The Big Ugly Has Begun and General Notes

1.  I think the “big ugly” phase has begun for me.  While I was optimistic about the “Parking Spot for the Van” situation, it all went to pieces yesterday.  I knew this was coming, but had hoped to hold on for a while longer.  I think we should expect to suffer the same things that Our Lord suffered.  This probably falls under the category of Matthew 8:20.  This in combination with the interpersonal unpleasantness referenced below, which is far worse (see Genesis 2:18), is admittedly taxing, and I also admit that I am not handling it very well.  If you find yourself with all of the chores done, the cat fed, your hair washed and set, and every other possible prayer said, a very quick, “Help Ann man up” prayer would be most appreciated.  If you know the St. Michael prayer, you might send him my way.  The demons are definitely afoot, seeking the ruin of souls, including mine.  They don’t want me, or any of us, to ever see God.

2.  I think I have made this point before, but just because it is a real-time occurrence for me, let me restate that an economy in which it is illegal for individuals to transact business with cash or payment-in-kind physical commodities is a deeply immoral economy that will not survive.  When the commodity being purchased is something utterly necessary as a corollary to waking up breathing, as in this case, shelter, the gravity of the disorder is even more pronounced.

3.  Back in the day, the Papal States, the “country” that occupied central Italy of which the Pope was the earthly ruler from the 700s until ARSH1870, generated all revenues by holding a monopoly on all olive and wine production.  All olive groves and vineyards were owned by the Papal States and sharecropped, but there were NO TAXES otherwise.  I gotta tell you, I just keep coming back to this in my mind as I think about what the post-war paradigm plans need to be for you all.  The risk in this, I think, is having a state monopoly like this over something truly coercive, such as energy.  Olives and wine are food, and they are certainly staples, but are not utterly necessary to human life.  What would be a possible commodity that a post-War state could hold to generate revenue, but not use to coerce or murder its people?  It is something to think about.  Internet?  Sugar?  Alcohol?  Maybe just beer?  But just think, no taxes otherwise.  No income tax (obviously), no property tax (obviously), no estate tax (obviously), no welfare taxes, no sales tax.  Nothing.  People completely free to transact business as they see fit, with whatever currency or barter commodity they see fit.  Sigh.

4.  Did you know that there are more Catholics in China than DOUBLE the ENTIRE population of Canada?  63 million Catholics in China vs. a total population of 30 million Canucks.  For reference, there are technically 78 million Catholics in the former United States, but only 719 of them actually believe what the Church teaches.  The rest complain to their sodomite hairdressers about how the Pill makes them carry extra water weight and thus they can’t wear the super-hawt white yoga pants outfit when serving as an Extraordinary Monster of Holy Communion at Mass that makes their boyfriend’s ex-wife super-jealous every time they see each other when handing off the kids for visitation, but our lord and savior Pope Francis the Merciful is totes teh AWESOME, and totes lurves teh gays, er mah gaaaah.

5.  If I make another video presentation, it will be an expose/explanation of the physical reality and horror of sodomy and the sodomite lifestyle.  I know someone who did this years and years ago and has a research dossier.  Like the “Islamic Sexuality: Survey of Evil” video I made, I think simply exposing these realities to daylight and getting the truth out there would do a lot of good.  Sodomite fornication is NOT just another “technique”.  It is a vile, satanic, body-and-soul killing abomination.  Man, do I ever hate sodomy.  I HATE it.  #IHateSodomy .  Someone needs to make bumper stickers to that effect.  Also in Latin, because everything sounds better in Latin.  #SodomiticumOdi (??)

6.  To end on something positive, here is a really good recipe.  It is a salad of green beans (string beans, fresh are best but frozen work too) quickly boiled (blanched), diced new potatoes boiled to the still-firm salad stage, diced cooked chicken (cheap thigh meat works great) and CASHEWS.  Boil and chill the beans and taters, add the cold chicken meat and cashews, and dress with a simple lemon vinaigrette (lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, dried thyme if you have it).  This makes a great first course, or a stand-alone summer lunch.  The only expensive bit is the cashews, but they really make the dish.

