Special Guest Post by Vanessa—The Joozle Bamboozle: Conversions, COVIDism & Post-Conciliar Hijinks

This post was written by Vanessa of Barnhardt Podcast fame. It has EVERYTHING. Spicy takes, massively non-politically correct truth bombs about the Jooooz, Bishop Williamson (!!!), Memes, all in Vanessa’s delightfully fascinating and direct style. So make yourself a ham sandwich, put out the cat, enjoy and learn. -AB

The Joozle Bamboozle: Conversions, COVIDism & Post-Conciliar Hijinks

by Vanessa*

This post is not for the faint of heart. It will inform you, entertain you (I hope), and perhaps make you uncomfortable. That’s why for this topic, you need a guide. One that is a Jewess by blood but a Catholic by Faith to hold your hand and assure you that no, you are not an *anti-Semite* for perhaps pondering elements of what you will read in this post. Or a racist. Or a domestic terrorist. Or whatever the slur du jour is.

Pour yourself a glass of Manischewitz, let’s get started.
Just kidding. 10/10 tastes horrible.
First, allow me to establish my Joo credentials. Prior to my conversion I was a very lukewarm and primarily cultural Jew of rabbinic lineage. Which really meant (and does for the majority of Americans of all races and creeds) a functional material atheist, with splashes of agnosticism and a half-baked idea that God was a capricious Sugar Daddy in the sky.  My grandmother survived the Holocaust. She and my father lived in Israel before immigrating to the United States. My ability to talk about this topic is, for lack of a better word, very kosher. Allow me to build the type of ecumenical bridge Fr. James Martin would love to torch.
Bubbe approved.
I will attempt in this essay to do something seldom done, and quite difficult to do in one sitting — destroy a false base premise you may be holding on Judaism. I will, in this essay, posit the following bold theses: Post-Vatican II theology on Jews is false, Judaism isn’t a thing anymore, the Holocaust may not be what it seemed, Israel as a Zionist nation is under a self-imposed mandate as a vector for New World Order malfeasance, and upper-level Satanic Jews are hell-bent on enslaving everyone, including and most especially, their own people — who need our prayers for conversion — out of a diabolically narccisistic spite of Our Lord.
The essay will combine historical, doctrinal, and Biblical evidence, sources from Ivy League-educated professors (for what that’s worth), and good ol’ common sense topped with a tin-foil beret (no longer a full hat, as daily in the light of the Scamdemic we are seeing that ‘conspiracy theory’ is code for ‘what the media does not want you to know’).
Ultimately though, I invoke the solemn statement of Saint Bernadette of Soubirous, “I am not here to convince, but to inform.”

A Conversion 

I remember as a child, driving past synagogues, my father would suddenly be reminded of his racial and when-convenient religious identity. “Vanessa, always remember! You are of the [redacted] priestly caste…a [redacted]!” His finger would usually be pointed upwards, his chest puffed out a bit, chin held high, all delivered in a very Tevye-esque tone.
Tevye Tradition GIF - Tevye Tradition Fiddler On The Roof GIFs
I would feel a mixture of pride and confusion after his impassioned statements, wondering how this biological fact somehow gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted and still be good with God, because well, I was a [redacted]. This ‘something’s not right’ vibe about it all was the seed of my conversion.
Sitting at my desk one day shortly after graduate school at a very prestigious job, my recently-earned master’s degree from a very prestigious school hanging on the wall opposite, I made a soul-crushing realization—despite following my parents’, school’s, and world’s near-religiously fanatical exhortation to achieve said things, I was empty. After an evening of particularly existential angst, I decided to go to the Catholic church across the street from my then-apartment, the one whose melodic bells I snuffed out on Sundays with a pillow as I slept in before heading to boozy Yuppie brunches. The Catholic Church had intrigued me for quite some time. Maybe they had the answers.
The woman in charge of RCIA was smoking a cigarette in the church parking lot when she lamented that because I showed up for classes a few weeks past their starting date, the pastor (who I never saw during RCIA) decided I wouldn’t be Baptized that year (eye roll). “So, what are you again?” the teacher asked, taking a drag. “Uh, Jewish, I guess. I hope that’s ok. I know Jews aren’t supposed to convert.”
Now, where in the world did I get that? I now know that sentiment I had stumbled across at some point was what had kept me from getting too curious about the Catholic Faith. I now know that the sentiment that Jews are not supposed to convert is a very deliberate and ridiculous ‘policy’ of Vatican II thanks to Nostra Aetate. But at that moment, I had no idea, or how deep that rabbit hole got.
Sometimes I wonder when I would have actually converted if I had not heard that falsity. Would it have been as a young teenager, when I spontaneously asked my mother if I could go to a Catholic Mass? I’ll never know. But I do know that I was out of the Church at great danger to my soul for many years as a result of Vatican II, and I know of other Jewish converts who experienced the same. Am I angry? You bet. And that’s partly why I write this post.

