Barnhardt Podcast #011: A Man’s Enemies Shall Be of His Own Household

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In this episode we talk about President Trump’s “body-slamming CNN” tweet, James O’Keefe exposing CNN admitting they are publishing fakes news purely for the ratings, and reiterate again that if you have cable, Netflix, Hulu, etc. you are subsidizing the mainstream media leviathan. We also read and comment on a listener’s email on the topic of “What to do about sodomites in one’s extended family.”

Saying of the week: “You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time.”

Recommended Reading: The Key Character in Brideshead Revisted: Mrs. Beryl Muspratt

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How, Exactly, Is Charlie Gard NOT a Christian Martyr?

Given the fact that Great Britain is a cesspit of post-Christian paganism, and soon to be a confessing territory of the Caliphate, I was really worried that Baby Charlie Gard was not baptized.  So, I put out a call to see if anyone knew, and I am happy to report that the lad’s parents have indeed had him baptized.  So, when he is murdered by the NHS, probably tomorrow or Monday, with the full, explicitly-stated approval of Antipope Bergoglio through his faggot henchman Paglia (that’s the guy who had a homoerotic mural of Our Lord painted on the counter facade of his episcopal cathedral in Italy by a notorious sodomite pornographer – is there anything more satanic than a sacriligious sodomite that desecrates holy spaces?), we can be assured that while not a canonized saint, given that he is baptized, and thus cleansed and redeemed of the stain of Orioginal Sin, and obviously not guilty of any personal sin, that young Charlie will be in heaven.  Further, he will carry the Palm of Martyrdom, with his blood on the hands not only of the evil NHS of post-Christian, neo-pagan Britain, but also on the hands of Antipope Bergoglio, the Sodomite filth Paglia, and all the rest of them that didn’t speak out.

And if any of you are struggling with the simple logic of this situation, the reason why murdering a baptized infant is bad is because it involves MURDERING.  And in this case, it involves breaking the Natural and Divine Law which clearly dictates that PARENTS are the ultimate authority in the lives of their children.

If the state asserts that it can literally murder your children, then what can’t it do?  Can it cut off your sons’ penises and castrate them? Can it clitorectomize your daughters?  Yep.  Can it force your children to worship “allah”, or Bergoglio, or Mark Zuckerberg, or satan himself?  Yep. Can it remove your children from your custody and place them with a “tolerant” sodomite couple that won’t inculcate them with “Christian hate”?  Yep.

I’m no Sarah Palin fan, but she was 100% correct when she called the “death panels” dynamic of all socialized medicine.  As the mother of a Down’s Syndrome child, she understood that dynamic well, and rightly called it.

Oh yes.  Charlie Gard is being martyred.  Make no mistake.

New Verb: To Be COSBYED

To COSBY, or to be COSBYED.

A person is COSBYED when they blindly take the side of a psychopath due to the psychopath’s apparent leanings to the right, conservative or traditional side of the political spectrum.

This is what is happening with Cardinal Pell right now, because apparently the lessons of Cosby are just too far in the past to be remembered, that is, outside the 36 hour news cycle.

Cardinal Pell is widely, widely known in Rome and elsewhere to be one of the severest cases of psychopathy in the Church today.  He lusts power, and when his dream of being the “kingmaker” at the March ARSH 2013 false conclave didn’t pan out, he hopped into bed with Bergoglio, hoping to grasp as much power and protection as possible.  And Antipope Bergoglio and friends played right along.  Knowing that Pell had the same “self-destruct switch” that almost every other prelate in the Church today has, and that Pell was known to say generally Catholic things in public from time to time, and even to celebrate the Old Mass on occasion, they made the the “Vatican Finance and Economic Reform” czar.  Pell was installed specifically so that he could be played with like a mouse in the control of a cat, until the cat decides to snap the mouse’s neck. And Pell was a “dead man walking” from that moment.

Consider this from last year – Bergoglio and his faggots literally canceled the PricewaterhouseCoopers audit of the Vatican WITHOUT TELLING PELL. Just to make sure we’re all getting that – Bergoglio canceled the audit and dismissed the auditors WITHOUT TELLING THE FINANCIAL REFORM CZAR.  And Pell is being painted as one of Bergoglio’s closest advisors?  GIVE ME A BREAK!

