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Big God, Tiny Toes

Happy Feast of the Epiphany!

This is one of my favorite paintings, and today is the feast of its depiction: the Epiphany, or Adoration of the Magi.  This painting makes me smile every time I see it.  I love the depiction of Our Lady because she is so very beautiful. (Sometimes the Blessed Virgin in paintings is depicted as… maybe not what I would consider jaw-droppingly gorgeous – but in this painting she is.) But the Star of this Show is the Baby Jesus – and His Big Toe.

Adoration of the Magi, Ottavio Vannini, early 1600s, Florence

When I look at this image, it seems not like a painting to me, but like a .GIF.  What do I mean by that?  I can see the movement of Our Lord’s toe as He is wiggling it, and I can see the subtle smile come across Our Lady’s face as she looks down at the scene of the very serious and lofty king leaning in to kiss the tiny toe of the Creator of the Universe and King of Kings, and He is PLAYFULLY wiggling it and making cooing baby sounds as the Magi puckers up and leans in to “get that Toe!” as so many of us have done exactly with other babies.

We have been discussing over the past few days the infinite HUGENESS of God, using galaxies and galactic clusters as metaphors for His infinite bigness and our infantesimal smallness.  I am reminded of something Our Lord said to St. Catherine of Siena, to whom, let us not forget, He was MYSTICALLY ESPOUSED.  Listen to His words to His beloved Catherine:

“Do you know, daughter, who you are, And who I AM? If you know these two things, you will be blessed. You are she who is not; whereas I AM HE WHO IS. Have this knowledge in you and the enemy will never deceive you….

God Almighty can say to His beloved, “you are she who is not” because it is true relative to Him, and because ALL EXISTENCE, REALITY AND TRUTH is through Him, with Him and in Him.

And that brings us back to the Tiny Wiggling Toe. It is precisely through these infinite juxtapositions that we draw closer to God in our contemplation of Him.  The selfsame God that created and sustains the galaxies, galactic clusters and the entire universe is also the cooing Baby wiggling His Big Toe at the Magi crawling on the ground to kiss It.  Without the Majesty of the Bigness, you can’t appreciate the Humility of the Smallness, and without the Condescension of the Smallness, you can’t appreciate the incomprehensible Love of the Bigness.

This is the same idea with the two species of Fear of the Lord – without the servile fear of the Lord as Our Judge, you can’t fully appreciate the filial fear that He established Himself with the words, “I no longer call you slaves, but friends….” The paradigm shifted with the Incarnation and proclamation of the Gospel from not sinning primarily for fear of punishment, to not sinning because He loves us so much that to disappoint or hurt Him in any way is (should be) revolting to us.

And likewise, without the filial fear of breaking Our Lord’s Heart, one can very easily cast aside the fact that He is, in fact, the Fearsome and Terrible Judge and He can turn into the horrific cartoon character “Jesus my Boyfriend”, or even worse, “Jesus my pet Golden Retriever”. People with no healthy servile fear of the Lord are called “cheap grace” Protestants, or just universal salvationists.

So what exactly is the Good News?  Is it that God is NOT the Just and Terrible Judge of Mankind who will sort the sheep from the goats, and sift men like wheat from chaff, burning the chaff?  No.  The Good News, the GOSPEL is that the Just and Terrible Judge is also the Baby wiggling His Tiny Toe as the Three Kings crawl forth to kiss It.  The Gospel is that the Just and Terrible Judge ALSO loves you infinitely, and is thus 100% on your side.  Do you understand that?  THE JUDGE IS ON YOUR SIDE TO AN EXTENT THAT YOU SIMPLY CANNOT COMPREHEND.

All you have to do is say “yes” to Him.  All you have to do is say and believe, “Jesus, I know that You love me”, and then ACTUALLY ACT LIKE YOU BELIEVE IT.  Keep His commandments.  Don’t break His heart.  Enter His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Avail yourself of the Sacraments He established for YOU and YOUR SALVATION, most especially the Sacrament of Confession and the Sacrament of the Altar, which is His very Physical Substance.

Look at the Tiny Wiggling Toe.  Then go look up at the stars and galaxies and galactic clusters that He made and sustains without effort.  Put the two together and know that you are he who is not, and the Tiny Toe is HE WHO IS.

I hope this helps.

“I’m gonna get it! I’m gonna get that TOE!”

Betcha can’t say it without laughing…!

I saw this comment somewhere a while back and thought it worth sharing:

Fr. Linus Clovis has said that the Church and the anti-church CURRENTLY exist, occupying the same sacramental, liturgical, and juridical space.

Does anyone doubt this? Of course not.

Now, say the following without laughing out loud: “Jorge Bergoglio is the head of the Church, opposing the anti-church.”

What is WORSE than being a Freemason?

There is yet another book out about the odious priest Annibale Bugnini, who was essentially the father/architect of the Novus Ordo Mass.