May ARSH 2015 Andrea Shea King Show

This was a particularly good conversation, I thought.  We start out discussing the dynamic of center-right “allies” turning on and blaming the messengers for provoking the oligarch class as they are no longer able to deny the reality and gravity of the situation.  Think Pamela Geller being attacked by O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham for “provoking” the musloids, or the example I give of the Jews in the concentration camps admonishing each other to “just cooperate and eveything will be fine”, as they were literally being marched into the showers.

Here is today’s Andrea Shea King Show.

Drunk Blogging

1.  So it has been a monumentally horrific and horrible few days – worst in many years, although things are tentatively okay on the “parking spot for the van” situation.  I think the parking spot thing is manageable and will resolve.  But, somehow a bottle of tequila, a bottle of Cointreau and a bag of lemons landed on my “dashboard/bar”, and so I made a pitcher of Margaritas, and then everyone in Riverville bailed citing “childhood tequila trauma/triggering”, and so I have this pitcher of pure Agave goodness staring at me, and so… drunk blogging.  Let’s see whether my prose improves or crashes and burns with three, no, FOUR margaritas in my 130 pound bod.  At any rate, it’s click bait fo’ shizzle, mah nizzles.

2.  I’m doing my monthly Andrea Shea King show on Friday morning.  If this post goes well, I might just get drunk for that, too.  Heck, it’s five o’clock somewhere, amiright?

3.  Interestingly, after the hate mail post I only received THREE emails saying, “Er mah gawsh, take that down!!!!eleventy!!!!”  There was a marked shift in the feedback towards the whole notion of coming grips with reality, and the need to understand what it is that we are up against.  And support.  But don’t worry.  That stuff doesn’t bother me in the least, at least in terms of myself.  I know that my death will almost certainly be grizzly, and if I escape rape, it will be a miracle.  But you know, none of those people know me, and so it isn’t personal.  But this week, I got into a discussion/debate with a beloved Riverville resident about the nuance and morality surrounding counter-revolution, civil disobedience, etc., and it ended with the person leaving in a huff, and as they left, I assured them of my love, and the response was, “Oh, FUCK you.”  Fuck as a verb.  With me as the object of the verb.  From a beloved, beloved friend.  Being raped to death by mohammedans or rap/hip-hop thugs, if it happens, will carry less anguish than that.

But, we remember Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ crucified, and with every one of our sins, we turn to Him, scourged and nailed to the Cross, and say, “Oh, FUCK You.”  I do it to Him every single day.  Multiple times per day.  Nothing engenders hatred in this fallen world so much as being genuinely, authentically loved – and not this bullshit Pope Francis “who am I to judge”, “do whatever you want as long as you continue your sycophancy of me” indifference masquerading as a total bullshit false love.  People, I’m telling you, EVERYTHING that you suffer, or COULD POSSIBLY SUFFER,  has already been suffered INFINITELY by Our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in His Passion.  So there is no need to fear suffering, because He will be right there with you.  Offer it all up to Him.  And He will console you, because BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO MOURN.

4.  So, with regard to “”, there is clearly only one path forward.  I must have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for the salvation of his soul.  The deal I have set up right now is that I get always two, but sometimes four, Masses per month.  I always have at least one Mass offered for my Benefactors and Supporters, and then the other is open to me for whatever intention.  In May, my two Masses will be for those two intentions:  my Benefactors and Supporters, and for “”.  Think about that.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered, Christ Crucified on Calvary, will be offered for the salvation of that person’s soul.  Sit in stillness with that until you comprehend the miracle of that.  So, many of you have emailed me saying, “I’m so sorry that guy sent you that email.”  I’m not.  I cannot express the gratitude at that happening.  Our Lord knew that I could take it, and that I would know what needed to be done.  Think about it.  What other possible way could the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Calvary itself, be offered for that person?  Only this way.  And maybe, someday, if I make it, and if “” makes it, we will be able to fall through each others’ souls as we dwell forever inside the Most Holy Trinity, pondering God from the inside.  That is my prayer.  Please join me in it.  I will, of course, post the dates of both of these Masses as soon as I lock in the dates.

