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Must Read: A parishioner speaks out on Fr. Daniel Nolan, FSSP, Captain, USMC (retired)

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(Just for the record: I haven’t stepped foot in Colorado in YEARS. Dust. Sandals. I don’t know Fr. Nolan in any way. But I’d like to meet him if I get the chance some day! Ooooh Rah!!!!)

Y’all: don’t act all shocked when it’s a Jarhead that steps to the front. If you’re a biological male screeching, “IMPRUDENCE! PRIDE!”, check yourself. Those emotions you are feeling are envy, embarrassment, and SHAME.

Please read the following letter, sent to and published by Frank Walker, the owner/editor of the invaluable news aggregator , at his blog,



Today is the Feast of Papa Sarto, Pope St. Pius X.

I couldn’t help but smile at the coincidence of Fr. Nolan’s move to the front like a steely-eyed man of God and today’s Epistle:

Lesson from the first letter of St. Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians
1 Thess. 2:2-8
Brethren: We had confidence in our God to preach to you the gospel of God amid much anxiety. For our exhortation was not from error, nor from impure motives, nor from guile; but, as approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak not as pleasing men, but God, Who proves our hearts. For at no time have we used words of flattery, as you know, nor any pretext for avarice, God is witness, nor have we sought glory from men, neither from you nor from others. Although as the apostles of Christ we could have claimed a position of honor among you, still while in your midst we were as children, as if a nurse were cherishing her own children. So, we, in our love for you, would gladly have imparted to you not only the gospel of God, but also our own souls, because you had become most dear to us.
R. Thanks be to God.


Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

-John 15: 13

A priest forever in the Order of Melchizedek.

CovidReligion IS Satanism: Canadian Surgeon General issues recommendation for wearing the Satanic Veil during all “intimacies” and only engaging in sodomy

Face-to-face is the only morally acceptable way to engage in the conjugal act… because INTIMACY, and any other way is ANIMALISTIC.

Only human beings copulate face-to-face because only we are clearly designed to do so. Have you ever stopped and thought about that? Maybe the ability to look directly into one’s spouse’s eyes and whisper words of love at the moment of consummation is… pointing to a greater reality, and is thus non-negotiable and tied up in the Natural Law?

Only this new manifestation of Freemasonry has ever DARED demand faceless sodomy as a point of public policy.

Only Freemasonry.

Time to take Freemasonry seriously? Because damn near every war instigated and profiteered by these bastards for the past 300 years hasn’t been reason enough? Because the usurpation of the Petrine See has been just a minor offense, a mere speed bump in history, and besides,

the Papacy has been totes overrated lo these 2000 years anyway, amiright? The Pope can totes be an open apostate and the obvious Stepin Fetchit of the Grand Lodge, because the Papacy doesn’t maaaaatter… but if you don’t submit without any intellectual engagement to whomever the Freemasonic world says is the Pope, who is irrelevant, remember, then you’re a schismatic! Because an irrelevancy is the standard of schism. Yep. Let me repeat that again: AN IRRELEVANCY IS THE STANDARD OF SCHISM. If you think the identity of the Vicar of Christ is relevant, then you’re an IDOLATOR! Heaven or hell, for eternity. Pivoting on… submission to an irrelevancy. And, yeah, given modern technology, we can now know in context that Jesus was just running His mouth during the Good Shepherd Discourse. Because we have global communications now. So WE HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE. Wait… Twitter notification. And I gotta finish watching my Hollywood content for the day… And I’m in real-time group play on my video game. Shut up, Stupid….

“We know better, because WE HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE of modem technology and global communication. We know. WE KNOW.

Freemasonry = New World Order = SATANISM.

Maybe now Freemasonry publicly pushing anonymous buttsecks WHILE WEARING THE FREEMASONIC VEIL will catch attention?

Folks, the face mask is a RELIGIOUS garment. Make absolutely no mistake, and don’t even try to delude yourselves. It is a pure sign of submission to the CovidLodge and its dark lord, lucifer.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

This is how a psycho-sexually normal priest with a sound interior life rolls. He’s ready to be persecuted. May God reward him richly.

And guess what this priest will NEVER, EVER do?

He will NEVER ask to be laicized.  Because only loser cowards (almost always with chastity problems) go AWOL.  Only sociopaths abandon their spouse when their spouse is under attack.

Sloth is the vice of not doing a virtuous good because it is difficult.

Effeminacy is the vice of not doing a virtuous good because it might reduce one’s own personal comfort or pleasure in life.

Father suffers from neither of these vices.  And it is now so rare, that it is almost awe-inspiring to behold. It is certainly beautiful and edifying.

Pray for this priest.  Pray for all priests.


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Today Pope Benedict XVI becomes the oldest reigning Pope ever.

Let us pray that the gift of his longevity continues such that this Antipope Bergoglio situation is resolved before Pope Benedict dies.

But, as always, we have complete faith and certainty that everything will resolve. The victory is assured. It will be glorious, and unpredictable, as the Divine Providence so often is.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church, undefiled, but in eclipse.