FULL FAST on Fridays, and then on Sunday, if I want, I can have carbs – usually a bit of pasta or something involving potatoes.  And, if I’m in the mood, beer.  I have started using Stevia as a sweetener in my coffee and tea, and I really like it.  It actually tastes like sugar.  It is by far the best-tasting sugar substitute I have yet come across.

Look, I’m no food Nazi, and I really have a problem with people who turn food into a substitute religion – which is what all of this is.  I also cannot stand people who pretend to have “allergies”, of which gluten is the big trendy one today.  I’m not allergic to anything.  I just know that given my level of physical activity, and my advancing age (I’ll be 40 this fall), and the actual, observationally and experimentally supported science, that I simply cannot eat carbs all day every day without getting fat, and maybe risking diabetes, which is present on both sides of my family.  I probably won’t survive the coming war to old age, but for now, I’m not in “this might be my last meal” mindset either.

One of my favorite dishes, which I eat multiple times per week, is BLT salad.  Dice tomatoes being sure to keep all of the juice.  Sprinkle the tomatoes with a bit of salt and Worcestershire sauce, which will macerate them even more. Add enough mayonnaise to create a “dressing”.  Add hot crumbled bacon to taste.  I like A LOT OF BACON.  To add bulk, toss with any sort of chopped greens – leaf lettuce is good, and baby spinach works especially well.  I never get tired of this.  It is filling and satisfying.  No need for any bread, potatoes or pasta.

3.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a website like The Drudge Report that aggregated and linked to all of the day’s must-read news stories and interesting blog posts – except everything was Catholic?

There is.  It is called PEWSITTER.COM .  It is run by a chap named Frank Walker and is generally updated twice per day.  It is exhaustive, and Mr. Walker does yeoman’s work providing this service.  Make it a top bookmark.

I’ve read it, and it is horrific.

When it comes out tomorrow, paragraphs 186, 79, 302, 303 and 311 are the heart of the poison.

The rest is just a bunch of, “Oh mah gah, you guys, someone should totally DO SOMETHING about that.  Like, seriously. Someone should do something about divorce. Because, er mah gah, it is like, so… sad. And there should totally be like, less.”

It is basically 200 pages of LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!