Barnhardt Podcast #145: Frau French and Fungibility

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In this episode we discuss the Blue-screening of the Gates marriage, ponder whether Frau Melinda is planning to run for higher office, and whether Bill might go start farming soy beans on all of the farmland he owns.  We also answered a couple questions like “Where can I buy ivermectin?” and “What form(s) will the chastisement take when it comes to the united States?” Never forget the admonition “Age quod agis” — do what you are doing, according to your state in life for the love of God — as the single surest path to salvation!

Where to find ivermectin:

  • Tractor Supply Company (1,844 stores in 49 states)
  • Rural King
  • Orschelin Farm & Home
  • Farm and Fleet
  • Fleet Farm
  • Murdochs
  •, (look for the apple flavored horse paste type)
  • Search for “farm supply”
  • Search for “apple flavored ivermectin paste”

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