5.  Five, FIVE margaritas.  Ah-ah-ah-ah!

6.  When I was a little-bitty kid, like three-to-four, I would wake up at exactly the same time every morning, walk out into the TV room, flip on the ol’ Zenith console at EXACTLY the moment that Sesame Street came on at 8:30.  Because body clocks.  Now, in retrospect, I know that Sesame Street was a vector of Commie agitprop, but regardless, those sights and sounds are positively pounded into my mind.  Not long ago, I had the chance to “babysit/hang out” with a very young friend, only 2 1/2, and I had my laptop with me, and so we sat on the sofa, and I pulled up YouTube vids of the old Sesame Street vignettes.  And my brilliant young friend sat enraptured at the memories of my so distant, and yet so distinctly remembered youth.  One of my absolute favorites was the “fabricating of saxophones” vignette.  I watch this and it is ARSH 1979.  Enjoy.  I’m taking two Aleve and going to bed.  Because I have to Clean all the Things at the Place with my boss in inpatient physical therapy for the next month, tomorrow, and margarita hangovers (ole’!) simply won’t do.


An object lesson for any remaining Pollyannas


I post this because there are still people who think that what is going on is simply one more case of generally decent people of good will disagreeing over political questions.  No.  Porn, drugs, fornication and sexual perversion are all entry vectors for DEMONIC OPPRESSION.  Read this email that came across the transom, and then go buy more guns and more ammo, because when these people are let loose, it will literally be hell on earth.





Uni Pex <>
9:29 PM (1 hour ago)

to Ann
Hi, does your pussy smell like wet poop? you nasty bush tuna-smelling muslim-hating cunt…. and what’s your address again? oh i forgot. the irs busted your ass and you don’t have a home. you’re living with friends hahahahha. so no guy wants you…. you talk about muslims having sex, when apparently your cunt doesn’t get poked…. unless of course, if you’re a whore, which is completely against your “biblical” beliefs.. enjoy your toys…. so what’s your dildo’s name again?

go eat a dick and get a man….. i reserve the right to fuck the shit out of you (of course with your consent…. you’re a closet slut who needs to get your nasty cunt drained)…. And janitors pay just above minimum wage, right?

god dam, you’re an idiot. lol. is religion this fucking stupid? you’re no different to the other religion that you profess to hate and despise… you’re both two extreme ends of the spectrum, who both venture off into la-la land….

When it rains it pours…

1.  Update:  the “parking space for the van” issue has improved significantly, but I’m not going to self-sabotage by declaring the issue fully resolved.  Thank you all for the kind assurances of your prayers.

2.  But, Tuesday morning my immediate superior at my job as a custodial engineer where I Clean All the Things was mowed down on his motorcycle on his way to work by a very old lady who shouldn’t have been driving at all.  He always wore a helmet and full dragonskin, but suffered a very bad high femoral fracture.  (Shudder)  He’ll be out of commission for months, but hopefully will make a good recovery.  So, as you can imagine, Guess Who just got a temporary field promotion and an increase in hours?  Yep.  So, like I said, when it rains it pours.

3.  I have felt awful not having time to comment on the Pam Geller event.  So, catching up:

A.)  Kudos, as always to the brilliant, brave and beautiful Pam Geller.  She’s the original and second-to-none, folks.  She has dedicated her life and her personal resources to fighting the tyrannical political system masquerading as a religion commonly called “islam” and has done and continues to do yeoman’s work.

B.)  Super kudos to the off-duty officer who calmly dropped the musloids with perfect cranial shots, knowing that they were wearing body armor, and thus a headshot was required.  With his .45 pistol.  Just fantastic.  Movies have lulled all of us into believing that accuracy with a handgun is easy.  Well, it ain’t.  It is intensely difficult, even when practicing calmly on a range.  The fact that this fellow showed such accuracy in, what I understood to be, his very first tactical discharge is even more remarkable.