Enter The Bishop

This past March, I recalled a talk a priest I knew gave on The Seven Ages of the Church a few years ago. It’s an eschatological treatise by Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser on the end of the world. The priest gave the talk very briefly, and I wanted to know more. Here we were in the thick of the Scamdemic of obvious Biblical proportions, and my mind, perhaps like yours dear reader, was turning towards End Times.
I searched the topic on YouTube, and after clicking past a few pages of videos, I see this man. I had no idea who he was.
Bishop Richard Williamson, favored son of Archbishop Lefebvre
I have a soft spot for curmudgeonly older priests who say it like it is, and he looked as if he fit the bill. Several minutes into his charming British accent, razor-sharp wit, and brain teeming with information, I hungrily looked him up because whatever else he said, I wanted to read or watch it three times over. He was apparently Bishop Richard Williamson. After a quick Google search, most of the news articles that came up about him went something like this: “Bishop Richard Williamson, Expelled From The SSPX Due To Being An *Anti-Semite*, Denies Holocaust”
“Well, shoot,” I said to myself. “I can’t continue to read or watch him if he’s an *anti-Semite*. After all, I’m of Jewish blood! My grandmother survived the Holocaust! I can’t listen to him. But…oh I see here the news outlets reporting this are CNN, the BBC, etc. And lately, those media outlets have been massive gaslight machines for this CovidReligion™ propaganda. And he’s really very informative. I’ll research this further, just to be sure…”
I found the interview that got him in trouble. Not only did a German court sue him for his comments, but then the SSPX Superior General at the time, Bishop Bernard Fellay, unjustly expelled him as a result and Pope Benedict XVI withdrew plans to lift his excommunication (Bishop Fellay was consecrated a bishop alongside Bishop Williamson by Archbishop Lefebvre in Econe that fateful June day in 1988). Which, by the way, as an aside, has more to do with the internal power struggles of modernist, Freemasonic influences in the SSPX, which Bishop Williamson accuses the SSPX of (and in light of Fr. Slegny’s ridiculous pro-jab blog post that got edited after criticism, I would agree with him), versus the traditional tact Bishop Williamson wished to remain taking in opposition to getting too cozy with Rome without a doctrinal agreement, as was Archbishop Lefebvre’s wish. More on that later down in this essay. Here’s the infamous video.
I couldn’t be offended at anything he said. He wasn’t denying the Holocaust, but rather stating his sincere belief based on scholarly research by Professor Robert Faurisson and Frank Leuchter that it would have been impossible for six million Jews to have died during the Holocaust. Firstly, there wasn’t that many of them left in Europe by the time the mass-scale gassing was purported to have taken place. Secondly, in order to reach six million dead there would have had to have been a very efficient method of mass execution. Frank Leuchter, a leading expert in Zyklon gas executions (he literally designed them for three states) compiled a report (that’s hard to find, but here’s a hardcopy) stating, among other things, that it was simply impossible to gas millions on that scale, especially with what the concentration camps lacked — the proper sealing of doors, protocols with what to do with clothing after exposure to the gas, and the lack of aerial photos of such infrastructure as was required to successfully carry out the supposed gas showers. Leuchter was roundly slandered as an *anti-Semite* and faded into obscurity. His narrative was not politically correct.
I decided to email Bishop Williamson my thanks for his talks, and to tell him I was keeping him in prayer. We began to exchange emails wherein the Bishop dispensed some wonderful spiritual advice, suggested resources that I could further study, exhorted me to pray the Rosary as often as possible, and complimented me on my perseverance in conversion and the special responsibility I had as a member of the Jewish race, now converted, to bring others to the Faith.  Last I checked, *anti-Semites* do not correspond so charitably with Jews.
Bishop Williamson stands out today. But in a Pre-Conciliar era, Bishop Williamson sounded like every other Bishop out there. It turns out that he basically dispenses traditional Catholic thought, and the New World Order hates it. The video below is a good example.