A quote is recounted in the book:

[Alcuin]Reid includes a bit he learned from the late, great Card. Stickler about whether or not Bugnini really was a Freemason, often alleged about him.

No,” the Cardinal replied, “it was something far worse.”

What could be worse than being a Freemason?

Look at the picture of Bugnini below, and you tell me.

Nah. No red flags there.

Then realize that the vast, vast majority of the priests, bishops and Cardinals today are pinched-lipped faggots that make Bugnini look like Pa Ingalls by comparison.

And further remember that there are two types of faggots: those who have molested boys or lads, and those who haven’t managed it yet, but are working on it.

Methodist on the Brink of Entering the One True Church Weighs In: Going To Mass and Doing What You Are Supposed To Do IS Evangelization


SuperNerd’s comment about how to evangelize really spoke to me and I’ve been meaning to write you about something. I am a TLM attending protestant, technically Methodist, who has been thinking of converting. Actually, I’ve already made my decision, but my spouse is vigorously opposed, so if you can pray for us that might help! (We and Tiny Princess are on it! -AB)

I’m not in the Church at present. I’ve followed you since the Rush Limbaugh on air reading (BTW, I have a suspicion Rush is still following you, too).

I was attending Mass over Christmas and one of the things that is always on my mind was bothering me on this particular night, as well. How in the world am I going to raise my family, if I can ever get them in the Church, in the Traditional Latin Mass? It took me months to figure out what was going on with the Missal, etc. Now I’m pretty comfortable, but I’ve been going to Mass alone so I’ve not had to explain this to my kids (6,4, and 2) and I simply could not imagine how “hard” it’s going to be to raise them in the TLM. We’re used to the ease of protestant church. My spouse thinks I’m nuts. 

So, I’m sitting there at Mass and a family comes in. They have enough kids to take up two pews, so they deal with way more hassle than I do with three kids. In one of the pews are their teenage kids who end up sitting behind me. For the entire Mass this 15-16 year old girl sits behind me and sings every prayer, every response, every thing she is supposed to during the entire Mass (in Latin!). She is not a trained singer, but she hits the notes with the choir perfectly and I could not help but think an angel was sitting behind me, helping me along. She has NO IDEA of the evangelization/ministry/answering of prayer she is doing in that moment. None. She is simply “doing what she is supposed to be doing.” I wept. I figure if this kid can sing all the prayers, my kids can, too. When we were walking out of the Church I leaned over and said, “Thank you for your good singing.” This girl was so happy you’d think I was giving her a Grammy award. She literally beamed.

Doing what you are supposed to do” is ministry. It is evangelization. Everyone thinks they are supposed to be “famous” as in the next Scott Hahn or something.

Seriously, just go to Mass, live a holy life, and you will be sharing your faith.

SuperNerd’s witness is incredible. Yours is too. You guys aren’t “famous” in the earthly sense, but you are doing more good than you realize, but even sitting in your pew and singing is “doing something.”

Yours in Christ,


Monolith, Magnificat and Laniakea

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about the true definition of “schism“, and used the imagery of a monolith as wide as the Milky Way Galaxy, and twice as tall, with each individual human being likened to a single atom. This grossly inadequate metaphor helps to at least give us some way to begin to think about something which we can never fully comprehend: the infinite Triune Godhead.

I came across a video which, given our “monolith” metaphor really struck me, and I hope strikes you too, especially if you feel yourself begin to be dragged down into the hopelessness, defeatism and despair being peddled as virtuousness and “sanity” these days.

Watch the video below about the so-called “Laniakea” galactic supercluster, and then tell me again how a bunch of sodomites, Freemasons and morons are just too much of a match for God, and how there is “nothing we can do”, even though God is on our side. Then, remember well the Canticle of the Blessed Virgin, who carried in her womb the selfsame God that made and sustains the Laniakea galactic supercluster, but who so loves us that He allows us to participate and cooperate in His plans, because that is the only way we can ever be truly happy.

My soul doth magnify the Lord,

And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour

Because He hath regarded the humility of His handmaid: for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

Because He that is mighty hath done great things to me, and holy is His name.

And His mercy is from generation unto generations to them that fear Him.

He hath shewed might in His arm: He hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.

He hath put down the mighty from their seat, and hath exalted the humble.

He hath filled the hungry with good things, and the rich He hath sent empty away.

He hath received Israel His servant, being mindful of His mercy.

As He spoke to our fathers; to Abraham and his seed forever.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost,

As it was in the beginning is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Quotes from Vatican I and Pius X “Lamentabili”, “Pascendi”, and “Ex quo” on the Non-Bifurcatable and Immutable Papacy

(I’m on the road to consult with high-level people with expertise in these matters. I am blockquoting in full this excellent contribution from “Smith” over at the NonVeniPacem blog. Spread the word! -AB)

Here is some authoritative confirmation of the Non-Bifurcatable papacy.

