Q&A: Ann, even if Pope Benedict were to re-submit a valid resignation, he will never publicly act as Pope again, so isn’t this all an exercise in futility?

Q: Ann, even if Pope Benedict were to re-submit a valid resignation, he will never publicly act as Pope again, so isn’t this all an exercise in futility?

A: First, never say never.  We can’t predict how this is going to play out.  Pope Benedict COULD re-assert his office.  We just don’t know, so making statements that this or that will NEVER happen is ill-advised, to put it mildly.  The past seven years are proof of this in and of themselves.  Who could have EVER foreseen this mess?

Second, I actually covered this question in my Part 1 Video on the Bergoglian Antipapacy at the 1:14:55 timestamp.

Pope Benedict submitting a valid resignation is actually one of the possible paths forward out of this mess.  It wouldn’t be ideal, but it certainly would untie a lot of knots.  Here’s why:

If Pope Benedict were to submit a valid resignation today, what that would do is PROVE JURIDICALLY BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that the resignation proffered in February ARSH 2013 was invalid.  In order to resign the Petrine Office, a man must BE IN POSSESSION OF THAT OFFICE.  It is not juridically possible to resign an office ex post facto, that is, with a retroactive efficacy.  Further, the very fact that Pope Benedict was “re-submitting” a resignation would juridically prove that the first “attempt” in ARSH 2013 was in violation of the “proper manifestation” clause in Canon 332.2 – the first attempt was so “unclear” and dubious at minimum that a second attempt was required. A doubtful resignation is no resignation at all per Canon Law.

So, what this would also PROVE JURIDICALLY BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT is that the “conclave” of March ARSH 2013 was totally invalid and null, per Canon 359.  Since the Petrine See was still occupied, the College of Cardinals had absolutely no ability or capacity to call a valid conclave.  The fact that the College of Cardinals were unanimous in their error is utterly, totally irrelevant.  The College of Cardinals cannot depose a sitting Pope by calling a conclave.  Canon 359 clearly codifies this common sense reality. The argument of “Universal Peaceful Acceptance” only applies to VALID, LEGITIMATE, LEGAL conclaves, as every citation makes clear, and as comports with common sense.

THEREFORE, the Bergoglian Antipapacy would INSTANTLY be publicly recognized as totally null, and every document, every bit of heresy and apostasy peddled as winking-kinda-sorta-yes-but-no-but-yes Bergoglian faux-magisterium would be instantly recognized as the NULL SET that it is, vis-a-vis the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Now, tell me again how Pope Benedict submitting a valid resignation would be “an exercise in futility”?

What SHOULD Pope Benedict do?  Well, barring supernatural intervention, the best case scenario, as I see it, would be to re-assert his Office and act like the Absolute Monarch that he is, and then liquidate the ENTIRE College of Cardinals and re-boot it with twelve men – not bishops, but good and holy priests, simultaneously consecrate them bishops and make them Cardinals – and start over.  Also, Pope Benedict should liquidate the entire Roman Curia and reboot it, including the Vatican Gendarmerie, liquidate the Vatican Bank, and shut down the Vatican Museums which operates as a mafia.  He should also close and re-boot the Pontifical Universities in Rome, and, of course, suppress the Jesuits and the Legion of Christ.  He should put the entire German church under interdict, and depose most of the German bishops.  That would be a good start.  But, yes, I realize that this would be miracle-level stuff.  But hey, miracles can and do happen.

I hope this helps.  Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

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