If you’re interested in more, his YouTube channel is here, his weekly column here, and his biography which provides great insight into the SSPX is here. (I make no commission off recommending it, to be clear).
I bet you are used to people who speak so candidly about Jews being basement-dwelling white Southerners, or *white supremacists* inarticulately blaming the Jews for why they can’t get a girlfriend with a disordered rage purged of intellectualism or true charity. I bet you are surprised, as I was, to see a Cambridge-educated Bishop alive today speaking very articulately and charitably about them. The powers that be do not want smart people, polite society, Catholics, and especially traditional Catholics talking about this. They want justifiably enraged poor, uneducated white men who suffer the most from globalist policies driven by Zionist-filled administrations (more on this below) to rage incoherently, uncharitably, and inarticulately about the Jews. And then they want you to fear being seen as ‘one of them’. Don’t fall for it.
Bishop Williamson’s theory, with which I agree, is that Jews are special. Special in the sense that God made them specifically to bring forth the Messiah, accept Him, and then bring the Light of the True Faith to all peoples. As we know, that did not happen according to plan. Still, they were made with certain innate gifts with which to fulfill their mission (much like, certain races are better at sports than others, etc.). The gifts of intelligence, of administration and stewardship of all kinds, of safe-guarding and intimately knowing religion’s particulars. The Jews that convert, Bishop Williamson contends, are powerhouses. They are on fire for the Faith and for Our Lord because they are living out their biological and spiritual mandates. Especially impressive are Jewish men that convert and become Catholic priests in their abilities to convert others.
But the ones who don’t? Well, some of them can tend to use their special gifts for the purposes of evil, and are especially prey to Satanic impulses, as the following sections will illustrate.

What is Judaism Today?

Before we go any further, it must be said: original, authentic, true Judaism is over. It died on the Cross and Resurrected three days later as Catholicism, its original end-point and purpose. When Christ died, the veil protecting the Holy of Holies tore in two as a symbolic and literal representation of the END of Judaism. Anne Catherine Emmerich writes in her visions, “The doors of the sanctuary flew open of themselves, and a voice was heard to utter these words: ‘Let us leave this place’; and I saw all the Angels of the Lord instantly leave the Temple. The thirty-two Pharisees who went to Calvary a short time before Our Lord expired were almost all converted at the foot of the Cross.”  (The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, p.299)
So what is ‘Judaism’ today? A post-Judaic Frankenstein facsimile of cultural customs, superstition, gutted Scripture, and strange Talmudic practices with shades of pedophilia (this was NOT a custom during the time of Christ). . Ask your local synagogue why there is no more animal sacrifice. No sacrifice, no religion. Let me know what they say. It is also important to note that Judaism was a faith (now extinct), and a race (still present). So, converts are not legitimate. Sorry, Connie Chung and Whoopi Goldberg. This is a more liberal advent of modern reform and conservative Talmudic Judaism to get that ‘convert’ money and general support, and is not to be taken seriously because one cannot alter one’s DNA (unless you’re jabbed…), and one certainly cannot adopt an extinct religion.
Sorry, Sister Goldberg of The View Most Unholy. No matzo ball soup for you!
And the a$$ whooping didn’t end with the Angels of the Lord leaving the torn Holy of Holies, or the prophets risen from their graves, stumbling into the Temple with their burial garb hanging tattered from their limbs, eyes flashing with rage at the willful ignorance of their own people, proclaiming the Messiah with their nearly rotted tongues (Matt 27:52). Still refusing Our Lord despite the torn veil and zombie prophets, the Jews hungered for a messiah that was more Marvel Comic hero than a God man born in a manger refusing to militaristically crush the Romans but instead win their hearts.
This is why when Simon Bar Kokhba came around and staged the first Jewish revolt, he was lauded as the messiah. All illusions of this were shattered as the Romans destroyed the Second Temple of Solomon (the Temple that Our Lord said he would destroy in three days and Resurrect as the Body of Christ meaning us, we are the Temple. So it stands to reason that the physical Temple, the empty whitewashed tomb that it was, be destroyed). God tied a bow on not shining his favor down on the Jews by at most directing His wrath towards, or at least permitting, the brutal sack of Jerusalem by the Roman Empire.
This leads to an argument that many like to make about Judaism — that God’s promise to Abraham is forever according to the Old Testament. “And I will multiply thy seed like the stars of Heaven,” (Genesis 26:4) refers to Catholics as the descendants of Abraham. The Old Covenant no longer stands, but the New Covenant does (John 1:13), and God keeps His word. Just maybe not in the way some folks would like.
The relatively few remaining Jews in Jerusalem either escaped, converted to paganism or Christianity, or committed mass suicide. Not a ringing endorsement of God’s favor, which was at the time firmly settling upon the Roman Empire thanks to the original Jews for Jesus. Thus, began aliyah. More on that later.
Nothing to see here, just a little Chip n’ Joanna Gaines reno
As Bishop Williamson noted in the homily linked above, the Jews at the time of Christ, specifically the Sanhedrin, were NOT happy with this rabble-rousing Galilean exhorting his fellow Jews to repentance and staging a full-frontal assault on the hypocrisy of elite temple Jewry. Jesus represented a grave threat to their power. To admit this poor prophet was the Son of God would be to cede their material comfort and societal honors to Him. No, they would not go silently into that great night. Rather, they would have an illegal trial to condemn Him, and put Him to death. Watch former Harvard MBA professor and Jewish convert Roy Schoeman describe how, according to the Sanhedrin’s own law, the trial of Christ was illegal.
Think about it. If you’re a Jew at the time of Christ, you have seen or heard of His miracles. You have seen or heard of His preaching in the Synagogue. If you’re an elder member of the Sanhedrin, you may have had your behind handed to you by a twelve year-old Christ explaining the Scriptures as his Mother worriedly searched for him. Or my personal favorite, Luke 17:11-14. You willfully ignore it all, either because it threatens you, or you just don’t want to think for yourself and rely on the very men Christ is condemning for their poor behavior to tell you what’s up (*cough, Bergoglian Antipapacy*). The only thing that can take up residence in a vacuum of Truth is Evil. The Jews had a mandate from God to accept and spread their Messiah’s message, and the majority decided to say non serviam.
So, if a dedicated group of people remain following Christ two thousand years after His death, ready to die for Him and spread His message would it stand to reason that there would be an exact group of people like us, but inverted? Perhaps…a ‘synagogue of Satan’? Have we considered that the real enemy is not a LARPing modern pagan of gentile descent dressed like a Goth, conducting a dubious Satanic ritual from an Aton LeVay manual off eBay in his basement, but rather the very people entrusted with the Messiah and His message who rejected Him out of a lust for power, and then brutally humiliated and murdered Him?
And would what have annoyed those people the most and thwarted their plans the most efficaciously, be the True Religion, now occupying in a very visual way the Temple turned Catholic in the Traditional Latin Mass? Stick with me here.
Before and after
Old Testament symbology incorporate into New Testament sacrifice 

