Mailbag: “I saw them for myself….”

Dear Ann Barnhardt, “…because Ann Barnhardt walked away from a clique of sodomite and sodophile Trad pseudo-intellectuals in Rome” Thank God!  I saw them for myself in Rome at Easter 2016 again when passing through. I was creeped out by over hearing men lisping camp abuse at the Italian families in the Trinita (TLM) parish. […]

Barnhardt Podcast #055: Open Thecreths

[Direct link to the MP3 file] Episode Content Rating Warning! No Children Allowed! In this episode we discuss a topic which has been well documented and yet continues to hide in plain sight, supported by Beta Narcissists and both the willing and obliviously ignorant: the Lavender Mafia. Trading the contemplation of eternal things for earthly […]

All Decent People Should Be Afraid of Sodomites. Here’s Why.

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING.  We are a war with sodomites, whether we like it or not.  We are in a war with execrable faggots like James Martin, Ethh Jay, and really all unrepentant sodomites.  Given that sexual perversion is a derivative of Diabolical Narcissism, sodomites, exactly like the demons they emulate, prowl throughout the world seeking […]