C.)  The big news today is that Pam Geller has NOT been contacted by the FBI or DHS.  I can’t say that I am surprised.  I was never involved in an attack like this (precisely, I think, because I made public my ability and willingness… enthusiasm even, at the prospect of defending myself), but it was still instructive to a lesser degree that I was likewise never contacted by any law enforcement other than my local police department.  It really makes one wonder, was that whole Molly Norris thing for real?  The propaganda arm of the regime is STILL pushing the “Molly Norris” story – see HERE.  Now, you all know that I hate the whole conspiracy theory worldview, but Pam Geller just had an act of war carried out on her by the Caliphate who have troops, forts, depots and colonies operating in the territory of the former United States (all according to the regime’s plans), and two soldiers of the Caliphate had their heads blown off, and not even a phone call from the FBI or so-called DHS.  But Molly Norris is still in the witness relocation program because she drew a cartoon on a thimble?  Um, call me incredulous. And after you call me incredulous, remind me again why it is that ANYONE is still paying taxes to this evil, evil regime?

4.  I’d just like to say once more at this point how much I HATE islam.  I also HATE sodomy in all its forms.  I also HATE beets.  That last one is, well, not quite the same, but I just couldn’t leave it off the list.

5.  I just wanted to point one thing out with regards to the living breathing allegory to the former United States that he is, Bruce Jenner.  Just to point out what a shallow, ridiculous crock of shit Jenner’s whole tranny schtick is, consider this quote from Jenner:

“I am not gay. As far as I know, I am heterosexual.  I’ve never been with a guy.”

Um, wait.  So you are telling everyone dumb enough and indifferent enough (remember, indifferentism is the opposite of charity or love) to entertain your sad, diabolical delusions that you are a “woman”, but the thought process on this is so incredibly shallow that you declare yourself “heterosexual” and “not gay” because you are exclusively sexually attracted to women.

Um, if Jenner actually believed on even the shallowest level that he was a “woman trapped in a man’s body”, dontcha think he might say something like “I’m a lesbian”?

Look, this is a guy who has descended into full-blown insanity and in a sane, Christian culture he  would be declared insane and institutionalized for his own protection.  Instead he is universally enabled in his insanity, and is going to chop off his own penis and testicles among other mutilations to the cheers of his evil family, evil “friends”, and the entire evil post-American culture.

Like I said, Jenner is the walking, talking allegory par excellence of the former United States and its culture.  You could not write this as fiction.

It’s over, y’all.  What at long last will it take for you to come to grips with this?





Moving Daze

I moved the “Van Down By the River’s parking spot” on Thursday, and thus have been in perpetual motion ever since.  One of the great mysteries of life is why unpacking takes so much longer than packing.  Even for a mere “van down by the river”.  Seriously.  Everything I now own fits EASILY into less than 300 square feet.

….I should finish unpacking in mid-July, if everything goes well.  ARGH!!!

Also, a snag has arisen with the new parking spot.  Let’s just say that local law enforcement may be less than sympathetic.  Prayers will be appreciated.  The Mother of Divine Providence, St. Joseph, St. Catherine of Siena and St. Philip Neri are all particularly involved, so asking them to pray for me would also be good.  Miracles are real, and God is in charge.  Whatever happens is for the best.

But, if it is time for me to go to the clink, I’m ready.  I have had more happiness and love in my life than most groups of ten people put together. When I go to prison, whether it be sooner or later, all I will have to do is close my eyes and think of these days….

God bless you all.

The Mother of Divine Providence with her Sweet Snuggly Baby.

The Mother of Divine Providence with her Sweet Snuggly Baby…who is God.