Why this Precision Matters

I once had a very conservative Jewish co-worker named Levi. Levi was intellectually curious, went to Temple frequently, and wore a kippah at work. The entire point of Levi’s religion is to wait for the Messiah. Levi has of course heard of Catholicism. He has seen its churches, its priests, and its people. Is he not the least bit curious as to the billions of people who claim that his Messiah has already arrived? What kind of spiritual responsibility does Levi, steeped in the Old Testament (or at least, able to Google the Vulgate’s complete Old Testament messianic prophecies and have a built-in framework to work with), have that a Hindu pagan does not?
This is why while all those present at the trial and Passion of Our Lord hold responsibility, none do so much as the Sanhedrin, and the people for whom Christ came first. It is in this deep wound of intimate betrayal that Satan most virulently festers.
You will find that most post-conciliar rhetoric on Jews is quite apologetic. You will almost never hear exhortations for Jewish conversion on EWTN or the National Catholic Register. Or even from the pulpit of Ecclesia Dei parishes, much less Novus Ordo ones. The chilling fear of being called an *anti-Semite* lurks dark across Catholic communities of all stripes who will fight each other in bitter liturgical and cultural wars, but instantly agree that the title of *anti-Semite* is a fate worse than death.
Popular among both Novus Ordo and some traditional communities is attending a Passover Seder. Such an act is a sin, for to partake in such a meal whose prayers lament the absence of a long-for Messiah, denies Christ. And yet, Catholic parishes across the country host them, and invite you to connect with your Jewish ‘roots’. The rhetoric convinces us that Catholicism is an organic growth from the ‘roots’ of Judaism (true), which props up the Church and Catholic traditions, teachings and customs today (false).
The roots of Judaism were hacked Saint Boniface-style, burned, and cast into the darkness. It was a severing, a ‘disruption of continuity’, if you will. The debate on the continuity of Judaism was settled at the Council of Jerusalem around 50 ARSH, when Saint Paul won his battle against Saint Peter that no, male gentile converts did not have to first get circumcised before Baptism. It was decided (or more precisely, realized) — the New Covenant made the Old Covenant NULL and VOID.
“I once was blind (right), but now I see (left)…” 

This Brings Us To Israel

Ok, so we’ve established that today’s Jews are not  the true Jews at the time of Christ. We’ve established that they’re mad with a long memory. And we’ve established that their lust for power is not kept in check by a powerful Pre-Conciliar Church. Let’s look at the modern state of Israel, formerly Judea, or Syria Palestine.
Some contend that the state of Israel was nothing more than a grab for political power. I’d say that theory is fair, given that they’ve somehow managed to recently acquire a billion dollars of our tax money for their Iron Dome, and all this despite a ‘pandemic’ that has plunged the United States into unemployment. In fact since its creation, Israel has enjoyed the generous support of the United States in both sundry and essential ways. While today the Israeli government elite enjoy the heights of military technology, floods of cash from the United States, and the Jewish son-in-law of a former President brokering international aliyah-supporting deals on their behalf, their own people are suffering.
A return to Zion, or aliyah, is a spiritual migrational mandate Talmudic Jews have for returning to power in the Holy Land. Israel was the geopolitical realization of that mandate. Even Israel’s anthem, “Hatikvah” or “The Hope” is a 19th-century Jewish poem reflecting the Jews’ 2,000-year-old hope of returning to Zion and reclaiming it as a sovereign nation. Ever since the Sack of Jerusalem, they’ve wanted to return and ‘show those gentiles who’s boss’, for lack of a better phrase.
For all intents and purposes, they have now ‘retaken the Holy Land’. Prophecy tells us that the Antichrist will be born of a Jewish woman (and ergo Jewish himself), and will rule from Jerusalem. St. Irenaeus of Lyon prophesied, and others echo, “The antichrist will deceive the Jews to such an extent that they will accept him as the messiah and worship him…At the time of his reign the antichrist will command that Jerusalem be rebuilt in its splendour and will make it a great and populous city, second to none in the world and will order his palace to be built there.”
Is what’s being done in Israel, and acquired for Israel, for the purposes of establishing the Third Temple of Solomon, avenging Our Lord’s promise made good to destroy the Temple in three days, along with a retaking of all that was lost in the destruction of the Second Temple and the sack of Jerusalem? Is the New World Order, brought about by Jewish Freemason infiltration, roosted up in Israel as the means to cement this ambition? Read on.
Did the Holocaust happen? Yes. Did Jews die in it? Absolutely. My grandmother was lucky, but others in the family, not so much. However — is the six million dead figure true despite compelling evidence to the contrary? If so, what is the agenda in creating a story so numerically horrifying? Did the Holocaust assist in this aliyah mandate justification for the modern state of Zionist Israel? Are there odd things about the Third Reich and Jews during the Holocaust that may not elucidate obvious conclusions at the moment, but certainly impel us to pause and think carefully about what we know to be true? Yes. I present two strange things to consider.
Firstly, there’s a perception that the Third Reich was a big bad *raycissss* Christian Aryan regime hellbent on murdering poor Jews for their faith, a sort of retribution for killing Christ. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We know that the Third Reich killed those besides Jews, such as other ethnic minority groups like gypsies, and even Catholic saints such as Edith Stein and Maximillian Kolbe. This wasn’t a Hitler Holy War. Listen to this Harvard PhD outline with airtight historical receipts how Hitler and all his minions were EYEBALLS deep into Satanic occult practices as a matter of both personal interest and military stratagem to crush anyone in their way.
Secondly, George Soros, everyone’s favorite international villain who somehow, some way, never seems to be expelled from this country. In an interview before 60 Minutes relocated to Woke-istan, the interviewer drills down on Soros, asking him a question that pokes a massive hole in the narrative that Jews were only hurt by the Nazis. Come to find out, Jews like George Soros were throwing their own people under the bus. Watch him squirm below.
In an explosive interview denounced as false by the mainstream media but endorsed by WWII vet and Congressman John Rarik, self-confessed Zionist staff aide to Senator Javitz, Harold Wallace Rosenthal notes that elite, upper-level Satanic Jewry have no problem sacrificing their own to advance the cause. This explains the callous disregard of Israeli politicians forcing the jab on their own people, many descendants of Holocaust survivors who may have at some point ironically been involved in Dr. Mengele’s grotesque experiments. Dr. Mengele, as Ann has observed on recent podcasts and blog posts, could not have dreamed of the global human guinea pig trials happening today, most aggressively in Israel.
One small minority of apparently uncorrupted Orthodox Jews remains, concerned with the jab’s purported sterilization effects in contradiction to the famous Old Testament exhortation to be fruitful and multiply. They held a symposium of international doctors who are jab skeptical. Highly credentialed Jewish American Dr. Jane Ruby voiced her concern that the Jewish people are being genocided before their eyes. No doubt, these rabbis in their earnest seeking for Truth and a concern for their people may indeed convert at End Times, should they live to see it. Let’s hope that the Israeli people’s suffering makes them acutely aware of the need for the true God, and in a lovely twist of Providential fate, end up converting en masse in accordance with The Scriptures, and in turn convert others (Romans 11:25).
“Never again! Unless we do it to our own people.” h/t Ann