Cardinal George Pell, the prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, has said he was “a bit surprised” by the decision of the Secretariat of State to suspend an independent audit of the Vatican’s finances.

In a short statement released this morning, he said he anticipates the audit will “resume shortly” after “discussions and clarification” of some issues, and added that the work of the “internal auditor which covers all areas has not been interrupted.”

Yesterday the Register reported that the Secretariat of State had sent a letter this week to all Vatican entities saying the first external audit aimed at raising the Vatican’s finances to international anti-money laundering standards had been suspended.

The Vatican had hired accountancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers in December to conduct the audit on the instructions of the Council for the Economy, the 15-member monitoring body set up to oversee the work of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy.

The move to suspend the initiative has been seen as a move not only to undermine the work of Cardinal Pell and the department he runs, but moreover the Council for the Economy which was responsible for appointing the auditors.

And just a few days ago, the independent INTERNAL AUDITOR mentioned above abruptly resigned.  OOPSIE DAISY!

Vatican City, Jun 20, 2017 / 12:37 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- In an unexpected move in the Holy See’s ongoing financial reform, the Vatican announced on Tuesday the resignation of Libero Milone, General Auditor of the Holy See, effective immediately.

So the external auditors were dismissed, then the internal auditor quit. And now Pell is gone, almost certainly never to return to Rome in any working capacity.

And now the money laundering, drug and child sex trafficking is free to continue apace.  Laissez les bons temps roule! Or, perhaps it would be better said, Lass die guten Zeiten ruhen!

Pell was put in place by Bergoglio and the Commie Fags SPECIFICALLY SO THAT HE COULD BE PUBLICLY DESTROYED IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME.  Pell’s long, sordid history of scandal related to child rape in Australia was a feature, not a bug.  Install power hungry Pell as Financial Czar, hamstring him at every turn, then hold up the severed head of the “conservative hypocrite” as proof that Antipope Bergoglio is working hard against the boy-buggers!  Meanwhile, flaming faggot boy rapist Battista Ricca is literally Bergoglio’s man at the Vatican Bank!!  (Click here for the Vatican Bank board of governance roster – what a hive of scum and villainy!)

But back to the main point.  Do you remember early in the Cosby scandal that many, many people on the right were claiming that the charges were trumped-up because Cosby had openly criticized the black hip-hop culture and said things that were socially conservative?  Remember that?  Remember how Cosby was the victim of a socio-political witch hunt?

And then accuser after accuser, after accuser …(x 60)… after accuser.

And Cosby turned out to be nothing less than a psychopath necrophiliac serial rapist.  Period.  I don’t care how correct his admonishments for blacks to pull up their pants and learn to speak English were.  That doesn’t matter.  The man is a psychopath necrophiliac serial rapist. In a morally sane society, he would be offered the Sacraments and executed within a week upon conviction.

In exactly the same way, just because a priest, prelate or even a layman celebrates or assists at the Traditional Mass, or publicly says things that are “Traditional” DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE CAN OR SHOULD OVERLOOK THEIR PERSONAL BEHAVIOR.

I’m getting really, really sick of the whole, “I’m against sacriligious sodomy and fornication… except when my friends do it, because that’s different, because… loyalty!”

Folks, this whole business of falling into this effeminate, sports-driven mindset of everyone being on “my team” or “their team”, and then defending the indefensible when those on “my team” do it has got to stop.  Is there no capacity for ANY nuanced thought?  Are we so far gone that we cannot see that it is possible that BOTH PARTIES, BOTH SIDES can be terrible, awful people?

THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE ON BOTH SIDES. CHURCH, GOVERNMENT, BIG BUSINESS.  If being “loyal” means turning a blind eye to psychopathy, sexual perversion, corruption, larceny or any other immoral behavior based upon public political leanings, then please God let me never be “loyal”.

Don’t be Cosbyed.

If you want, watch this Australian 60 Minutes piece in which Pell is interviewed and is caught in BOLDFACED LIES IN REAL TIME, UNEDITED, BY THE INTERVIEWER.