The Only Three Things I Called That Have Not Yet Happened

So, beginning in ARSH 2008 when it became clear that the Constitutional Republic was in the process of being overthrown in a cold putsch, and then forward as I continued to blog here, I called a series of things, in no particular order, except for the last three, which are obviously end-game events, and thus placed at the end of the list:

1.  Reformation of the islamic Caliphate facilitated by the Washington DC regime
2.  Total economic war executed by the Washington DC regime against the American people, specifically the Cloward-Piven Strategy, namely driving as many people as possible out of work and onto the welfare rolls in order to collapse the system
3.  Severe price inflation, especially for food
4.  Nationalization of healthcare delivery for the purposes of controlling and coercing the masses
5.  Dissolving the Mexican border in order to bring in millions of socialist Latin Americans in order to help overwhelm the welfare system, corrupt the electoral process where it still possessed integrity, and to provide a means for soldiers of the Caliphate to invade and colonize the former United States
6.  Criminalization of Christianity
7.  Race riots/ defacto civil war with every urban area becoming its own discrete theater
8.  Complete evanesence of the Rule of Law and the ascendancy of a tyrannical, kleptocratic oligarchy
9.  Nuclear war centered on Israel
10.  Obama being assassinated by his own people in order to seize total power – the ultimate Reichstag Fire
11.  People’s Liberation Army (Red China) boots on the ground on the North American landmass, probably under the guise of “peacekeeping”

Here is my post from September 4, ARSH 2012 titled “How the Disintegration is Likely Going to Happen”, including a link to a Matt Bracken piece on the same topic at Western Rifle Shooters Association.

Again, let me just reiterate:  YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH AMMUNITION.  So, whydontcha get on that, mkay?

Matt Bracken has written a piece over at Western Rifle Shooters that matches exactly how I have envisaged the coming collapse and civil war.

His belief that it will all begin with the rejection of EBT Foodstamps cards is, I think, spot-on.

Next comes the urban riots.

Then comes the rioters spilling into the suburbs.

Then comes full-blown chaos when the rioters realize that the cops alone can’t contain them.

Then come the beatings, rapes and murders. In the open. In broad daylight. At heavily trafficked intersections.

Then comes the militia, which is what I intend to do when shizz gets real. That has been my intention all along, since the fall of 2008 when I knew that collapse and civil war was an inevitability.

Echoing Bracken, if I am either sandbagged or on a bipod, 400 yards is an EASY kill. Men are a hell of a lot bigger than prairie dogs, which is why learning to snipe on prairie dogs is so wise, in addition to good, wholesome fun.

That's a .204 varminting rifle.  It's WAY, WAY easier with a .308.  It's easier yet with a .338 Lapua.

That’s a .204 varminting rifle. It’s WAY, WAY easier with a .308. It’s easier yet with a .338 Lapua.

When I tell you people to be buying LONG GUNS and ammo, I’m not kidding. Assault rifles and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition is one of the best places to park wealth right now. And you better know how to use it, and you better sit your wife down, tell her to cut the sissy, whiny female bullshit and learn how to handle every weapon system in your arsenal. This isn’t a damn game or a TV show. Many, many women are going to find themselves as the ONLY THING standing between a hip-hop rape mob and their children.

If you haven’t watched my Vendee Genocide YouTube presentation, I clearly lay out the case that it is an absolute certainty that THERE WILL BE MASS RAPES when the inner city hip-hop contingent can no longer be contained by standard law enforcement. It isn’t even debatable.

Read the essay above, and then GET READY. QUICKLY.

Notes on Hell

As I have mentioned, a few weeks ago an interview with Pope Francis by a Freemason atheist newspaper magnate in Italy was published in which the magnate, Eugenio Scalfari, wrote that Pope Francis had told him that souls who do not go to heaven, that is achieve the Beatific Vision, are annihilated.  Not a peep of denial, correction or clarification has come from Francis or any of his toadies.

Let’s use this as an opportunity to discuss some rarely-discussed concepts regarding hell that are widely misunderstood and confusing to even the most devout Christians.

1.  It is essential to know and understand that you will never, ever, ever, ever cease to exist.  Most people, it seems to me, don’t really process or understand this.  Last week the topic of the heresy of soul annihilation came up in conversation in the context of the massive, massive damage that Francis is doing to souls.  The person I was talking with argued that the notion of “ceasing to exist” is abhorrent to most people, and thus the words attributed to Francis in the most recent Scalfari interview probably didn’t do too much damage.  I disagree vehemently.  I think that the lie of “soul annihilation” is one of the main manifestations of satan’s tactic of “convincing the world that he doesn’t exist”.  To have this idea attributed to the Pope is horrifying.

