Prince Harry addendum: Mind the Gap!

A couple people emailed in suggesting that I check out pictures of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, from his youth, and that there could be resemblance there that would argue for Harry being Prince Philip’s grandson and therefore Prince Charles’ son after all.

The thing that I saw with regards to Prince Philip was that his natural teeth have a slight gap between the two front teeth.  Harry’s teeth pretty much all have gaps as his teeth are all very small and don’t fill the space in his mouth.  Prince Philip, being 100 years old, has been wearing false teeth for many decades which are aesthetically corrected, but there are pictures of him before his false teeth that show a subtle gap, which does resemble Harry.

I’d still advise the Queen to totally strip Harry of title and rank in order to save the institution, but the truth is that I don’t think the “institution” should be saved.  The “United Kingdom”, like the USA, is dead and has been for a while.  The so-called Royal Family is a disgrace.  England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are pagan, totalitarian, and not worth saving. Let Mrs. Trevor Engleson burn it to ash. It is mission territory already, and there will be another St. Augustine of Canterbury sent do it all again someday.

So there you go.  I still think Hewitt is probably Harry’s father and that both he and Diana lied about the start date of their affair, BUT, as they say in the UK… MIND THE GAP!

(This is the latest picture I could find of Prince Philip with his natural teeth.)

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