Blunt Talk and Direct Answers About Papal Infallibility, Schism, the Law of Non-Contradiction, the Holy Catholic Church, and Faith in God Made Man, Our Lord Jesus Christ

As events continue to accelerate, the confusion and enmity increases in proportion, unsurprisingly.

So.  Let’s talk about Papal Infallibility.  First of all, Papal Infallibility is a very, very real thing.  It isn’t a pious fabrication, or the domain of “stupid, uneducated rubes who can’t handle reality.”  Papal Infallibility is an infallibly defined dogma, is an absolutely essential component of Sacred Tradition, has been held by EVERY saint and EVERY doctor of the Church (even before its formal definition, obviously – that is why it could be formally defined, it wasn’t an innovation), is testified to by nearly 2000 years of history, is totally logical, and is CLEARLY stated and established by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Gospels.

Further, the Divine Providence is PERFECT in Its designs. Thus, it stands to reason that the Divine Providence saw to it that Vatican I formally, infallibly defined and codified Papal Infallibility PRECISELY SO THAT THE CHURCH MILITANT COULD EASILY IDENTIFY A FORTHCOMING ANTIPOPE, namely Jorge Mario Bergoglio. If a putative “Pope” violates the infallibly defined dogma of Papal Infallibility… like, on a near-daily basis… then the faithful should, oh, I dunno, maybe check and see if anything sketchy, odd, unprecedented, illegal, or highly suspicious happened surrounding the putative “election” of said man, instead of declaring the Ecumenical Council that declared said dogma to have been “wrong”, and by rapid logical corollary declaring Our Lord to be an oath-breaking liar, and thus denying His very Divinity.

You would think.

You. Would. Think.

Tu es Petrus et super hanc petram, aedificabo Ecclesiam Meam.

Eight years ago, every member of Trad Inc., as well as many conservative Novus Ordo Catholics would have made pretty much exactly the arguments I am making below about Papal Infallibility.  The only thing that has changed is that they have adopted the false base premise regarding the identity of the Pope – namely that Jorge Bergoglio is now or ever has been the Pope.  The result of this false base premise is a logical truth table that is vomiting nothing but SCANDAL, falsehood, error, heresy, schism, and apostasy.  And satan laughs all the way to the Lodge.

Let’s start at the beginning with Jesus Christ (a very good place to start).  Jesus Christ is God.  I honestly think that a LOT of people either don’t quite buy this, or forget this slightly important fact.  Being that Jesus Christ is God, He is infinitely GOOD.  He is not a jerk who is trying to trick people.  He is not a liar who breaks His promises.  He is also not a moron, springing from the fact that He is omniscient and omnipotent.  He foresees every possible contingency because He contains ALL information and exists outside of time, and His Providence provides PERFECTLY, whilst respecting human free will.

Part of the “not being a moron” quality of God Almighty is the fact that He knows how to set up His Church, which is His Mystical Body, His Bride, and His gift to mankind, through which men might be saved, and outside of which there is no salvation.  God is also the Human Resources Manager par excellence.  He knows how we are as human beings, and He has set up His Church to protect us from, well, OURSELVES.

Anyone who has ever had any experience in business, the military, parenthood, or heck, just being an actual honest-to-goodness grown-up, knows that whenever a group of people get together, SOMEONE has GOT to be in charge.  Impotent or nebulous (meaning no one really knows who is in charge – either too many claiming power, OR no one stepping up) leadership yields chaos and failure.  This is AXIOMATIC given The Fall.  So, Christ said, “Thou art Peter, and UPON THIS ROCK I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH.”  This was such a big deal that Our Lord changed Simon’s name to PETER so that humanity would be BEATEN OVER THE HEAD FOR ALL ETERNITY by the Holy Pun. Kepha-Kepha. πέτρα-Petram-Petrus.