As an aside, the nephew/rape victim of pedophile priest Gerald Risdale shown in the clip below is not the only nephew of Risdale to have been raped.  Both David Risdale, and his cousin Dominic Risdale have come forward.  I mention this because so many boys are abused and raped by their BLOOD UNCLES, and many, many parents know that their brother is a sex pervert faggot, and yet tell themselves, “Oh he would never touch MY BOYS.”  Oh yes, YES HE WOULD.  All faggots are a clear and present danger to children, MOST ESPECIALLY PRE-TEEN AND TEENAGED BOYS. BLOOD RELATIONS INCLUDED. Do you have an adult faggot brother or brother-in-law?  NEVER, EVER, EVER LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN ALONE WITH THEIR FAGGOT UNCLE. NEVER. NO MATTER WHAT.

“I offered them nothing.” Boldfaced lie, immediately proven, which Pell then walks back.

Is the Australian media biased? Of course, all western media is biased, but Pell LIES LIKE A RUG TO THE INTERVIEWER.  That simply cannot be denied.  Because that is what psychopaths do.  They lie with complete facility.  You can’t see objective evidence (Pell lying) and then utterly dismiss it because the media is leftist and wants to destroy the Church.  That is called an ad hominem fallacy, specifically an appeal to bias.  Anyway, here’s the clip…

#TOLDYA Left, Right and Trad-Right: Cardinal Pell Charged With Sexually Assaulting Boys

Ready to listen yet?

As I have been desperately trying to make people understand PRECISELY IN ORDER TO HELP PEOPLE NOT BE SCANDALIZED, the infiltration of the Vatican by sodomites is absolutely massive. It is a de facto Bathhouse, and the infiltration utterly transcends the left-right-Trad spectrum. Sodomites are EVERYWHERE in Rome.

Am I surprised that Cardinal Pell has been charged in Australia with sexually assaulting boys? NOPE. Not even a little.

Is Cardinal Pell the prelate I spoke of in yesterday’s Barnhardt Podcast #010 who sexually propositioned the priest reader of this blog in Rome? Nope. That was a different prelate who says the Old Mass. Like I said, COMPLETE INFILTRATION.

I wrote a few months ago about this and the culture of sodomite blackmail that runs Rome and the Vatican.

“…Antipope Bergoglio is a diabolical narcissist psychopath who is now, and always has been about one thing: PERSONAL POWER. He rules through FEAR, and in Rome EVERY PRIEST, BISHOP, MONSIGNOR and CARDINAL WITHOUT EXCEPTION IS BLACKMAILABLE.

The infiltration of the Church by Freemasons/Communists, who then recruited and promoted ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY SODOMITES for over fifty years now is so intense, that absolutely EVERY PRELATE IN ROME IS BLACKMAILABLE. EVERY PRELATE has sodomite connections, even for the very, very rare prelate that isn’t a sodomite himself. The faggotry is EVERYWHERE, on both the “left” and the “right” and the “far right”.

And folks, where there are faggots, children are being abused. Period. There is no such thing as a “harmless faggot”. Scratch a faggot and you’ll find either an active child predator, a developing child molester, or someone who has turned a blind eye to child molestation to protect “friends”. The code of omertà among faggots is every bit as strong, if not stronger than the code of omertà in the Italian Mafia.

Folks, the Vatican is now, for all intents and purposes, a bathhouse. And I am not speaking figuratively. Cardinals, bishops, monsignors, priests, security guards, lay employees, Vatican Museum tour guides, it is a massive, massive network of sodomites, and the code of silence transcends political or ideological sides – or at least it used to. The reason that Bergoglio wields so much illegitimate power is because he, although probably a sodomite himself (I’ve received new information out of Buenos Aires – his private life was a deplorable scandal), is now willing, for the sake of his own lust for power, to leverage sodomitical and child abuse activity and blackmail people without hesitancy. This is a change, and THIS is why the Curia hates him. He isn’t observing the code of sodomitical Omertà, and they are all, every one of them, TERRIFIED that he will expose them, even though Bergoglio himself is also a pervert with a criminal past. And remember, even for the few prelates left that are not sodomites, they have all, every one, “not done enough” with regards to priests that were under their jurisdiction at one point or another.

We’ve all had beaten into our heads for our entire lives that “what people do behind closed doors is their business…” Now we are seeing why that is such a pernicious lie. The filthy, disgusting faggots, by doing their execrable deeds “behind closed doors” have constructed the very matrix of coercion and blackmail that is now being used to DESTROY THE CHURCH AND CAUSE COUNTLESS SOULS TO GO TO HELL.

