Sticky post- scroll down for new content. Dr. Mazza’s fall semester classes! 20th Century from ARSH 1917-1973 (not that anything particularly interesting happened 😂) Enroll now!

Click through to for full enrollment instructions! Church History: Our Lady of Fatima (1917) to Our Lady of Akita (1973) World History: Russian Revolution (1917) to Roe v. Wade (1973) Payment postmarked by Sept 21st: $300 for one course or $450 if you sign up for both. (Payment postmarked Sept 22nd-October 22nd: $350 for […]

Bumped: Dr. Indiana Mazza-Jones’ upcoming summer semester course: “RadTrads of the Lost Ark” – a deep dive into all of the incredibly cool miraculous relics and events of the One True Faith. And no snakes. We promise.

All PayPal issues are resolved. Dr. Mazza sent confirmation emails to everyone enrolled so far yesterday. If you didn’t get one, you’re not enrolled. So do it now! This is going to be the funnest summer school EVER! -AB RAD TRADS OF THE LOST ARK Dr. Jones? No, Dr. Mazza! To commemorate the 40th anniversary […]

Dr. Mazza’s latest paper – “Leave the Throne, Take the Ministry”: The Sacred Powers of Pope Emeritus

“Leave the Throne, Take the Ministry”: The Sacred Powers of Pope Emeritus Edmund J. Mazza, PhD “I became convinced that the commission of Peter demanded concrete decisions, insights, from me, but then, when it was no longer possible for me for the foreseeable future…the Lord…freed me from the burden…” Pope Benedict, Last Testament with Peter Seewald, 2017   How does Pope Benedict […]

Dr. Mazza Guest Post: “It’s nothing business, it’s strictly personal.”

Root post of this essay at HERE. “It’s nothing business, it’s strictly personal”: The Psychic Powers of Pope Emeritus Part One Edmund J. Mazza, PhD   Only one is Pope…because of his psychic powers. No, Ann Barnhardt’s favorite historian hasn’t taken leave of his senses—or his Catholic faith. By “psychic,” I mean the powers […]

Sticky for a minute: Enroll now for Spring Semester Courses with Dr. Mazza and Dr. Luca!!

Scroll down for LOADS of fresh content!! Let’s use this time to acquire as much knowledge as possible! Classes begin January 11, 12, 13 and 14. Dr. Mazza’s History of the Church (Tuesdays 9:00pm EST) and World History (Wednesdays 9:00pm EST) courses continue (don’t you want to see how the story ends??!!).  Both courses together […]

Oh, THIS promises to be VERY interesting: Mazza Advent Mini-course: “Advent of Christ vs Advent of Antichrist”

Be there, or be square, folks. Dr. Mazza’s ongoing courses are GOLD. But the (fast) upcoming Advent season and minicourse will obviously be a barn-burner. Advent isn’t “yay Christmas shopping season!” Advent is all about the End of the World. Antichrist. So… yeah…. Kinda… relevant. Enrollment and payment functionality is HERE at Dr. Mazza’s site. […]

On the Feast of Blessed Karl, more info about his non-abdication under Freemasonic coercion (via Dr. Mazza)

Read about Emperor Blessed Karl and how Freemasons drove him into exile – but Blessed Karl never abdicated. He merely surrendered administrative duties. Sound… familiar? The following two new citations on Blessed Karl come via Dr. Mazza. Emperor Karl would not abdicate, because he had received his crown from God, through the representative of the […]