Two Anecdotes of Notes

Informing my evolving views on my own people in light of this new information are two personal anecdotes.
The first was when I was younger. I was invited to the home of a powerful international Jewish figure for dinner. The evening ended with several of us going to his office, and on the wall prominently hung an interesting map of the Middle East, particularly Israel and its surrounding territories, with the word ZION emblazoned above it. I found it strange then, and even stranger now.
The second was not long ago when I was passing through New York City. I stopped at an antiques store, hoping to find some vintage Catholic treasures. I noticed immediately that the owner was an Orthodox elderly Jew due to his dress, sitting in a chair near the register. He smiled and struck up conversation in a way I can only describe as a Jew being particularly friendly with another Jew (my facial features are distinctively Ashkenazi Jew). Eventually he asked me what I was looking for, and I responded by saying Rosaries, which I collect. His eyes darkened and he immediately withdrew his warm demeanor. “Oh, so you converted, did you?” he almost spat.
Until then, I had never spoken to a stranger who was a practicing Jew since my conversion, and having them know explicitly that my religion no longer matched my face. It was very uncomfortable. “Well,” he said in a very self-pleased tone, “You should know that WE had several Popes on our side, infiltrating your church, such as Anacletus. And even today, there are those helping us. Bet you didn’t know THAT.” The corners of his mouth lifted into a sneer, the type well described in Ann’s video on diabolical narcissism. This is a story I later heard Bishop Williamson mention, and apparently as I saw in the antiques store that day, a point of bitter pride among Jews who are aware.
Unfortunately for this man, my ability to haggle like a Jew was not washed away in the waters of Baptism. I dropped the Rosary I had found with a reliquary Crucifix in his hand and said with dripping confidence, “I will pay you $15 for this, no more no less. That’s about what the materials would cost, and we are not allowed to purchase the value of a relics.” His cold eyes met mine and realized he would not be able to negotiate. “Fine,” he said. “But just so you know — that relic is probably fake! Dust! Animal bones!” I left feeling very chilled, never realizing the dark underbelly of Talmudic Jewish anti-Catholic hatred until having come face to face with it.

Vatican II Was More Than You Realized, Or, Guys — They Really, Really Don’t Want The Latin Mass

“As Church power grows, Jewish power weakens. As Jewish power grows, Church power weakens,” Bishop Williamson is fond of saying, with an accompanying weighing scales pantomime of the hands. Indeed the audiences post-Conciliar popes have granted Jews have been on their territory, in the Synagogue of Rome, in a chummy manner and on an equal footing, with zero exhortation to convert, and the appearance of lending credence to a religion that became NULL and VOID on the day of Our Lord’s death.
Is it a coincidence that at this abysmally low point in the Church’s power that we are inundated with the degenerate filth pouring out of a Jewish-controlled entertainment industry, assaulted by an almost all Jewish-run pharmaceutical industry wreaking havoc on the world with the death jab, or in debt bondage by the financial manipulations of printed money off the gold standard run by Jewish banking elites? No, this is not *anti-Semitism*, this is statement of fact.
Now to turn to Vatican II liturgy. In it, we see a watering down of language from the pre-1955 missal to the 1962, and then a complete stripping in the Novus Ordo rite (yes, I called it a separate rite, as Antipope Bergoglio himself has declared).  Here is some insight, taken from Boston College’s Center for Christian-Jewish Learning (a CATHOLIC college), on how the reemergence of the Tridentine Rite, even with the ‘less offensive 1962 Missal’, ‘hurts Christian-Jewish relations’ (and they’re not the only ones worried about it then, or now):
“The Good Friday rite, for instance, while it does not contain the notorious phrase; the perfidious Jews’(which was removed by Pope John XXIII in 1959), does contain the following prayers:
1) For the unity of the Church.  Let us pray also for heretics and schismatics, that our Lord and God may save them from their errors and be pleased to recall them to our holy Mother the Catholic and Apostolic Church. Let us pray:  Almighty and everlasting God, You save all men and will that none should be lost; look down on those who are deceived by the wiles of the devil, that with the evil of heresy removed from their hearts, the erring may repent and return to the unity of Your truth.  Through our Lord….
2) For the conversion of the Jews.  Let us pray also for the Jews that the Lord our God may take the veil from their hearts and that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pray:  Almighty and everlasting God, You do not refuse Your mercy even to the Jews; hear the prayers which we offer for the blindness of that people so that they may acknowledge the light of Your truth, which is Christ, and be delivered from their darkness.  Through the same our Lord…
3) For the conversion of pagans [Infidelium]:  Let us pray also for the pagans, that almighty God may take away iniquity from their hearts, so that they may forsake their idols and be converted to the living and true God and His only Son, Jesus Christ, our God and Lord. Let us pray:  Almighty and everlasting God, You always demand not the death but the life of sinners; in Your goodness hear our prayer; free them from the worship of idols and unite them to Your holy Church for the praise and glory of Your name.  Through our Lord…”