I remember well being haughtily lectured to by a man that turned out to be one of the most notorious sodomites in the Vatican today, a man whose b**w**bs are called “a Vatican institution”, that it was mortal sin to even SUSPECT someone of sodomy or being a sodomite without – get this – videographic evidence. How convenient, so long as there is no video, AND the code of Omertà holds.

Do you now understand why Antipope Bergoglio put the “conservative” Pell in charge of “Vatican finances and economic reform”? As I have said many times, money laundering is huge, huge business in the Vatican. Pell was put in that role precisely because he was blackmailable and thus controllable. If Pell would get too close or actually threaten the money laundering business inside the Vatican, he could be permanently eliminated and utterly discredited easily. He has a built-in self-destruct switch. They all do. They would never have been elevated to the office of bishop, archbishop and Cardinal if they didn’t.

When I Say the Vatican Is A Bathhouse, I’m Not Exaggerating

You have no idea the depths of the scandal.  Folks, when I say the Vatican is, functionally speaking, a bathhouse, I’m not making this crap up.  The past two years have been extremely, extremely illuminating.

Reportage here at

It is SO BAD that I can even spin this in a positive light:

Hey, at least the faggot orgy was going on in the Palace of the Holy Office, and not in St. Peter’s Basilica itself.

Hey, at least they weren’t actively performing a black mass with the rape and murder of a child.

Hey, at least no Bolivian peasant child sex slaves were present – after all, Bolivian peasant child sex slaves are SO “Buenos Aires”.

Barnhardt Podcast #010: “What do the US Navy, Roman Bishops and Michael Voris Have In Common…?”

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In this episode we discuss the recent collision of the guided missile cruiser USS Fitzgerald off the coast of Japan, the invasion of sodomites into the ranks of Romans Bishops, and talk a bit about Michael Voris — do these three topics share a common thread? Also we explain why the Barnhardt Podcast won’t be uploaded to YouTube anymore.

Q: How hard is it for a container ship to ram an Arleigh Burke class destroyer?
A: Harder than for a 400 pound Walmart shopper on a half-charged scooter to catch up with and run over Usain Bolt.

Correction from SuperNerd: I referred to AIS — Automatic Identification System — as system of shore-based radars tracking ships; it’s actually a transponder system on ships which transmit a vessel’s current location along with other information. AIS transmits on VHF (which has a range of 20 – 40 miles depending on conditions) as well as via satellite. There are shore-based radar systems which are used by the equivalent of air traffic controllers to coordinate and deconflict the movements of vessels in busy waterways (eg: Strait of Juan de Fuca) or the approaches to busy ports (eg: Port of Long Beach) and I conflated those two things during the recording this morning… because I’m not a media pro. The point being: while navy ships probably have the ability to transmit AIS information they never do, so the navigation suite on a merchant vessel won’t automatically see a naval ship. It doesn’t change the bottom line based on what is known at this time: both ships will get the blame for this accident though it’s likely from preliminary data that it was the bridge team of the USS Fitzgerald who is most to blame for what happened — and affirmative action policies and politically correct personnel decisions certainly could have played a non-trivial role in this affair.

Recommended Reading for this episode:

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Ghira: Rage In the Face of Logic. Learn This Word Well

The subtitle of my Diabolical Narcissism video presentation is, “The Overarching Global Pathology”. This is why we see points of nexus between all evil paradigms at work today, the same bag of tricks with slightly different masks.  Soros-NewWorldOrder-Social Justice Warriorism, Marxism, Islam, Bergoglianism, sodomitism – all of these paradigms and systems have at their foundation Diabolical Narcissism, the freely-chosen purging of all love from the human heart.

I recently came upon a new term from the musloid lexicon, and it needs to be added to the broad lexicon because it is all around us, and thus extremely useful as a concept. The word is: GHIRA.


The purging of love inevitably yields a hatred of truth. Satan is a liar and the father of lies because God is Himself Truth, and thus satan, in his warped desire to be God, and resulting hatred of God, can only ever pervert truth in an effort to lead others away from God, and into eternal hell with satan himself.

If you have ever been the object of a Diabolical Narcissist’s rage, you will recognize this dynamic almost immediately.  DNs cannot stand any confrontation, criticism, or correction when they are demonstrated to be in error. They will rage at anyone they perceive to be a threat, with the level of rage escalating in proportion to the logic of the argument that they are confronted with.  You know you have a DN intellectually pinned when all they can do is scream obscenities at you.