Vatican I, Sess. IV, Ch. I (Denzinger 1822)

St. Pius X, Lamentabili (Denzinger 2053)

St. Pius X, Pascendi (Denzinger 2091)

St. Pius X, Apostolic Letter “Ex Quo” (Denzinger 2147a)

There are numerous other quotes that would help to show that the Church was indisputably founded *by Jesus Christ Himself* as a monarchy. These quotes use the word ‘monarch’ in reference to the pope. The very word ‘monarch’ means ‘lone ruler’, for its Greek antecedents are ‘monos’ (alone) and ‘archein’ (to rule). I restrict myself to these four quotes only, simply because they make clearer reference to the fact.

Dz 1822:

“So we teach and declare that, according to the testimonies of the Gospel, the primacy of *jurisdiction* [nothing about prayer here, folks] over the entire Church of God was promised and was conferred immediately and directly upon the blessed Apostle Peter by *Christ the Lord*. For the *one* Simon [Unum enim Simonem], to whom he had before said: “Thou shalt be called Cephas, after he had given forth his confession with the words: “Thou art Christ, the Son of the Living God, the Lord spoke with these solemn words: “Blessed art thou [etc.]”… And upon the one Simon Peter [uni Simoni Petro], Jesus after His resurrection conferred the *jurisdiction* [nothing about prayer here, folks] of the highest pastor [= shepherd/guide] and rector [= ruler] over His entire fold… To this teaching of the Sacred Scriptures, *so manifest as it has always been understood by the Catholic Church*, *are opposed openly the vicious opinions of those who perversely DENY THAT THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT IN HIS CHURCH WAS ESTABLISHED BY CHRIST THE LORD; that to Peter *alone* [solum Petrum], before the other apostles, *whether individually or all together*, was confided the true and proper primacy *of jurisdiction* [nothing about prayer here, folks] by Christ; or of those who affirm that the same primacy was not immediately and directly bestowed upon the blessed Peter himself, *but upon the Church*, and through this Church upon him as the *minister* of the Church Herself.”

Important: The word ‘one’ in the above passage is to be understood in the sense of the official Latin (as always), which uses the *cardinal* number ´unus,a,um’. That number ‘one’ does not mean ‘first’. Nor does it mean ‘one’ as in ‘someone’; it means the numerically one, single (person) Simon. I’ve taught Latin for over 15 years, but you should not trust me on this. It will be a matter of minutes to look it up in a basic Latin grammar. You don’t even need to know any Latin to verify this.

The word ‘alone’ in “to Peter alone”, is in the Latin the adjective ‘solus,a,um’. The words ‘alone’ and ‘solus’ are exact synonyms.

Otherwise, the English translation given above of Dz1822 is quite literal, and speaks for itself. Anyone who does not see that Vatican I here condemns the idea of a bifurcated papacy is wilfully blind, or incapable of understanding plain language, or, worse yet…a Modernist whose intellect, even if perfectly functional, is corrupted by false philosophy…like…mmm…Ratzinger’s intellect is corrupted.

Next up:

Dz 2053 (Syllabus of Errors, or Lamentabili, of St. Pius X):

*Condemned* proposition: “The organic constitution of the Church is not immutable, but Christian society, just as human society, is subject to perpetual evolution.”


Dz 2091 (Pascendi, St. Pius X): It is a little long to quote, but in sum it condemns as a Modernist error that authority emanates from the Church itself, as a *collectivity* of consciences. It affirms that the authoritative structure of the Church is autocratic, and was given as such by an external mandate of God.


Dz 2147a: “…[It is] an error, long since condemned by Our predecessor, Innocent X…[cf. Dz 1091 — quite interesting], in which it is argued that St. Paul is held as a brother entirely equal to St. Peter…[also an error] that the Catholic Church was not in the earliest days a sovereignty of *one person*, that is, a monarchy…”

Now it occurs to me that all the above is a sort of dialogue with a lunatic.

Up until the supposed bifurcation of BXVI, the *very idea* that anyone should *need* to prove to the public at large that the papacy is

1) A *jurisdictional*, non-sacramental, revocable office, with NO “spiritual essence”; no integral component, or munus, of “prayer and suffering”.

2) A monarchy; an office that only one man can hold.

3) That this one man holds the entirety of the office, and cannot share any part of it with anyone.

…the very idea, I say, of a *need* to prove to the public at large that the papacy is such as the Church has always understood it…would have been considered bat**** crazy.

But here we all are, engaging in an exercise that actually dignifies this insanity with serious consideration — all because of the colossally arrogant posturing of kooks like Rahner, Ratzinger, Neumann (and don’t forget Walter Kasper!) and all the other Mad Modernist Muckrakers, who think they know better than the Church’s +two thousand years of experience, better than all previous popes, better even than Jesus Christ.

May God do with them as He sees fit…but do it quickly.