Or, consider this statement by Abraham H. Foxman, then ADL National Director (the ADL is the Jewish version of the woke hitsquad SPLC), in Rome for meetings with Vatican officials at the time of the 2007 Motu Proprio allowing the Tridentine Rite:

“We are extremely disappointed and deeply offended that nearly 40 years after the Vatican rightly removed insulting anti-Jewish language from the Good Friday Mass, that it would now permit Catholics to utter such hurtful and insulting words by praying for Jews to be converted.  This is a theological setback in the religious life of Catholics and a body blow to Catholic-Jewish relations.  It is the wrong decision at the wrong time. It appears the Vatican has chosen to satisfy a right-wing faction in the Church that rejects change and reconciliation.”

Take also the story of the priestly and religious Order of Sion founded by Alphonse Ratisbonne, famous Jewish convert. His miraculous conversion story is a great one. Out of true charity for his fellow Jews, he founded an order of priests and religious to labor and pray specifically for their conversion. Read in their own words what they do now since the unleashing of the Spirit of Vatican II:
“Like the Fathers, the Sisters no longer emphasise conversion, but instead describe themselves as working to improve Catholic-Jewish relations and to witness to God’s faithful love for the Jewish people.”
In conclusion, Vatican II was much, much more than it seemed. The battle we are in now, post-Traditiones Custodes, is uncovering the very unsavory reality that Ecclesia Dei may very well have been a deliberate controlled opposition in response to Archbishop Lefebvre’s bold moves that rejected the doctrinal premise of Vatican II and all that comes with it, including the traditional stance on Jews. His Excellency’s book They Have Uncrowned Him provides more insight.
Cardinal Ratzinger, then head of the CDF, was tasked with ensuring the Ecclesia Dei was formed as a stop-bleed for traditional Catholics who wished to comprehensively fight the Vatican II Antichurch, not just retain their antiquated liturgy. And who was denied the lifting of his excommunication along with his brother Bishops by a later Pope Benedict? Bishop Richard Williamson, the *anti-Semite* who stood for what the Church once was, and should always be.
It’s almost as if…Vatican II wasn’t simply a destruction of the liturgy, but a much larger and broader attempt to knee-cap the Church’s ability to keep Jewish power in check, and by extension it’s Ancient Enemy’s use of them as his highly-specialized SEAL Team 6(66?) in his war on Christ and His Church.

New Religions As Smokescreens From The True Religion: Freemasonry, Communism, COVIDism

Bishop Williamson and others in this field (Cardinal Pie of Poitiers, Fr. Denis Fahey, Leon de Poncis, Maurice Pinay, among others) maintain that Jews created Freemasonry by marrying Jewish, Christian and Satanic symbology into a kind of ‘useful idiots’ secret society whose ultimate goal is destruction of the Catholic Church. Freemasonry also has an interesting end they don’t want you to know. Remember earlier I mentioned the destruction of the Temple, the sacking of Jerusalem?Freemasonry’s goal is the rebuilding of a Third Temple of Solomon.
They veil it in spiritual symbology, but it is indeed a quite literal goal. Chew on that for a minute. Whose goal is that? In a post-Conciliar Catholicism bled of sacred mystery, does Freemasonry’s swelling ranks fill with lost souls hungry for answers and a sense of purpose and acceptance? And are the post-conciliar popes’ policies just hapless gentile guilt-tripped efforts to avoid hurting Jews’ feelings? I posit, you decide.