This is also why DNs generally surround themselves with people that either are genuinely dumb, or people the DN perceives to be dumb.  Have you ever known someone that would openly lecture or berate their “friends”, family or employees for being “f***ing stupid”?  Have you ever been mystified by a person who seemed to be extremely intelligent, but would only surround himself with people who were beneath his intellectual level, thus ensuring his dominance, and would actively drive out anyone of any intellectual gravitas, with the only possible exception being a specific Alpha Psychopath above him to which the DN was politically, commercially or socially attached?

Narcissistic raging in the face of logical argument and confrontation.

Every Trad Catholic reading this is now saying, “Oh my gosh, THAT’S BERGOGLIO AND THE DUBIA BROTHERS!”

Um, yeah. Totally.

Antipope Bergoglio is a raging psychopath DN. And when we say “raging”, we aren’t kidding.  I have recounted in this space several times the instance at the Luxury Hotel Casa Santa Marta that Bergoglio lives in at the Vatican that the dining hall had to be cleared by the Swiss Guards one day in ARSH 2014 at lunch because Antipope Bergoglio, after having been “challenged” by some public remark affirming Catholic teaching by a Cardinal, was literally bellowing in rage, screaming, “I’M IN CHARGE HERE! I’LL TAKE THEIR HATS! IF THEY DON’T LIKE IT, THEY CAN LEAVE (the Church)!!”

There is also talk in Rome that Antipope Bergoglio’s foul mouth and raging tirades have become continually worse – more foul, more obscene, more profane, as time goes on. This is exactly zero surprise.

This narcissistic raging in the face of logical argument, of which the PERFECT example is the Dubia, because the five Dubia questions are simple, stone-cold logic, either yes, or no, true, or false, is GHIRA.

The Social Justice Warrior raging is GHIRA.  The more you confront SJWs with the illogic and irrationality of their arguments and positions, the more they rage – and make no mistake, that rage WILL TURN VIOLENT, as in the French Revolution.

The islamic political system is illogical and irrational from top to bottom – which is why the only thing musloids can do is rage.  This is why the islamic political system spreads by essentially one means: violent coercion.  Not only is there no logic, but logic is hated and despised within islam and even islamic “theology”.  Did you know that the islamic political system claims that the deity “allah” is devoid of logic and reason – that “allah” is pure will and thus can change 180 degrees on a dime with zero concern for any internal consistency?  I’m not kidding.  Remember that the next time you hear Antipope Bergoglio or some other Commie-faggot heretic bleating about how Christians and musloids “worship the same god”.

Marxism has traditionally purged the academics AFTER the Marxist revolution has been accomplished and the academics (after having acted as useful idiots) are no longer of use.  Why? Because the Marxists fear that the academics would at least have the intellectual capacity to recognize and call out the failure, hypocrisy and illogic of the Marxist oligarchs. For a current example see Venezuela, Cuba or Argentina.  Or, the total failure of “ObamaCare” (which is intentional).  Or the failure of black inner-cities and their kleptocracies such as Chicago, New Orleans or Detroit.

Sodomites, their sexual perversion being derivative of their Diabolical Narcissism, have the highest rates of emotional abuse and domestic violence by a long shot.  Ask any cop – fags and dykes are CONSTANTLY beating the crap out of each other.  Why?  GHIRA.  Narcissistic raging, particularly when confronted or challenged.  And this is why sodomites, when they come to power over large groups, are spectacularly cruel and hyper-violent.  Don’t let the “sissy queeny faggot” facade fool you.  And remember that when you see people being horrifically tortured under political oppression or war, dollars to doughnuts says there is a faggot or some other manner of sex pervert calling the shots.


Spread the term around, keep an eye out for it, and call it out when you see it.

It starts here…




And ends here…



No More Uploading To YouTube. Trying Not To Sink Beneath My Own Grief.

So YouTube blocked the infamous Cosby episode of the Barnhardt Podcast (Episode #008), and SuperNerd has officially won the over-under.  I said 20 hours, and he said 33 hours.

