Can you feel the desperation in “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” yet?

Okay, folks. O Come, O Come Emmanuel is the only song anyone is allowed to sing until Christmas Eve Night!

Just kidding. But seriously, this is the penitential season of Advent. Christmas is from December 25th until Candlemas on February 2nd. Don’t lose sight of this!

With each passing year, the motif of desperate pleading for Christ to come grows stronger.

This isn’t the mere “Advent hymn” or “Christmas song” of ten years ago (before the Bergoglian Antipapacy), now is it? Not if you’re paying any attention. The notion of ransoming captives isn’t external to our experience anymore the way it used to be.

(*See above)

Three versions. Original Latin, Bluegrass and Instrumental. Bluegrass is by definition a mournful, longing sound, and the Cello in the instrumental selection likewise carries the mournful, pleading sound.




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