What Our Lord also did with the words, “Thou art Peter and upon this Rock I will build my Church” is establish the STANDARD OF SCHISM. How does one know whether they are in union with the Church that Jesus Christ founded or not?  Simple.  PETER.  The standard of schism is UNION WITH PETER, because PETER and each successor to Peter’s See is the visible head of Christ’s Church on earth – the Church Militant.  Anyone who denies that Peter is, alone and unique, the Rock upon which Christ built and sustains His Church, and thus denies Peter’s primacy and universal jurisdiction over the ENTIRE CHURCH on earth (such as the Eastern Orthodox, all protestants, etc.) is IN SCHISM.  So, given that Peter is the standard of schism, it was and is utterly essential that Peter be RELIABLE.  Here is where Papal Infallibility comes into play.

It is not possible for Jesus Christ, Infinite Love and Goodness, to put His Church or any of us as individuals into a catch-22 “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position.  This is NOT POSSIBLE.  This certitude is a DIRECT corollary of Christ’s Divinity.  IF you believe that Jesus Christ would or could put His Church into a situation wherein there are two choices, and both choices lead to damnation, then you very simply do not believe in Christ.  This isn’t Star Trek.  The isn’t the Kobayashi Maru “no win scenario” test.

Jorge Bergoglio is CLEARLY an arch-heretic, only Catholic in the sense that he was baptized as a child, but OBVIOUSLY doesn’t hold the Catholic faith, and is obviously building a Freemasonic Antichurch.  This is all glaringly OBVIOUS.  So if a person assents to the OBVIOUS lies and false religion of Bergoglio, one is denying Christ.  Agreed?  Of course.  To follow Bergoglio is to deny Christ.  How then, could it possibly be, given the impossibility of the “catch-22 damned if you do damned if you don’t” scenario, that Jorge Bergoglio is the Pope?  It isn’t possible. That’s the point.

Furthermore, since Jesus Christ clearly established union with Peter (upon this rock…) as the standard of schism, and given human free will, and The Fall, doesn’t it stand to logical reason that Christ HAD TO bestow and confer the unique grace of SUPERNATURAL NEGATIVE PROTECTION upon the Petrine See precisely in order to render impossible the “catch-22” scenario from ever happening?  Of course.  IF you are going to make union with one man holding one Office the standard of schism, the difference between eternal beatitude and eternal damnation, as Christ clearly did, that OFFICE absolutely HAS to have Supernatural Protection so that the faithful can be absolutely certain that being in union with Peter will never be a damnable offense.

So, since we have already established that assenting to Bergoglio’s heresies and apostasies and eventually entering into the Antichurch which he is constructing is to deny Christ, then it MUST logically follow that Bergoglio is not Peter, and Bergoglio is NOT the STANDARD of schism, but rather the VECTOR of schism.  Schism is the disease, and Bergoglio is the TICK that spreads it.  The True Peter cannot be the vector of schism, and the standard of schism, because Peter cannot both BE and NOT BE The Rock.  This is called the Law of Non-contradiction. Something cannot be both itself AND its negation.  It is also called “God’s infinite, unfailing love for His Church and mankind.”  It’s also called, “common sense.”


Papal Infallibility is an article of faith.  In its simplest terms, the Pope is infallible because Jesus Christ is God, and He made the Petrine Promise.  In much the same way, the Eucharist is transubstantiated former-bread and former-wine because Jesus Christ is God and He explained this in no uncertain terms in John 6.  No one can explain the metaphysical mechanisms of Transubstantiation.  No one can explain the Incarnation, nor the Hypostatic Union.  No one can explain the physical mechanism of the Resurrection. Every one of these things, including Papal Infallibility, is an article of Faith.