The temptation in the mind of sinful man is to quietly assume, without really giving it much thought because thinking about eternity can become very frightening very quickly, that when we die we just fall asleep and it’s “lights out”, baby.  Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. In other words, the heresy of soul annhialation is a soothing lie that we tell ourselves so that we don’t have to think about sin, judgment, and the possibility of ourselves or people we know actually being consigned to an endless, eternal damnation.  I think that the average post-Christian, post-modern man, deep down thinks that when he dies he will simply cease to be.  We all experience “lights out” when we sleep without dreaming, or when we are anesthetized and have no memory of the time we were unconscious.  It is a tantalizing temptation to think that when we die, no matter what we have done, we will simply slip into nothingness and none of it will really have mattered.

You can see why satan is FULLY onboard with and not the least bit offended by a planet full of human beings who deny that he, or hell, exist.  Because if it is just going to be lights out someday, why not fornicate?  It feels good.  Why not lie?  It makes life so much easier.  Why not cheat and steal?  Everyone else is doing it.  In the end, whether we screw around, lie and cheat won’t make any difference.  It’s just going to be lights out and that’s it, so we might as well go for the most carnal pleasure and the path of least resistance and work in life.  This is, I think, the way the majority of people convince themselves to commit and persist in mortal sin, and is also how most people convince themselves that they need not correct their family and friends who are in mortal sin.  Deep down, none of it really matters anyway because “lights out”.

And, sure enough, polls show that roughly half of Novus Ordo Catholics, which is to say almost all Catholics in the western world because “Traddyland” is microscopic as a percentage of the total, happily deny the existence of hell.   Well of course they do.  Ah, the New Pentecost….

Here is the blunt reality.  God created you, and every human being, out of the abundance of His love.  Because God loves you personally, He holds YOUR EXISTENCE and your FREE WILL SACRED.  Think about that.  God holds YOU sacred.  Could He snuff you out of existence?  Oh yes.  But He never, ever, ever will, no matter what, because if He snuffed even one human soul out of existence, then ALL human souls would then be nothing more than meaningless chessmen, plastic toys being played with by a capricious deity for nothing more than his perverse entertainment.  That is not what God is.  He is infinite, perfect love, truth and beauty, and He made you so that you might know, love and serve Him in this world and be happy with Him forever in the next.  That is why you exist.  That is the meaning of life.  And life is SACRED not because WE hold our own lives sacred – life is sacred because God holds it sacred.

Sadly, most people reject God in various and sundry ways, and when they die, since they never repent of their sins and believed to the end of their earthly lives that their sins weren’t sins, or that they need not cease their sinful ways and instead presumed upon God’s mercy, these people simply cannot achieve the Beatific Vision, because God is also perfectly just.  And, so, people go to hell.

So what IS hell?  Hell is that “place” outside of the Beatific Vision, completely separated from the Holy Trinity where these wretched souls will continue to exist FOREVER.  There are several things about hell and the damned that must be understood.

A.) God still loves the damned souls.  He still delights in their existence, because He made them and God neither makes mistakes nor does He create souls predestined for hell because that would be wicked, no matter what your Calvinist heretic friends might tell you.  Precisely because He loves those souls and holds their existences and free wills sacred, He does NOT annihilate them.  Just because those souls rejected Him does not change His love for them.  Remember how I explained that true love is never contingent upon reciprocity?

B.) Those souls who do make it to heaven, the Beatific Vision, will not miss, be saddened or mourn for the souls in hell.  In fact, because God is perfectly just, and because perfect justice is infinitely good and beautiful, the souls in heaven will rejoice at the perfect justice of the damnation of the souls in hell.  I know this is EXTREMELY difficult to hear for the first time, but it is true.  The thought of your loved ones in hell while you rejoice at the fact (or your loved ones in heaven rejoicing at your damnation) should serve, while we yet live, as a motivation to do whatever we can to work out our salvation, as St. Paul said, and also to help our loved ones to know, love and serve God.