The Eastern Star Rite, or Freemason women’s logo. Look like something else?
Let’s look at Communism. At its essence, a religion of Catholic inverse. It’s father, Karl Marx, was baptized a Protestant. But the conversion was false — his father decided to baptize the whole family from rabbinic lineage Judaism to Protestantism in order to escape rules on Jews holding high positions of power in Europe at the time. We are taught that this was anti-Semitism, but further study from a traditional Catholic lens reveals that this was so due to the diametrically opposed values that Christendom held in regards to modern Talmudic Judaism.
It is thought that the Communist regime of Russia was indeed run by Jews in addition to being designed by a Jew, and may explain why Our Lady requested that Russia be Consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. The undue deference and complete abandonment of exhorting Jews to convert on behalf of the Church post Vatican II may in turn explain why said Consecration has not yet happened, and, may explain the specific Freemasonic Roman Queeria hatred aimed at Our Lady. After all, Our Lady was a model of the perfect Jew during her time on earth — she first recognized the Messiah, was chosen to help bring Him to His chosen people, and followed His will perfectly.
Time is running thin, as the Judeo-Freemasonic designs of Revolution and inverted order, having succeeded in crushing monarchies around the world, have set their sights firmly on the ultimate monarchy with the latest ‘Sankt Gallen Synod’. Banish local subsidiarity, demolish the spiritual kingship of Christ on earth, and therefore invert the natural civil and ecclesiastical order towards the Freemasonic ends of Solve Et Coagula, and Ordo Ab Chao.

In Conclusion…?

Was the modern state of Israel justified by the Holocaust of dubious detail? Was its purpose (or an exploited ex post-facto purpose) to provide a vehicle for Jewish geopolitical and spiritual ambitions? Is it the planned site of the Third Temple of Solomon in which the Antichrist will roost up to deceive the masses partly bankrolled by our tax money? Is its current jab auto-genocide the real Holocaust, depriving their own people of their birthright to conversion to Catholicism by agents of Satan who will drag as many souls to Hell as he possibly can, especially the ones whose souls Christ came for first? Was Vatican II and its wake of destruction a deliberate attempt to weaken the Church’s administration, liturgy and doctrine against Jewish power? I posit, you decide. And if you ask these questions in polite company, you can say your Jewish friend Vanessa asked them first.
We will never see the inside of a modern-day Zionist Sanhedrin. We will never be at a high-degree Freemason meeting. We only have the hard-to-find testimonies of those that have, and the bold pronouncements of pre-Conciliar Bishops like Williamson. We will, most likely, never have solid proof of activities which are quite deliberately done in secret. The threads will all unravel gloriously at the Last Judgement. But until then, we must fray this fabric’s edges with pointed questions and rebukes of hypocrisy, no fear of reprisal or calumny, and a sincere charity for the blinded Jews whose elite may well be Satan’s henchmen in this final battle we are all conscripted into, whether we like it or not. They need our prayers and exhortations. And our lives depend on it.
It’s about to get ugly. We will find ourselves, as the new Israelites, completely incredulous at this frantic demonic rush to internally destroy the seat of Rome. We are, in my opinion, being tested by Our Lord who surely is looking upon the modern day Roman Queeria Sanhedrin with contempt, and upon those that unquestioningly follow them and refuse to directly answer “Who do YOU say I am?” with severe disappointment. Can you hold on through the turbulent times to come? The destruction of all property, honors, power, and fancy Masses in fancy churches? Are you ready to be a fool for Christ and Christ alone? 
A heavenly Third Temple of Jerusalem will be built, with Christ the King gloriously reigning from its Judgement seat at the consummation of the world. Stay at His right hand.

What To Do?

Ever a practical person, were I to be reading this, I would be asking, “Ok, so what do we do?!” Fear not, dear readers. Here are my five suggestions.
1) PRAY. In all forms, and in all ways, for the conversion of the Jews. Pray the Holy Week prayers cited above (and feel free to add ‘perfidious’), pray the Rosary most especially, and have Masses said for the conversion of the Jews.
2) Normalize conversation on Jews and all things related which we all have a stake in and we all are justified in talking about. Emphasize what true charity is, which is their conversion.
3) Deflate the defamatory power of the cursed label *anti-Semite* when applied for nefarious and unjust reasons, such as stopping any and all conversation on this topic or as a smearing cudgel for the reputations of good-hearted folks trying to charitably and objectively discuss the topic.
4) Stop supporting politicians in bed with Israel.
5) Educate yourself and others on how we need to go back to pre-Vatican II thinking on this subject, most especially in traditional Catholic communities. Being a Latin Mass attendee doesn’t just stop at the Mass. Educate yourself on why Vatican II habits, thoughts or base premises  must be consciously identified and kicked to the curb.
—Written by Vanessa*, a nom de guerre
Our Lady of Sion, pray for us
Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.