But, I’m done uploading to YouTube. Why support these paradigms? I have decided to go ahead and self-host the podcasts, even though we are going to have to spend a bit of dough to buy the bandwidth.  At current listenership size, it is manageable.  And, presumably, if the listenership continues to grow, so will supporting donation revenues in proportion, so we will be able to easily stay on top of it.  I think it is a no-brainer. We’re going full-autarky.

This is clearly going to be the new normal.  Social Justice Warriors need only go to YouTube or any other platform and report as “hate speech” anything that does not fully-conform to their satanic ideology.  It’s just one click, and the algorithms take care of the rest. Meanwhile, every rap video ever made, most of the musloid political system’s agitprop and, perhaps most gallingly, the entire Barry Manilow oeuvre, remain, completely untouched and even guarded.

So that’s the news, and quoting now those two great Americans of yesteryear, Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes:



Starting Saturday Off Right: Happy Birthday John the Baptist Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

“John the Baptist accusing Herod and Herodias”, Jacob Backer, ARSH 1633

The following is an EXTREMELY prescient and timely sermon of St. Peter Chrysologous who was a Fifth Century bishop of Ravenna in Italy.  For anyone who is following events surrounding the Bergoglian antipapacy, and specifically the relentless attack on marriage, it is impossible to read this without seeing the contemporary relevance. Emphases mine.

Today while the virtue of John and the ferocity of Herod are related to us, our innards were shaken, our hearts trembled, our sight grew dim, our mind became dull, our hearing deserted us. For is there anything within human sensation that remains undisturbed within when a large amount of vice destroys a large amount of virtue?

“Herod,” it says, “apprehended John, and had him bound, and put in prison.” (Mt. 14:3) John was the school of the virtues, the instructor of life, the model of sanctity, the pattern of morality, the mirror of virginity, the epitome of purity, the example of chastity, the way of penitence, the pardon of sins, the discipline of faith. John was greater than a human being, equal to the angels, the apex of the Law, the seed of the Gospel, the harbinger of the Apostles, the silence of the Prophets, the lamp of the world, the herald of the Judge, the Forerunner of Christ, the preparer for the Lord, the witness of God, the mediator of the Whole Trinity.

But Herod is the very one who desecrated the Temple, ruined the priesthood, disturbed its proper order, profaned the kingdom, corrupted anything that had to do with religion, the Law, life and morals, faith and discipline. Herod was ever an assassin toward his fellow citizens, a brigand toward people of any distinction, a ravager toward his allies, a robber toward those of his own household, a killer  of the common folk, a murderer of his children, a slayer of foreigners, a parricide towards his own, drenching the land with gore in his bloodthirstiness. And so it is that he gulped down the hallowed blood of John from his enormous cup of cruelty. But now let the reading speak for itself.

“Herod,” it says, “apprehended John and had him bound.” He who had released sins’ shackles is bound with the shackles of a sinner, so that pardon once shackled might not leave any room for pardon. “He had him bound and put in prison.” Herod, you are the one who committed adultery, yet John the Baptist goes to prison? Thus one who is guilty sits in the judge’s place and passes judgment, the persecutor of innocence takes the place of a defender. I ask, where is truth to be found? Where is good reputation? Where is decency? Where is the good name of the public magistrate? In fact, where is God? Where is the human being? Where is decorum? Where is the law? Where are purely natural rights? Everything all at once has been thrown into turmoil, O Herod, because of the way you act, pass judgment, and give orders.

“He apprehended John,” it says, “and he had him bound, and put in prison.” Herod, you are being subpoenaed, his shackles place the blame on you, the prison accuses you, the harm done to John publicly points to you. The one who looks for the reason for John’s arrest finds in you what deserves punishment, and the cause for his distress about John. John, who is recognized throughout the world for his reputation, who is known for his virtue, who is widely renowned for his sanctity, by attracting to himself those who inquire into the harm done to him, sees to it that your incest becomes disclosed to all; he brings it about that you are put to shame in public, since a reproof in private was unable to reform you.

John kept after Herod with warnings, not with an accusation; he wanted him to mend his ways, not to perish; but Herod preferred to perish rather than to reform. To those held captive by crimes the freedom of innocence become most odious. Virtue is antagonistic to the vicious, sanctity is detestable to the sacrilegious, chastity is inimical to the shameless, integrity is a punishment to the corrupt, temperance is a foe to the wanton; mercy is unbearable to the cruel, godliness to the ungodly, justice to the unjust.