C.) Why are human souls tormented in hell?  Isn’t being excluded from the Beatific Vision for all eternity enough?  Why the demonic tortures?  How could a loving God permit eternal torment?

This question is actually the reason why I wrote this piece.  Please pay close attention because this is of desperate importance.

The demons are allowed to torment the souls in hell AS A MERCY.  The worst torment of hell is the knowledge of the lost soul that he will never see God, and that he could have achieved heaven, and achieved it EASILY, and that he lost heaven over stupid, trifling, fleeting carnal pleasures.  Further, the damned souls fully realize how much God gave them in their lives and how He bent over backwards and rolled out the red carpet for them, squandered opportunity after squandered opportunity, until it was too late and there is now and forever NOTHING that can be done.

Imagine that.  Imagine the feeling of “waking up” in hell after dying and going through your Particular Judgment and realizing that you will never see God and there is nothing you can do and no hope.  It will just go on forever and ever because of your choices, and you will never cease to exist, precisely because Perfect Love Who created you to be with Him still loves you, but you rejected Him, literally to your dying breath, and so He honors your choice.

The demons are allowed to torment these souls as a DISTRACTION from the greater agony of their realization that they will never, ever see God.

Which brings us to satan and the demons.  Their top priority is NOT the tormenting of damned souls.  Their sole concern and driving motivation is to see to it that as many human souls as possible do not see God, JUST AS THEY WILL NEVER SEE GOD.  The demons don’t want souls to go to hell as entertainment for them.  Their entire motivation is that they themselves will never see God, and they don’t want anyone else to see Him either.

And so, the “lightbulb moment” that came to me during Tenebrae this Holy Week as I thought about these things was this:  The Beatific Vision, heaven, which is dwelling INSIDE the Trinity, is so ineffably good that the agony of its deprivation is worse than the cruelest tortures of the demons which are permitted as a merciful distraction.

Heaven is THAT GOOD.  God is THAT GOOD.  The Beatific Vision is THAT GOOD.

We have all been mislead by the depictions of heaven as a frankly boring place where souls and angels float about in a benign Stepford-esque stupor, wiling away eternity.  I cannot tell you what heaven is like, obviously, but I can tell you that it is so far beyond anything we can possibly imagine here on earth that God Himself became incarnate and suffered and died for our sins so that we might have a chance at it.

And so, we realize that the statement “I don’t want to go to hell” is not itself a base premise, but rather a corollary of the ACTUAL premise, “Oh God, please, I do, I do, I do want to see You and be happy with You forever.  Have mercy on me, a sinner.”

Your soul, dear reader, will NEVER be annihilated, no matter what ANYONE tells you.  You exist, and will exist forever, and will spend all of eternity either with God, or in hell where you will welcome your demon torturers as a distraction from the agony of the realization of what you chose to reject.  If you only fear hell qua hell, you are missing what should be the main motivation:  INDWELLING IN THE TRIUNE GODHEAD IS THAT GOOD.

But, as it is written: That eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what things God hath prepared for them that love Him.
1 Corinthians 2:9

April Benefactor Mass Set and Something Unspeakably Beautiful

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for all of my benefactors and supporters, past, present and future, on Wednesday, April 29th.  Mark your calendars!

Thanks to one and all for your perpetually stunning munificence.  It has made the process of moving my “van down by the river” to the new “parking space”, which is coming up in a few days, far less wrought with anxiety.  I hope to pick up my productivity after the move, and will have more time per day as my commute to the place where I clean all the things will be reduced by approximately 90%.  Whew!!!  Be assured of my continued daily prayers for one and all.

Here is something beautiful for you to enjoy.  It is “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis” by Ralph Vaughan Williams.  It is sublime.  Williams is one of the very few classical composers of the 20th century that wrote genuinely beautiful music.  A diamond amongst the slag. Many of you may recognize this from the wonderful soundtrack to the movie “Master and Commander”.