Papal Infallibility is a NEGATIVE protection, which means that its workings are largely hidden to the world in the infinitude of the dataset, known only to God, of what COULD have happened, but was PREVENTED from happening.  I remember when I was in college at K-State driving west on Highway 24 between Perry, Kansas and Topeka. A song I disliked came on the radio so I reached down to change the station and look for a better tune.  As I did this, I reflexively backed off the throttle as I momentarily took my eyes off the road.  I found a satisfactory station, and resumed speed.  A few seconds later, some idiot in a late-70s Monte Carlo came barreling down the onramp onto 24 Highway, spun out of control careening across both lanes and went into the center ditch, and then back across onto the shoulder just ahead of me.  Had I not momentarily backed off the throttle a half mile back and had I been a few hundred feet ahead of where I was, he probably would have taken me out.  This VERY unscientific example somewhat demonstrates the concept of a negative protection.  I am absolutely convinced that at the General Judgment, every human being will be shown every instance in which they were preserved from harm, and also had positive, “fortuitous” things happen in their lives, by these “passive” and “preventative” workings of the Divine Providence.  From the rock in one’s shoe that caused one to stop, and thus not get hit by a motorcycle, to the decision to stop into THIS restaurant and not THAT restaurant, wherein one met someone who led to a job, etc.  EVERYONE has stories of these kinds of events.  With Papal Infallibility, the difference is that we have been told by God explicitly that this kind of protection is real, and guaranteed to be in force.  We can’t see it, we can’t explain it, and the truth is that Papal Infallibility can manifest itself in incredibly subtle ways such that only the General Judgment will reveal its full workings throughout history.  But we know it is real and in force because Jesus Christ is God.  Period. It’s called FAITH.  It’s a theological virtue.  If you don’t have it, you better get it before you die.

My favorite example of the Supernatural Negative Protection of Papal Infallibility is what I have recounted before in this space about Pope Paul VI and the promulgation of Humanae Vitae.  Paul VI Montini had promised all of his Freemason and sodomite friends that he would open the door to contraception as Pope.  He assembled a “blue-ribbon panel” to study the question, and they, being the filthy infiltrators and heretics that they were, recommended the ratification of contraception “in certain circumstances” to Pope Paul VI.  So, Paul VI Montini and his ghostwriters drafted Humanae Vitae, and it was submitted to the Holy Office/Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, at the time headed by Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani (a good guy).  Cardinal Ottaviani, a good Thomist, took one look at the vomitous lies in the draft, deleted them, and replaced them with the now-famous paragraphs strictly forbidding contraception AND prophesying the calamitous effects that contraception would wreak on society.  The document went back to Paul VI, and, thanks to the Supernatural Negative Protection of Papal Infallibility that he, being the legitimately elected albeit grossly unworthy Roman Pontiff and Successor to Saint Peter, enjoyed, Paul VI promulgated the document AS CORRECTED by Cardinal Ottaviani, and AGAINST his Freemason and sodomite buddies, who then turned on him and despised him until the day he died.  Pope Paul VI died pretty much reviled by everyone – his cabal never forgave him for failing to ratify contraception, and the actual Catholics knew what a foul man he really was.  Why did Paul VI promulgate Humane Vitae AS CORRECTED?  Why didn’t he change it back? The specific mechanisms we will not know until the General Judgment.  All we know until then is that the Supernatural Negative Protection preventing a catch-22 situation kicked in – because Jesus is Lord.  Amen, and A-MEN.


The virtue of HUMILITY means both knowing and acknowledging what you ARE NOT, but also what you ARE.  For a Pope to be truly humble, and not merely engaging in a FALSE HUMILITY, he MUST know, believe and conduct himself as the Absolute Monarch with Universal Jurisdiction that he is.  Isn’t it funny how satan really went to town in his attack on Holy Mother Church as soon as there were men upon the Petrine See who were loathe to exercise their authority as the Absolute Monarch that they were (and Pope Benedict still is)?  Pope Paul VI Montini was the last Pope to be crowned with the Papal Tiara in ARSH 1963, and at the end of the Third Session of the failed Second Vatican Council in ARSH 1964, in an act of ostentatious false humility, he descended from the Papal Throne in St. Peter’s Basilica, ascended the High Altar, and placed his Papal Tiara on the altar as an explicit RENUNCIATION of the “human glory and power” of the Papacy in keeping with the “spirit of the (failed) Council”, and then directed that the Tiara be sold and the proceeds be given to … wait for it… the “poor”. No Pope since has been crowned.  Only installed, and all have bent over backwards to project this same brand of false humility.  If you think that it is a coincidence that satan went into overdrive at exactly the same time as the Popes started refusing to acknowledge and exercise their power as the Absolute Monarch of monarchs that they are, I have a big red bridge to sell you cheap.

The infamous example of this with Pope Benedict was when he received Bishop Fellay of the SSPX.  Bishop Fellay is said to have asked Pope Benedict why he simply didn’t do what he saw fit to do, and what he (Pope Benedict) wanted to do to begin to correct the many problems in the Church.  Pope Benedict is said to have pointed at the door of his office in which they were sitting and said, “My authority ends at that door.”  That is, of course, totally wrong, and Pope Benedict was and is wrong to this day to NOT acknowledge his massive authority as the one and only living Sovereign Pontiff since April of ARSH 2005.

Folks, all of these Trad Inc. people who intransigently insist against pretty much all evidence (which they categorically refuse to engage – you’ve noticed that none of them have any clue about the Canon Law arguments, and they constantly ask questions which I and others have been explaining and answering for years now) that Bergoglio is Pope are all beating the Freemasonic-satanic drum that the Papacy is basically meaningless and powerless, has been all along, and anyone who actually believes in the authority of the Pope as bestowed by Christ and manifested for the past nearly 2000 years is STUPID, SUPERSTITIOUS, and AND IDOLATER. Because “Francis” is Pope, shut up, stupid!

That’s right.  A bunch of social-media addicted, underemployed laypeople who don’t even go to daily Mass, and at least one is known to publicly rail against the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary for being “an awful snore”have come to the conclusion that EVERYBODY has been all wrong about the Papacy, and that yes, the Church will be MUCH better off once everyone sheds their “superstitious papolatry” and accepts that Christ is a malignant liar who has put us all in an impossible catch-22 damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t situation,Vatican I was wrong and Papal Infallibility has been a superstitious crock for 2000 years (despite all evidence to the contrary), the entire Church including EVERY saint and Doctor of the Church has been wrong, and that the Law of Non-contradiction only applies when it suits Trad, Inc., namely that the Pope can simultaneously be the standard of unity AND its opposite – the vector of schism.

All of this is totally, completely, diametrically WRONG.

The problem with the Papacy is precisely that its power has NOT been wielded since Pius XII, in a nauseating betrayal borne of FALSE HUMILITY, and people, including the Popes since Pius XII, have lost faith in the Supernatural Protection and Absolute Monarchical Authority of the Papacy, first and foremost from the terrible example of the Popes themselves.  We don’t need a LESS powerful and assertive Papacy – that is the agenda of Freemasonry and satan!! We need the restoration of the AUTHORITY and UNIVERSAL JURISDICTION of the Petrine Office, recognized and aggressively wielded, starting with the current Sovereign Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger, who desperately needs our prayers.

All of this is the fruit of the false base premise that Jorge Bergoglio is now or ever has been the Pope.  And obviously so.  False base premises yield logical truth tables with false, erroneous logical corollaries.  In order to reason soundly and navigate the battle space, you HAVE to have a true base premise.  The greatest act of violence that can be done to the Papacy is calling a man who is NOT Peter, “Peter”.  What we are living right now today is what you get when you incorrectly and invalidly cede the authority of the Petrine Office to an Anti-Peter, who if he isn’t the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, is totally stealing his playbook and his thunder.

Finally, I’ll ask one last rhetorical question.  What do you think the Pope will be like after the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (assuming that it is not concurrent with the General Judgment and Our Lord’s coming in Glory)?  What do the prophecies say?  Will the Pope of the restoration be a meaningless figurehead and groveling milquetoast of false humility, or will he be a bold, potent and virile Absolute Monarch who wields his power to defend Holy Mother Church from her enemies and rebuild her to glory? I think the answer is perfectly clear.

To believe as everyone before us, saints and doctors included in perfect unanimity, in the ABSOLUTE Authority of the Petrine Office is NOT IDOLATRY.

To have faith in the words of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, recorded in the Gospels, and His promise of SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION of the Petrine Office, confirmed and promulgated as dogma by an infallible Ecumenical Council is NOT SUPERSTITION.

To hold the Catholic Faith whole and entire, and to be unflaggingly loyal and a staunch defender of the Papacy and the Absolute Universal Jurisdiction of the Vicar of Christ is not now and NEVER CAN BE A SCHISMATIC ACT.

Fast and pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

As always, I sure hope this helps.

(What do you think? Is this how it should be, or is it the mortal sin of idolatry against the First Commandment?)


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