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Barnhardt Podcast #022: Tinker, Tailor, Gunsmith, Nerd: Let’s Talk Trades!

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In this episode, after dispensing with the notion that everyone should go to college, we discuss and recommend some trades that one might consider in lieu of taking on a sentence of 20 years to life of paying back student loans. Traditional trades are high on the list — and virtually impossible to outsource overseas — but nerdy skills are a viable option as well. We also talk about some fields where higher education (going to college) are pretty much a requirement but are solid fields to consider.

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Barnhardt Podcast #019: Let’s Talk About Bitcoin

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In this “Financial Friday on Satoshi Saturday” episode we discuss what bitcoin the software (wallet) is, what bitcoin the currency (BTC) is, and spend more than a little time talking about globally distributed ledger which stores all bitcoin transactions (The Blockchain). We go over what is good about bitcoin, what is bad about it, and conclude by introducing a concept which we’ll talk about much more in the future: smart contracts.

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The Barnhardt Podcast is produced by SuperNerd Media; if you found this episode to be of value you can share some value to back to SuperNerd at the SuperNerd Media website.

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Financial Friday Barnhardt Podcast #017: We are the Gold

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In this episode we lay some conceptual groundwork for next week’s discussion of cypto-currency by defining the difference between money and currency, going into detail about the fundamental source of value behind money. We also talk about the bubble-inducing effects “forced charity” through government spending of tax revenues on things like education and healthcare, and how the institutional Church is right in the middle of — and profiting from! — this forced charity scheme.

Feedback: send your questions, comments, or alternative definitions for money and currency to [email protected] — and email [email protected] if you have suggestions for where to buy BTC (BitCoin) without visiting the dark web, meeting with gangsters, or getting a knock on my door by someone in a dark suit who is wearing an earpiece…

Distinction between money and currency:
Money, in concept, is the fungible proxy for the aggregation of wealth, real property, and services which are the product of human life and the capacity to produce things of value whereas currency are the exchangeable units of value that can be used for performing economic transactions.

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The Barnhardt Podcast is produced by SuperNerd Media

Barnhardt Podcast #014: Interest Rate Manipulation: The Stealth Weapon of Mass Destruction

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In this inaugural Barnhardt Financial Podcast, we address two main topics. First, we discuss the wisdom of the 7 year mortgage as a maximum loan term on a home, and walk through examples and consequences of the responsible use of debt. Next, we delve into the use of interest rates as literal weapons of mass destruction, the silent and extremely coercive “nuclear weapon” being held over every economy by the Deep State via central banks. Specifically, we look at the current threat of economic Armageddon being held over Italy as it is being coerced via threats of interest rate manipulation into importing and quartering the very islamic invasion force that was repelled at Lepanto in 1571 and Vienna in 1683.

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This week’s Financial Math Example:

If you pay $100,000 for a bond position and its yield is 2%, it will pay $2000 per year in interest regardless of market price changes so long as you hold it and do not sell it.

If a bond issuer is likely to default (that is, risk increases), the yield goes up and the market price goes down. If yield goes up to 10%, what is the price such that 10% of that price is $2000?

P x 0.10 = $2000
P = $2000/0.10
P = $20,000

If yield goes from 2% to 10%, yield has increased by a factor of 5.
0.10 / 0.02 = 5

Therefore, market price must DECREASE by same factor:

$100,000 / 5 = $20,000


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