You are Tommy. Christendom is Becky.

You are Tommy.

Christian Civilization is Becky.

The Marxist-Obamaist-Islamist Cabal are the three Gatlin Boys.

The Gatlin Boys done raped your Becky.

You know what you have to do, Tommy.

The Gatlin boys just laughed at him, when he walked into the bar room.
One of them got up and met him halfway ‘cross the floor.
When Tommy turned around they said, “Hey look! Ol’ Yella’s leavin’.”
But you could’a heard a pin drop when Tommy stopped and locked the door.

Twenty years of crawlin’ was bottled up inside him.
He wasn’t holdin’ nothin’ back; he let ‘em have it all.
When Tommy left the bar room, not a Gatlin Boy was standin’.
He said, “This one’s for Becky” as he watched the last one fall.

And I heard him say,

“I promised you, Dad, not to do the things you’d done.
I walk away from trouble when I can.
Now please don’t think I’m weak, I didn’t turn the other cheek,
And Papa, I sure hope you understand:

Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man”.

Five Minutes of Schizophrenia

Let’s see if this works.  Thanks for all of the help and suggestions, but I ended up just having to go redneck and play the Skype voicemail and have my computer record through its built-in microphone, but the sound quality is tolerable.

Some points:

1.  I am in no way afraid of this guy with regards to my own personal safety.  Don’t worry about that.  The point is, this person is schizophrenic with clearly violent tendencies, and can be set off, apparently, by just about anything.  And he walks the streets as we speak.

2.  If you ever hear someone in your family or socially talking and behaving like this, take it seriously.  Insane people should be regarded like wild animals.  I know that is a very harsh thing to say, especially in today’s effeminized world, but it is absolutely true.

3.  Don’t send me any emails asking, “What was he talking about when he was going off about Mr. Drysdale from the Beverly Hillbillies” or anything else.  Dude, I have NO IDEA.  The guy is crazy.  It makes no sense.  It is irrational, detached-from-reality gibberish.  The reason these people are dangerous is because TO THEM, what they say makes perfect, perfect sense.  He thinks he delivered the greatest rhetorical beat-down ever and that everything he thinks and says is perfectly logical and MORAL.  That is why the insane are capable of anything.

4.  Bear in mind, this was the third of three (so far) voicemails.  I have another SIXTEEN MINUTES of rambling, although the first two voicemails were not hostile, just manic.


Full-on Voicemail Death Threat from Schizophrenic

(UPDATE:  The audio file is now posted in the post above – HERE.)

As we SHOULD have learned from the recent Virginia TV news shootings, a civilized society is one that takes mental illness seriously and institutionalizes and actually cares for the mentally ill – both for the good of the mentally ill people themselves, and for the good and safety of the broad society. We can’t just shrug off crazy people and say, “Aw, he’s just crazy -it’s no big deal.”  Vester Flanagan was crazy and everyone knew it.  The Aurora movie theater shooter was crazy – and everyone including his psychiatrist knew it.  Adam Lanza was crazy and everyone knew it.

Well, I got one for you, and I’m going to post this data publicly because I really can’t see how it is not morally incumbent upon me to do so, and to get this info into the public sphere, little though it may be.  I have received three Skype voice messages from a man who identified himself as “Patrick”.

The caller ID phone number is 1-512-212-0620 – which is an Austin, TX area code, but with cell phones and Skype, who knows what the actual physical locale is.

The first came in Sunday and was six minutes and eleven seconds of schizophrenic stream-of-consciousness insane rambling.  The second was a few minutes later and was a further nine minutes and thirty-seven seconds of frenzied, incoherent, schizoid rambling.  Overnight I received another voicemail of five minutes and one second in which “Patrick” expresses that he is going to kill me because I have not returned his calls.

His accent sounds more Georgia than Texas to me, but I could be wrong.  He also makes multiple references to locales in Georgia.  I think he believes himself to be some sort of secret assassin, and believes he is working for the Vatican?  Like I said, they guy is totally insane.  Completely disconnected from reality.  But, the choice quote here is:

“After you not calling me back when I told you who I am, I just got the call from the Vatican.  Anybody who doesn’t call me back is already a victim.”

“Take that shit down and you will live.  If that shit is there when I hit Rome… I’m gonna shoot you.”

Ahhh.  Rome in September.  Sounds marvelous.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to convert Skype voicemails to something like an .mp4 file, let me know how to do it, I will post the voicemails here, because I think it is instructive for people to hear what severe mental illness sounds like.

And, we need to start getting proactive with regards to the dangerously mentally ill, because caring for the sick is one of the Corporal Works of Mercy, and it is just common sense.

Learning From the Demoniac Hate Mail

I received the hate mail below from a fairly obvious demoniac (I use the term for those who are under demonic oppression) recently, and I wanted to share it because it tips a bit of the Enemy’s hand.  Anything in my experience that I can share with you so that you know in advance what will eventually be coming your way as the collapse and descent into war progresses can only help you.  “Prepping” is not limited to the physical. Spiritual prepping is certainly of greater importance.

The key tactic contained in this letter is the attempt to cast the Christian’s right willingness to embrace suffering for the love of God as mental illness at best, or, at worst, as sexual perversion.  I remember well that the Hollywood establishment, the largest den of sex perverts ever seen, jeered and derided Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” movie in ARSH 2004 as a “snuff film”, and “sadomasochistic”.  Of course they did.

This will happen to you eventually if you embrace the cross that Our Lord has prepared for you. And we each have one, custom made. This will happen to you when the words, “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends” become clear and present in your life.  And what you must absolutely brace yourself for, and what is generally not discussed in Sunday School, is the fact that it may well be that the very friends for whom you lay down your life will be the ones who lead the jeers and dismiss, deny and reject you as being mentally ill.



9:03 am (1 day ago)

to Ann

Subject: Figured out your open secret
You’re correct that the oligarchs and other fags are fucking things up.
But what you haven’t explicitly admitted is you luxuriate in it because you like self flagellation because you’re actually a sadomasochist “Catholic” that believes you and presumably everyone else “deserve” this fucked up universe and “deserve” for things to get worse.
In fact you don’t want to actually solve anything you want the fags (that includes the oligarchs) to “win” and will for sure like hell.
You’ll get off on demons shoving telephone poles in you every which way or something fucked up like that and be screaming “THANK YOU JESUS” or something the entire time.
You’re not unique in liking getting abused seriously there’s other “religious” and not religious people into that.
You want to fight not to win but to get slaughtered, I’m sorry I meant “martyred”.
Oh yeah god is the almighty fag Satan is just his gay tool.
I hate all stupid masochists and sadomasochist including you.
Hell will be Hell because it will mean I’m surround sadomasochist fags like you that I’m not allowed to drop a ton of brimstone on or something so I don’t have to listen to you enjoying being “tortured” by the stupid demons.
Maybe you’ll hook up with that fag “honestsportstalk
I’d totally just gload the putsch regime into killing me so I don’t have to put up with your stupidity but that would just mean I’d end up in hell sooner with all the gay fags including you.
Too bad god isn’t like the stupid architect in the Matrix, Neo should have just offed the architect when he had the chance, much like if god were like the architect I’d just bring a briefcase nuke to that meeting and tell em game over fag.
The only consolation prize here is I never gave you any money but not like it matters because the paper it’s printed on will be worth more soon anyway.
Hell for you would be one with no fags and were you were unable to self flagellate or maybe you’d like that too.
Too bad soul annihilation isn’t on the flip side guess that means an eternity to figure out how make it possible and crash the whole stupid gay pride parade.

When Markets Disintegrate: Cash-Futures Delinkage

I wrote this on December 15, ARSH 2011, and, sure enough, as the markets descend into undeniable farce and total government/bankster manipulation that not even the most ignorant “civilian” can fail to recognize, I saw THIS STORY on ZeroHedge today about how the premium for physical bullion is exploding, which is precisely what my article describes.


Finally, a very simplistic explanation of how the cash commodity markets are soon going to decouple from the futures markets. This is a little complex, but stay with me. I think this is important to understand because none of us who have lived our whole lives in the U.S. have ever seen a market disintegrate.

The threat (or promise) of delivery upon expiration is what keeps the futures markets tethered to the cash markets. Up until now, if an unreasonably wide spread between the futures price and the underlying physical commodity market got too out of whack, a process called “arbitrage” would kick in. Arbitrage is when a party simultaneously buys and sells on two separate but related markets in order to capture an inefficient spread between those two markets.

I’m going to use precious metals as my example commodity because there are a lot of metals guys reading this, and because the metals markets will be the big tell in term of when decoupling and thus total futures market disintegration is upon us. But these examples apply to all of the physical commodities.

Let’s say that the physical silver market is trading far lower than the silver futures price. This is what is called a WEAK BASIS. The BASIS is the relationship between the cash market and the futures market and is very simply defined as (CASH minus FUTURES). If cash silver can be bought at $25.00 per ounce and the futures are at $30.00 per ounce, the cash is $5.00 under the futures. When cash is under the futures, this is called a WEAK basis.

Up until now, what would a metals trader do? In very simple terms, he would buy the cash silver at $25.00 per ounce and then simultaneously sell the futures at $30.00. Because he has short-sold the futures, he could hold the contract to expiry and then deliver the $25.00 cash silver he bought to make good on the contract and receive his $30.00 price. So his simple net profit would be $5.00 per ounce. As many traders saw this spread and simultaneously executed this same strategy of buying the cash and selling the futures, what effect would this have? Right. It would cause the cash-futures spread to move back in toward convergence by pushing the futures price down (lots of sellers) and propping the cash market up (lots of buyers).

Now the opposite scenario: a STRONG basis. Let’s say cash silver is trading at $32.00 and the futures are trading at $28.00. A trader might take physical silver that he has in inventory and sell it in the cash market, and then immediately take those proceeds and buy back and equal number of ounces in the futures market and take delivery. Since the same number of ounces in the futures market cost $4.00 per ounce LESS, he would end up with the same number of ounces in his inventory PLUS $4.00 per ounce in CASH in his pocket. If he and many other traders saw this condition and they all sold cash silver and bought the futures, this would, again, converge the spread between the cash market and the futures market.

The lynchpin that is holding this dynamic together and keeping the futures markets tied to the underlying cash market is the fact that the futures contracts are deliverable, and a trader can either deliver or take delivery of actual physical silver via his futures position.

Are we seeing a problem yet? The futures markets have lost their viability and trustworthiness because of the MF collapse and theft. At some point in the not-too-distant future, people everywhere are going to realize that the delivery mechanism is not reliable. Heck, just holding cash and/or positions in a futures account is no longer reliable. If the futures market itself is not reliable, traders will no longer attempt to arbitrage these basis spreads because the risk to the trader that the rug will be pulled out from underneath them is simply too great.

And in the metals markets, the delivery process itself is . . . um . . . shall we say, easily corrupted? When you ”take delivery” of physical metals, it doesn’t get sent to your house. All you get is a certificate saying that X number of ounces are being held in a certified vault somewhere with your name on them. After the MF collapse, that sounds like a joke, right? A CERTIFICATE with my NAME ON IT? Yeah. That really is how it works.

When the arbitrageurs finally lose all confidence in the markets, the cash market will decouple from the futures because no one will be willing to take the risk of having their money, positions and/or physical metals stolen/confiscated. If no arbitrageurs are willing to trade these spreads – no matter how wide they may become – and thus there is no force causing the cash and futures to converge, we will see the basis spreads become extremely wide. As people flee the futures markets, the futures prices will drop, while the cash markets hold steady or even diverge and actually rise as all of the former paper players realize that physicals are the only remaining game to be played.

Watch for this. Watch for the gold and silver futures to sell off as people walk away from paper while the online cash dealers, seeing that market demand for their physical inventory is robust, begin to ignore the futures prices and hold their prices steady or even raise them. When you see this basis decoupling and absence of arbitrage, lo, the end is nigh.

How much lead warning would have been “right”?

I recorded and released my Economics Presentation, titled, “The Economy Is Going to Implode… And You Deserve to Understand Why” thirty-three months ago.

Thirty-three months.

I have given countless interviews repeating the cry, “Get out, get out, get out.”

My conscience is clear on this point, both with regards to content and timing, which I view in retrospect as having been just about optimal. It was enough time for all those willing to engage the dataset to do their own thoughtful due diligence, plan, and execute their asset reallocation in an orderly way.

And remember, this is all about simple arithmetic.  Not psychology, not feelings.  It’s math.  To not see this coming is to deny, or to cast as unimportant the foundations of the physical universe. Exponential functions are parabolic. Two exponential functions will always diverge, and the larger will always consume the smaller.  If debt increases 7% per year, and GDP increases 5% per year, the debt will, as a metaphysical certitude, utterly consume the whole as the steeper parabola zooms away from the shallower parabola.




“There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”
– Ludwig von Mises

Prayer Request, Object Lesson and Wake-Up Call

Miss Barnhardt,

One of the neat extras of living around so many illegals: I was diagnosed today with an active case of TB. The local school system stopped testing kids two years ago – they thought it would single them out for attention, hurt their self-esteem.

Please remember me in your prayers.


Saint Therese of Lisieux (died of TB), pray for us.

Saint Rita of Cascia (died of TB), pray for us.


So you think a man who builds mirror-penis skyscrapers and names them all after himself is cause for hope? Rilly?

To say that watching people fawn over the psycho carnival barker Trump makes me nauseous with despair is putting it mildly.

The Barnhardt Axiom:

The fact that a given person is holding or even seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.

So, who said the following? I’ll give you forty-seven guesses:

1) “I probably identify more as Democrat.”

2) “I’ve been around for a long time. And it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.”

3) “Nancy — you’re the best. Congrats. [signature]”
—Handwritten note to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

4) “Bush is probably the worst president in the history of the United States.”

5) “I’m totally pro-choice.”

6) “I want to see the abortion issue removed from politics. I believe it is a personal decision that should be left to the women and their doctors.”

7) “I’m very liberal when it comes to health care. I believe in universal health care.”

8) “The Canadian plan also helps Canadians live longer and healthier than Americans… We need, as a nation, to reexamine the single-payer plan.”

9) “By imposing a one-time 14.25 percent net-worth tax on the richest individuals and trusts, we can put America on sound financial footing for the next century.”

10) “I think he [Obama] has a chance to go down as a great president.”

Stumped?  I’ll give you a hint.  This person has donated over $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton sat in the FRONT ROW of this person’s most recent wedding.

I’d just like to also mention for the record the fact that we are all up-in-arms about Pope Francid and his Franboys getting ready to eviscerate the sacrament of marriage later this fall, but don’t even bat an eyelash when public figures have a string of ex-spouses.  I guess I’m just being completely unreasonable, unrealistic and… wait for it… IMMODERATE to expect any degree of intellectual consistency from anyone, ever.  After all, it’s a post-modern world, and the essence and battlecry of modernism is, “WE DON’T ACTUALLY BELIEVE WHAT WE BELIEVE!”

So here’s the answer.  All of the quotes above are from the second coming of George Washington, or Constantine – oh, no wait.  The second coming of Constantine is Putin…

…That developer of mirror-penis skyscrapers which he then names after himself, because that is so totally NOT indicative of anything even remotely problematic:


The only function I would attend with Bill and/or Hillary Clinton, people who are rapists, murderers and guilty of capital crimes against humanity, would be their public executions.

Where This WILL Eventually End Up: Fetal Cannibalism

With regards to my Tax Strike, and how I have been begging, pleading, admonishing all of you to STOP PAYING TAXES TO THIS ILLEGITIMATE AND SATANIC REGIME, not only as the last non-violent means of resistance, but also for the good of your immortal souls, I would often use rhetoric such as, “What is it going to take for you to draw the line and say ‘this far and no farther?’  What crime will these people have to commit, what atrocity will be needed in order to rouse you from your acedia, indifference and decadence?


That question is no longer a hyperbolic rhetorical device.

After the second Planned Barrenhood video was released, it occurred to me that the inevitable terminus of this LITERAL MEAT MARKET was the selling of late-term, intact (whole) fetuses into the Asian black market for food.  The Chinese, in particular, have been well-known to consume what is codenamed “spare rib soup”.  This is nothing less than soup made of whole human fetus and placenta.  The Chinese tout this as having “medicinal” benefits – like eating “human life force”.  Fricking pagans.

And it sells for THOUSANDS of dollars per serving.


Anyway, as we all know, the Asian cultures, and in particular the Chinese, value SONS massively over daughters.  And as we also know, the Chinese have had a “one child” policy for decades now.  So, the fetal meat market in China is mostly healthy baby girls who have been gestated to the fifth month or longer, who were identified as female by ultrasound, and then aborted.  In fact, there is a severe price discount for the meat of non-healthy or abnormal children who are either aborted or miscarried.  Because think about it, the whole point of this evil pagan practice is to consume the “life force” of the child.  Thus, weak or abnormal babies are considered less potent.

Now, given this, what do you imagine is the most prized type of baby for its meat?  What is the premium commodity in the baby meat market?

Healthy, intact (whole) BOYS.

But how many late abortions of healthy boys are there?

Darn few.

Or should I say, darn few… IN CHINA.

What is the great untapped source of healthy baby boys for slaughter?

What would be the fantasy meal, the ultimate vector of life force and sexual potency and virility in the mind of a satanic Chinese pagan man who eats human babies believing that it will give him greater sexual prowess and endurance, as well as general overall physical strength and vigor?


You know I’m right.  And you know they’d all be on board with it – both the Planned Barrenhood Nazis, and the people who procure abortions from them.

Christ have mercy.