The Evangelist attests to this when he says: “John kept saying: ‘It is not right for you to take the wife of your brother Philip.’ ” This is the reason why John runs afoul. The one who warns the wicked is a considered offensive. The one who rebukes those who are at fault is deemed blameworthy. What John had to say concerned the Law, justice, and well-being; his remarks certainly were not spoken out of hatred, but out of love: but see what kind of reward he received for his devotion from the ungodly one!

“Although he wanted to kill him,” it says, “he was afraid of the people.” It is easy for one to turn away from justice who is motivated by the fear; not of God, but of human beings. This fear can postpone the opportunity to sin, but cannot take away the will to sin. Therefore it is also the case that those whom fear delays from committing iniquity become even more eager for iniquity. It is only the fear of God which corrects minds, banishes offenses, preserves innocence, and bestows an endless capacity for good. But let us hear about what the most blessed John actually suffered.

“On Herod’s birthday,” it says, “the daughter of Herodias danced in the middle of his dining room, and it pleased Herod, and he made an oath promising to give her whatever she asked of him. But, having been advised earlier by her mother, she said: ‘Give me the head of John the Baptist on a dish.’ And the king was deeply saddened on account of the oath: nevertheless, because of those who were dining there he ordered it to be given to her, and sent to have John beheaded, and his head was placed on a dish and given to the girl, and the girl gave it to her mother.” ( 14:6-11)

You have heard, brothers, how great is the cruelty which is born from pleasure. “And his head was placed on a dish.” (v.11) An house is transformed into an arena, the table turns into a theater, dinner guests become spectators, a banquet is changed into frenzy, a meal becomes a massacre, wine changes to blood, a funeral is held on a birthday, to mark one person’s beginning is another person’s ending, a banquet is changed into a murder scene, musical instruments ring out the tragedy of ages.

A beast, not a girl, enters; a ferocious animal, not a woman, prances about; along her head she combs out her mane, not her hair; she stretches and contorts her frame, but it is her savagery that grows and intensifies, her cruelty that looms large, but not her body; this wild animal unequaled in ferocity roars with her mouth, gnashes her teeth, she is not struck by a sword, but wield its. “Advised earlier,” it says, “by her mother,” (v.8), and brandishing a lance from her mother’s heart, as a new kind of beast, she disdains preying upon the body and proceeds to lop off the head itself.

But, lest anyone think that we want to hear ourselves talk about such things, we do not want to hear ourselves talk, but we want to cry out so that the joys of your festivities be celebrated prudently, so that the parties that mark your birthdays maintain moderation in merriment, so that Christ may attend your feasts, that the banquet be held in the sight of the Author; may the very nature of the celebration to which we are invited be honoured by decency; may the happiness of your table extend to the poor, may your household dance with the discipline of innocence. May debauchery depart, may dissipation be banished; may the plague of dancing girls, the bawdy songs of musicians, what fuels pleasures, what weights down the belly, and what shipwrecks minds all be done away with, be wiped out with the feasts of Herodias, so that your joy at present may reach an happiness that lasts forever.

Today, brothers, we have directed our sermon to Herod, because the listener is well aware how great is the martyr’s bliss, when he hears about the misery of the persecutor. Nevertheless, it is fitting for us to know both that John came to birth as a result of his death, and that Herod died as a result of how he spent his birthday.

(From Selected Sermons of St. Peter Chrysologus, Sermon 127)

And people wonder why I strongly suspect that Antipope Bergoglio might just be the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist…. -Ann

Starting Friday Off Right: Sacred Heart of Jesus Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

See, how the multitude of our proud and cruel sins has wounded the innocent Heart of a God who does not merit such offence.

Our sins directed the soldier’s thrust with the lance, and our mortal sins sharpened the iron point of the spear.

The Church, the Spouse of Christ, is born from His broken Heart, which is the gate made in the side of the ark for the salvation of all mankind.

Out of that door grace flows incessantly as from a sevenfold stream, that we may wash our soiled robes in the Blood of the Lamb.

Evil were it to return to the sins, which wound that Blessed Heart: rather let us strive to kindle in our own hearts those flames, which symbolize His Divine Love.

To Thee, O Jesus, who didst pour forth grace from Thy Heart, may glory be given, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, forever and ever. Amen.

-Hymn of Vespers of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus