Dog Vomit Expansion

1.  I tickles me to no end that this dialogue is not only possible, but probable:

Person One:  So, what was it that finally convicted you of the truth and caused you to revert/convert to Catholicism?

Person Two:  Dog vomit.  The thing about the dogs eating their own vomit.  Totally.

2.  So I posted 2 Peter 2 in the post below, which ends with Peter recalling Proverbs 26:11:

As a dog that returneth to his vomit, so is the fool that repeateth his folly.
Sicut canis qui revertitur ad vomitum suum, sic imprudens qui iterat stultitiam suam.

Now, the story of how that came up is this: I am currently reading “Sermons of St. Alphonsus Liguori”, which I cannot recommend with sufficient strength, and I found myself earlier this week reading “Sermon XLI, On the Abuse of Divine Mercy”.  Ever so slightly relevant to the current goings-on, eh?  “Oooh.  This should be interesting,” I thought to myself.  Indeed.  Allow me to quote from Section 2, emphases mine:

“When you intend to commit sin, who, I ask, promises you mercy from God?  Certainly God does not promise it.  It is the devil that promises it, that you may lose God and be damned.  “Beware”, says St. John Chrysostom, “never to attend to that dog who promises the mercy of God.”  If, beloved sinners, you have hitherto offended God, hope and tremble: if you desire to give up sin, and if you detest it, hope; because God promises pardon to all who repent of the evil they have done.  But if you intend to continue in your sinful course, tremble lest God should wait no longer for you, but cast you into hell.  Why does God wait for sinners?  Is it that they may continue to insult Him?  No; He waits for them that they may renounce sin, and that He may thus have pity on them, and forgive them.  “Therefore the Lord waiteth, that He may have mercy on you” -Isaiah 30:18. But when He sees that the time which he gave them to weep over their past iniquities is spent in multiplying their sins, He begins to inflict chastisement, and He cuts them off in the state of sin, that, by dying, they may cease to offend Him.  Then He calls against them the very time He had given them for repentance. “He hath called against me the time” -Lamentations 1:15.  “The very time”, says St. Gregory, “comes to judge.”

It was pointed out to me that when Chrysostom uses the pejorative “that dog”, it is far from random name calling.  He is referencing the “dog that returneth to his vomit” from Proverbs 26 and 2 Peter 2.  The dog that eats his own vomit; the sow that was washed who returns to wallow in mud mingled with her own feces, that is “mire”, is the unrepentant sinner who has no intention of STOPPING THE SINFUL ACTIVITY.

One more block quote from section 5 of St. Alphonsus’ sermon:

St. Bernard says that the confidence which sinners have in God’s goodness, when they commit sin, procures for them not a blessing, but a malediction from the Lord.  O deceitful hope, which sends so many Christians to hell!  They do not hope for the pardon of sins of which they repent; but they hope that though they continue to sin, God will have mercy upon them; and thus they make the mercy of God serve as a motive for continuing to offend Him.

Pray the Rosary, most especially the Sorrowful Mysteries, the First Sorrowful Mystery being The Agony of Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane.  The fruit of this mystery is SORROW FOR SIN, which is the utterly critical and essential prerequisite for His Mercy and forgiveness.  Beg Him to know what every single one of your sins are, and for you to feel a portion of the agony at your sins that He bore in the Garden, such that you may be animated to STOP DOING THE SINFUL ACTIVITY.

Here is my recording of the Sorrowful Mysteries in Latin with the Litany of Loreto and the text file, specifically for the crushing of and in reparation for the Heresy of Modernism.

I hope this helps.



Starting Wednesday Off Right: Dogs Returning to Their Vomit Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

"For, that of the true proverb has happened to them: The dog is returned to his vomit: and, The sow that was washed, to her wallowing in the mire."  2 Peter 2:22

“For, that of the true proverb has happened to them: The dog is returned to his vomit: and, The sow that was washed, to her wallowing in the mire.” 2 Peter 2:22

Read the second chapter of 2 Peter.  It isn’t long.  Read it over and over until you get it.

But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there shall be among you lying teachers, who shall bring in sects of perdition*, and deny the Lord who bought them: bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their riotousnesses, through whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you. Whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their perdition slumbereth not. For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but delivered them, drawn down by infernal ropes to the lower hell, unto torments, to be reserved unto judgment: And spared not the original world, but preserved Noe, the eighth person, the preacher of justice, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly.

(*Sects of perdition: That is, heresies destructive of salvation.)

And reducing the cities of the Sodomites, and of the Gomorrhites, into ashes, condemned them to be overthrown, making them an example to those that should after act wickedly. And delivered just Lot, oppressed by the injustice and lewd conversation of the wicked. For in sight and hearing he was just: dwelling among them, who from day to day vexed the just soul with unjust works. The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly from temptation, but to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be tormented. And especially them who walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government, audacious, self willed, they fear not to bring in sects, blaspheming.

Whereas angels who are greater in strength and power, bring not against themselves a railing judgment. But these men, as irrational beasts, naturally tending to the snare and to destruction, blaspheming those things which they know not, shall perish in their corruption, Receiving the reward of their injustice, counting for a pleasure the **delights of a day: stains and spots, sporting themselves to excess, rioting in their feasts with you: Having eyes full of adultery and of sin that ceaseth not: alluring unstable souls, having their heart exercised with covetousness, children of malediction: Leaving the right way they have gone astray, having followed the way of Balaam of Bosor, who loved the wages of iniquity,

(**The delights of a day: that is, the short delights of this world, in which they place all their happiness.)

But had a check of his madness, the dumb beast used to the yoke, which speaking with man’ s voice, forbade the folly of the prophet. These are fountains without water, and clouds tossed with whirlwinds, to whom the mist of darkness is reserved. For, speaking proud words of vanity, they allure by the desires of fleshly riotousness, those who for a little while escape, such as converse in error: Promising them liberty, whereas they themselves are the slaves of corruption. For by whom a man is overcome, of the same also he is the slave. For if, flying from the pollutions of the world, through the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they be again entangled in them and overcome: their latter state is become unto them worse than the former.

For it had been better for them not to have known the way of justice, than after they have known it, to turn back from that holy commandment which was delivered to them. For, that of the true proverb has happened to them: The dog is returned to his vomit: and, The sow that was washed, to her wallowing in the mire.

Bruthas From Anutha Mutha: Obama and Francis

This is gonna be long and wide-ranging.  There is MUCH to say.  Feel free to excerpt it if you re-post it.

I have had this on the topic list for a while, and was spurred to write this last night by other innerwebs people who occasionally ask me to broach topics and open things up for discussion.  Because I can’t be “fired”.  Well, I could be fired from my job as a custodial engineer at the place where I Clean All The Things (TM), but that’s a different deal.  I can’t be fired from the innerwebs.  You know, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine…” and all that.  Heh.

So, yeah.  Pope Francis and Obama are eerily, eerily similar, both in their personages, their regimes and in their regimes’ tactics.  If you have noticed that too, you’re spot on.  They are both stupid, babbling fools, completely incoherent when not reading off a script prepared by others.  Both are Marxists.  Both are media darling fronts for a thuggish regime, and it turns out that the powers behind Francis may have engaged in electioneering and quid pro quos before the Conclave of ARSH 2013.  Both sic their bureaucratic henchmen on their enemies.  Both are in bed with the sodomites (i.e. Ricca and Barros).  Both despise and are hellbent on destroying the respective institutions which they rule, presumably “in service to mankind in order to bring about utopia.”

The punchline of this piece is going to be the so-called “Missionaries of Mercy” that Francis just announced a few weeks ago, but I want to cover a few other points before we get to that.  

First, I penned a piece back in February of ARSH 2012 based on a Fulton Sheen exegesis of satan’s three temptations of Christ in the desert from his book “Life of Christ”, and how these three temptations mapped exactly to Marxism, and the Obama regime specifically.  Well, I went back and re-read the piece not long ago, and was shaken to the core to realize that Pope Francis Bergoglio maps to the three temptations of satan every bit as much as Obama, and in some cases, even more directly.  But the fact that the two men and their respective regimes are so similar and, apparently “simpatico” with each other (i.e. their coordination on the Cuban detente), is a HUGE indicator.  Briefly, here are the three points:

1.  Temptation number one from satan was telling Jesus to turn stones into bread. This is the Marxist ploy of winning the mob by giving them free stuff, and equating material abundance with salvation. Given what has happened economically over the last 50 years, and in particular the political mindset today of the government magically providing abundance for the people by blowing an enormous, unsustainable debt bubble that is going to destroy everything, can we not see the parallel?

The evil spirit was saying, “Start with the primacy of the economic! Forget about sin!” He still says this today in different words, “My Commissar goes into classrooms and asks children to pray to God for bread. And when their prayers are not answered, my Commissar feeds them. The Dictator gives bread; God does not, because there is no God, there is no soul; there is only the body, pleasure, sex, the animal, and when we die, that is the end.
Fulton Sheen, Life of Christ, page 69

Okay.  This is TERRIFYING.  Pope Francis Bergoglio, as I have said here repeatedly, is a Peronist-Fascist, a subset of Marxism, and is a stone-cold MATERIALIST.  Everything he talks about, even the culture of death, is framed in material terms.  ALL problems can be solved, according to Francis, by the forced redistribution of material goods.  To wit:

“Evidence is mounting that the decline of the marriage culture is associated with increased poverty and a host of other social ills, disproportionately affecting women, children and the elderly. It is always they who suffer the most in this crisis.” -Pope Francis Bergoglio

But that isn’t the worst of it.  Note the the last phrase in Sheen’s quote, paraphrasing satan tempting Christ: “…there is only the body, pleasure, sex, the animal, and when we die, that is the end.”

A couple of weeks ago, YET ANOTHER interview of Pope Francis by the Freemason atheist Italian newspaper magnate Eugenio Scalfari, was published.  Apologists for Francis argue that Scalfari does not record his interviews and thus his interviews, all of which have contained statements attributed to Francis that can only be described as materially heretical, cannot be trusted.  The counter-argument is that no correction, rebuttal or denial of ANYTHING contained in the Scalfari interviews has EVER been made, and beyond that, the first Scalfari interview was reprinted in the Vatican’s official newspaper, and was posted (for a time) on the Vatican’s website.  If I were to grant someone an interview and they put ONE SYLLABLE in my mouth that I did not say, much less HERESY, well, hell would hath no fury.  And I’m just a screeching hack on the internet. But I fully comprehend my responsibility to be accurate and to not cause scandal.

In the most recent Scalfari interview, Scalfari writes that Francis told him that souls that do not achieve the Beatific Vision (heaven), are ANNIHILATED.  This is undeniable heresy, if true, and again, there has been no correction, clarification or denial.  And Francis just keeps going back to Scalfari for more.

What happens to that lifeless soul? Will it be punished? How?

Francis’ answer is very clear: there is no punishment, but the annihilation of that soul. All the others will participate in the bliss of living in the presence of the Father. The annihilated souls will not be part of that banquet; with the death of the body their journey is ended and this is the basis for the missionary work in the Church: to save the lost souls. And this is also the reason why Francis is a Jesuit to the core.

Again, the last phrase in Sheen’s quote, paraphrasing satan tempting Christ: “…there is only the body, pleasure, sex, the animal, and when we die, that is the end.”

I’ll have more to say on the Heresy of Annihilation in a separate piece soon.

2.  The second temptation of Christ by satan was to win the mob via pride, vanity and egomania. In the case of Christ, the temptation was to perform an actual public demonstration of His divinity so that no one would have any choice but know that He was God. In the case of Marxists, it is to con people into believing that they will work miracles, and that they are “god”.

The truth that would answer this temptation was that faith in God must never contradict reason.
Life of Christ, page 73

We don’t need to rehash the mathematical impossibilities of governments throwing endless amounts of “free stuff” at “the poor”, aka “the mob”.  I covered that in “The One About LOAVES, FISHES, MATH and MARXIST TYRANNY”.  What jumps out at me here is Francis’ unspeakably arrogant proposition to the world that he is the first manifestation of mercy in the Church’s history – that the Church has, up until him, been devoid of and denied people mercy.  Of course, what Francis means when he says “mercy” is no such thing.  In fact, it is the diametrical opposite – permissiveness and indifference, specifically indifference to Christ Himself and the agony and offense that our sins cause Him in His Sorrowful Passion.  Francis is preaching the satanic gospel of “mercy means never having to be sorry, say you are sorry, or change your wicked ways.” And no one can deny, Francis has “won the mob”.

3.  The third temptation of Christ by satan was the temptation to compromise and parley with evil. Satan told Jesus that he would give him the world, if Jesus would only bow down and serve him. The bishops today would do well to heed Fulton Sheen’s interpretation of Christ’s response to satan:

I shall tell them that it profits them nothing to win the whole world if they lose their immortal souls. You may keep your kingdoms for the moment. Better the loss of all your kingdoms, of the whole world even, than the loss of a single soul! The kingdoms of the world must be elevated to the Kingdom of God; the Kingdom of God will not be dragged down to the kingdoms of the world. All I now want of this earth is a place large enough to erect a Cross; there I shall let you unfurl Me before the crossroads of your world!”

Life of Christ, pages 77-78.

What are the Francis buzz terms?  Encounter.  Dialogue.  Tender caressing.  Accompanying body-to-body. (Yeah, those last two are SUPER creepy.)  Proselytism is solemn nonsense.  Who am I to judge?  Stop obsessing about doctrine.  We have to find a new balance.  Their “doctors of the law mentality” destroys (souls).

In other words: compromise, parley, moderate, capitulate.

Now to the punchline.  A few days ago Francis announced in a Papal Bull, in what can only be described as the thinly-veiled threat of a complete thug, that he is creating “Missionaries of Mercy” – clerics that will be sent out to “pardon even those sins reserved to the Holy See”.  (There no longer are any sins whose pardon is reserved only to the Holy See, but in another analogue to the Obama regime, these people are mostly morons – bold and aggressive, but morons.)

18. During Lent of this Holy Year, I intend to send out Missionaries of Mercy. They will be a sign of the Church’s maternal solicitude for the People of God, enabling them to enter the profound richness of this mystery so fundamental to the faith. There will be priests to whom I will grant the authority to pardon even those sins reserved to the Holy See, so that the breadth of their mandate as confessors will be even clearer. They will be, above all, living signs of the Father’s readiness to welcome those in search of his pardon. They will be missionaries of mercy because they will be facilitators of a truly human encounter, a source of liberation, rich with responsibility for overcoming obstacles and taking up the new life of Baptism again…
I ask my brother Bishops to invite and welcome these Missionaries so that they can be, above all, persuasive preachers of mercy. May individual dioceses organize “missions to the people” in such a way that these Missionaries may be heralds of joy and forgiveness.

What this is is a direct analogue to the Obama regime’s use of so-called Executive Orders and Executive Actions to end-run the other two non-compliant branches of government.  In the Church, the Synod, and really the entire college of Bishops, would be analogous to the Congress and state legislatures, and the Supreme Court is analogous to the Apostolic Signatura, which Francis removed Cardinal Raymond Burke from last year.  Cardinal Burke was the analogue of the Chief Justice of the Vatican Supreme Court.

And so, like the Obama regime, the Francis regime has preached decentralization of power, but has, in fact, done NOTHING but concentrate and coalesce power around himself and his regime.

Typical. Marxists.

Last fall’s Synod Against the Family showed the Francis regime two things.  First, there would be “refuseniks” to the diabolical Bergoglio-Kasper plan, and second, who those “refuseniks” are.  So, in order to deal with these “enemies of the revolution”, Francis is simply going to send these “Missionaries of Mercy” out into the bishoprics of the ACTUAL, BELIEVING CATHOLIC BISHOPS, and make no mistake, their marching orders will be hold “marriage tribunals in the confessional” that would ratify all manner of adultery and concubinage.  And you know what?  I doubt there is a single bishop on the planet who would tell these so-called “Missionaries of Mercy” to stay away.  Because that is the only real option because the confessional certainly cannot be miked to ensure compliance with the teaching of Jesus Christ and His Church.

So yeah.  Francis and his puppet masters observed their fellow Marxist thug Obama’s success in using unilateral, illegal tyrannical edicts and siccing bureaucrats onto the supine underlings, and are simply copying the play in their quest to destroy the Sacrament of Marriage and thus “force” priests to desecrate the Eucharist within the Mass itself.

My work here is done.  I have broached the topic, to put it mildly.  I hope this helps.


Starting Tuesday Off Right: “No one who is right thinking stoops” Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

St. Justin Martyr, pray for us!

St. Justin Martyr, pray for us!

Today is the feast of St. Justin Martyr.  St. Justin was a disciple of St. John, and was executed in ARSH 165.  His writings were important in my conversion, giving extensive insight and confirmation as to the Church from its earliest days, and in particular the undeniable truth that from day one, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Real, Physical, Substantial Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist were the source and summit of Christian life.  

THIS BOOK, “The Four Witnesses” , is an especially excellent collection of writings from the first decades after Our Lord’s Passion, Resurrection and Ascension, which I highly recommend.

Here is the record of St. Justin Martyr’s trial and execution:

The saints were seized and brought before the prefect of Rome, whose name was Rusticus. As they stood before the judgment seat, Rusticus the prefect said to Justin: “Above all, have faith in the gods and obey the emperors”.

Justin said: “We cannot be accused or condemned for obeying the commands of our Savior, Jesus Christ”.

Rusticus said: “What system of teaching do you profess?”

Justin said: “I have tried to learn about every system, but I have accepted the true doctrines of the Christians, though these are not approved by those who are held fast by error”.
The prefect Rusticus said: “Are those doctrines approved by you, wretch that you are?”

Justin said: “Yes, for I follow them with their correct teaching”.
The prefect Rusticus said: “What sort of teaching is that?”

Justin said: “Worship the God of the Christians. We hold him to be from the beginning the one creator and maker of the whole creation, of things seen and things unseen. We worship also the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He was foretold by the prophets as the future Herald of Salvation for the human race and the Teacher of distinguished disciples. For myself, since I am a human being, I consider that what I say is insignificant in comparison with His Infinite Godhead. I acknowledge the existence of a prophetic power, for the one I have just spoken of as the Son of God was the subject of prophecy. I know that the prophets were inspired from above when they spoke of His coming among men”.
Rusticus said: “You are a Christian, then?”

Justin said: “Yes, I am a Christian”.

The prefect said to Justin: “You are called a learned man and think that you know what is true teaching. Listen: if you were scourged and beheaded, are you convinced that you would go up to heaven?”

Justin said: “I hope that I shall enter God’s house if I suffer that way. For I know that God’s favor is stored up until the end of the whole world for all who have lived good lives”.
The prefect Rusticus said: “Do you have an idea that you will go up to heaven to receive some suitable rewards?”

Justin said: “It is not an idea that I have; it is something I know well and hold to be most certain”.
The prefect Rusticus said: “Now let us come to the point at issue, which is necessary and urgent. Gather round then and with one accord offer sacrifice to the gods”.

Justin said: “No one who is right thinking stoops from true worship to false worship”.
The prefect Rusticus said: “If you do not do as you are commanded you will be tortured without mercy”.

Justin said: “We hope to suffer torment for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, and so be saved. For this will bring us salvation and confidence as we stand before the more terrible and universal judgment-seat of our Lord and Savior”.
In the same way the other martyrs also said: “Do what you will. We are Christians; we do not offer sacrifice to idols”.
The prefect Rusticus pronounced sentence, saying: “Let those who have refused to sacrifice to the gods and to obey the command of the emperor be scourged and led away to suffer capital punishment according to the ruling of the laws”. Glorifying God, the holy martyrs went out to the accustomed place. They were beheaded, and so fulfilled their witness of martyrdom in confessing their faith in their Savior.

Just Over the Transom: Report from New Latin Mass Parish in West Hollywood

Ho, ho, ho.  The parish this fellow is referring to is the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter’s brand new  parish in, of all places, West Hollywood.  How awesome is this??

Hello Ann,

How are you? I wanted to share with you my First Traditional Latin Mass experience since you were the reason why I looked into it in the first place. Thank you for the attention you give to it on your blog – I’m certain I wouldn’t have known that the TLM was still even occurring otherwise. I’m sure many of us are forever thankful.

I had always attended weekly Mass at a Novus Ordo parish with my family growing up and then attended less regularly (but still frequently) through college and after. I became much closer to God as a teenager while I attended a Jesuit high school. I know you have mixed feeling about Jesuits, but the ones at my high school and college were truly inspiring and constantly pushed us towards knowledge, intellect, faith, community service, and building your personal relationship with God. Best of all, they led by example – which is a powerful message for a young person.

My experience with the Novus Ordo Mass was positive and I always felt “soothed” after attending Mass – as if I had done something good.

Snap forward to a month ago when I found a small church offering a TLM in a rough part of LA. I had never been there before, but I expected that I would be 1 of maybe 20 people there (with the majority of attendees being 60+). I was shocked to find a totally full church packed to the rafters when I walked in. I was 15 minutes early and got one of the last available seats in a rear pew. The front right 5 rows were full of middle-school aged girls all saying the rosary aloud in unison and the front left 5 rows were full of middle-ages school boys doing the same. They must have been the kids from the parish school. The rest of the attendees were from all demographics. Young, old, Latino, Pilipino, middle eastern, white, black, families, etc. Chapel veils were everywhere :).

At my home parish, they would only put benches on the side-aisles to accommodate extra people at Christmas and Easter. However, this church had them up for a regular sunday in January and they were all full!

I absolutely loved the reverence and solemnity of it all. It was a level of solemnity that I only found when singing sacred classical music in choirs when we had the opportunity to do a requiem mass or a long format “full introit” N.O. mass.

My biggest take-away was how I felt afterwards (I know it shouldn’t matter how “I” felt since that’s a selfish reaction, but it was powerful nonetheless). Whereas with a N.O. mass I would feel “soothed” afterwards, I felt “hungry for more” after I left the Latin Mass.

I couldn’t explain it, but I find myself pursuing ever more history and information about the TLM and Catholicism in general every since. I also just finished writing to the Bishop who married my wife and I to see if I can get his outlook on the transition from the TLM to the NOM. There will be fewer and fewer priests who were raised with the TLM over the coming years, so I’d like to get their feedback on it while they’re still with us.

Long story short, thank you Ann. You have given me a new hunger for my faith.


Why Men Stopped Going to Mass

I have seen several pieces recently about why men in particular stopped going to Mass since the late 1960s.

Everyone dances around the answer, which is extremely simple:

Western men stopped going to Mass because heterosexual men naturally and rightly find faggotry to be utterly repulsive and repellant, and want nothing to do with it, and the priesthood was consciously infiltrated and populated with sodomite men and men who were conditioned to act like sodomites, after WWII.

Forty-nine words.


Feel free to quote me.




Notes on Food

1.  While it is certainly true that we are an Easter People, yes, it is possible to over-engorge on Russell Stover’s coconut cream-filled eggs.  Not that I would have any direct, personal experience of anything like that.  It was just a random example I came up with.

2.  Rant + Tangent = Rangent

When true Christian faith in a culture is weak-to-absent, superstition fills in that vacuum.  One of the main vectors of superstition in the post-modern, post-Christian west is this business of obsessing about food.  Since people no longer worship God or believe in the concept of sin or penance, they instead embrace superstitious faux-penances to feel like they are engaging in something “religious” and “penitential”, and make sure that EVERYONE SEES THEM PUT ON THEIR LITTLE DIETARY SHOW, like the Pharisees praying on the street corners for show in Matthew 6.  I’m sorry, but I’ve had just about enough of that crap.  And have you ever noticed that the people who are constantly refusing to eat perfectly good food for these complete bee-ess reasons are the same people who are always “sick”?  Uh huh.  Dat ain’t no koinkydink, Homeslice.

And what it also does is trivialize the conditions who have actual, legitimate allergies or G.I. conditions.  A good pal from back in the cattle business days suffered from horrible irritable bowel syndrome.  It was crippling, and it was real.  A River Dweller here in Riverville had his stomach lining burned off as a kid from constantly being given aspirin back in the ’70s.  As a result, he has to be very, very careful, especially with acidic foods.  There are people with incredibly dangerous celiac allergies that could kill them, and they have to carry around Epipens just in case they inadvertently ingest wheat.  That’s real.

I have heard two people within the past few years declare that they had “decided” to no longer have celiac/gluten allergy.  On behalf of all of the people who genuinely suffer from this condition, I just wanted to smack the both of them.  You DECIDED to no longer have a GENETIC AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER?  Oh rilly?  You know what I think?  I think you decided that eatin’ that sammich was more satisfying to you than putting on your little attention-getting display of post-Christian superstitious nonsense.

Now let’s talk about one of the biggest, most successful and STUPIDEST cons out there today.  ORGANIC FOOD.  Guys, it is a complete racket.  It is a way to get gullible, post-Christian superstitious people to pay anywhere from double to quintuple for foods that are NO DIFFERENT than the other foods, because there is a massive drive within the faithless heart to feel above, segregated and superior to the unwashed masses.  “We simply cannot be expected to eat the same food as the plebs….”  In other words, to feel like an oligarch.  The only thing you can say is that the stuff marketed as “organic” tends to be the “prettier” produce.  The big, fat, nicely-shaped tomatoes go to the “organic” bins, and the average stuff goes to the regular bins.  And you pay three times the price.  But if you think for a second that THAT MUCH FOOD is being produced with zero fertilizers and zero pesticides, and it looks THAT GOOD, then I have a beach house in North Dakota you might be interested in, too.   I remember when Wal-Mart entered the “organic” game years ago and talking to the meat packers and the big supermarket meat buyers, and everyone said the same thing: The day Wal-Mart entered the “organic” market is the day the word “organic” lost what little meaning it may have had before that.  Yup. My response for years to anyone who asked me if some foodstuff was”organic” has been, “Yes, I’m quite certain that that broccoli contains carbon.”

Finally on this rangent, revisiting a topic near and dear to my heart:  HALAL MEAT.  Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever buy ANYTHING that says “halal”.  First, your money may very well be going to support the Caliphate.  Would you have bought “certified Nazi schnitzel” back in ’44?  Nope.  Second, musloids are taught by their psychopathic political system to be liars and cheats AS POLICY, and that the goal of all business is to screw over your neighbor as hard as possible.  So, how this manifests is by halal kill plants being FILTHY DIRTY (cleanliness costs money) AND by halal killers putting “deads” in the human consumption chain.  What is a “dead”?  It is a beast that died of itself before being slaughtered.  Some kill plants offer the service of hauling away and “tanking” deads (boiling the carcass down to goo suitable for dog food or fish food or some such), and thus yielding at least some revenue, because the resulting “tankage” does have a value, albeit far, far less than meat for human consumption, obviously.  Many halal plants will haul a dead carcass off a place that may have been dead for days, and then just slip it in the human consumption line.  So the rancher PAYS THEM to haul it off, and they pocket full wholesale price for the carrion which people then eat – oftentimes their own neighbors and community.  Because, please remember, the primary victims of the islamic political system are the PEOPLE INSIDE OF IT.

Let’s visit the way-way back for the very first piece of mine that ever went viral:

NEVER buy meat that is marked as “Halal”.

I am in the cattle business, and believe me when I tell you that Halal kill plants are CONSTANTLY being cited and shut down by the USDA for horrific infractions. Most of these plants are in Michigan and upstate New York.

One of the things that halal kill plants are notorious for is putting already-dead animals in the human consumption line. They will go pick up a dead cow off of a farm or ranch and instead of putting it in their rendering tank where the resulting “tankage” is worth pennies on the dollar as pet food or industrial products, they will shackle the dead animal on the normal kill line and process it as human food which is the highest-dollar product.

Since Islam teaches dishonesty (taqiyyah) and no regard for one’s neighbor, this kind of sickening behavior is standard.  Halal plants are also notorious for general citations for filth and uncleanliness. I have toured normal cattle slaughter plants, and guys, you could eat off of the floor. Everything is white and men walk around with water hoses and steam guns constantly keeping everything in a state of spotlessness.

Halal plants are filthy. A lot of Halal meat is also labeled as “organic”.

Again, don’t be fooled into thinking that “halal” means “better”.  It isn’t. I would never, ever knowingly eat halal meat purely from a food safety perspective.

This was a follow-up post to the one above.

Here is an email sent to me second-hand by a reliable source. I will not reveal who the author is, because he did not send this to me directly – this is admittedly second-hand. But he is a meat inspector from back east who is retired from the United States military. Here are his words, with my redactions:

Mr. X,
I recall you talking about inspecting muslim butcher shops in {Location redacted – eastern U.S.} What are your comments on the below?? {Referring to Ann’s blurb on halal kill plant filthiness from August 17th post}

Mr. X’s response:

Most are filthy, their process is a damn joke. It is all about money, they do nothing different except they are filthy with their work in slaughter and processing. I’d never eat the shit, but again the USDA is reluctant to enforce the Laws to regulate them like they do with other operation of likeness. I have shut down operations for hours and days to try and get them into compliance, I gave “HELL” when they tried to pull some shit on me through their Political connections. Have had Senators and Congressmen to call me in the past. I always told them, change the Law if you want exceptions to the Law, but do it for everyone, Thank You. Needless to say they stopped calling me. There are some places in this Country where they have large groups of Muslims that the Regulations are not enforced very well. HALAL slaughter was a topic at almost every meeting that I attended, but no one wanted to piss them off. (Except me.) All of them in {location redacted} knew me, an Official for the City of {city name redacted} called once to thank me for cleaning up several HALAL operations in their area, wanted to know how I did it. Very simple I told them, Tell them what you expect and don’t issues Permits for exemption.

Not only does this kill plant inspector confirm that halal kill plants are chronically filthy, and that halal slaughter and processing is nothing but a money-making racket, but he also states that high-level politicians including congressmen and senators, cowed by the musloid thug political groups, attempt to intimidate and coerce food safety inspectors to overlook egregious food safety violations in muslim kill plants.

Hello? Journalists? Is this not a dream story? Breitbart? Beck? Someone? Hellooooooo . . . ?

Oh, and since you are going to ask, here’s my take on kosher killed meat. I don’t buy kosher meat as policy because the slaughter method is unnecessarily stressful to the animal given today’s technology. Kosher kill demands that the animal be 100% conscious at slaughter. Cattle are walked into a chute with a brace that pushes their chin all the way up, exposing their necks and immobilizing their head. Then a very long, very sharp blade is inserted in the side of the neck and passed all the way through the neck and out the other side. In one swift movement, the blade is then pulled through the neck, severing the blood vessels and slicing through the windpipe. The animal then bleeds out and loses consciousness in a matter of seconds.

In conventional modern kill, cattle are rendered totally brain dead with the use of a captive bolt air gun. The cattle are walked onto a moving support that comes up under their bellies and chests. You would swear that the cattle actually LIKE this sensation of being supported from below as you watch it because they are totally calm and just ride along like they are on a fun cattle ride. The track of this “ride” turns a corner where a man on a catwalk above and behind gently reaches down with a captive bolt gun and “knocks” the animal directly on the top of the skull. The animals never see the man, anything coming at them, or anything in front of them. It is just lights out. They die pretty-much ideal deaths. And yes, it is true that some kill plants play soothing classical music on the kill line. Not all, but yes, some do. Within seconds, the animal, which is now 100% brain dead, although the heart is still beating, is shackled and hoisted onto the moving “chain”. With the brain-dead animal now hanging upside down, a highly-skilled man cuts open the neck vertically, reaches in and severs the jugular and carotid. Since the heart is still beating, the animal’s body helps gravity to quickly pump the blood cleanly out of the body. It is a very efficient, very CLEAN, and extremely humane slaughter.

The kosher argument is certainly nuanced, and I don’t think for a second that kosher kill should be prohibited, but I do think it is unnecessary. The Levitical slaughter rules in the Old Testament, namely the requirement that the animal be 100% conscious, were handed down by Our Lord to Moses to keep people from eating ALREADY DEAD animals, and to keep people from eating horribly ill animals that couldn’t stand on their own, which presented a food safety hazard to humans. It is all very common sense.

And, the kosher slaughter method that I just described is actually AS HUMANE AS COULD HAVE BEEN EXPECTED up until not very long ago. But today we have great technologies that allow for animals to be rendered brain dead with zero pain or perception of the blow. The time between brain death and actual slaughter is mere seconds. Rational thought tells me that this is clearly NOT a violation of the spirit of the Levitical protocols.

Further, as Christians, we have Jesus’ words in Mark 7 in which He makes all foods ritually clean by pointing out (in wonderful physiological detail) that everything a man eats comes out the other end as crap (I’m paraphrasing) and so therefore we need to worry about what comes out of our HEARTS, because THAT is what can REALLY defile a man.

And He saith to them: So are you also without knowledge? understand you not that every thing from without, entering into a man cannot defile him: Because it entereth not into his heart, but goeth into the belly, and goeth out into the privy, purging all meats? But He said that the things which come out from a man, they defile a man.

For from within out of the heart of men proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and defile a man.
-Mark 7: 18-23

That’s Our Lord. Bringing the common sense. Don’t you just love Him? Pass that good, Christian bacon.  And the maple syrup, if you have some….

What Obama Is: A Non-State, Non-Uniformed Enemy Belligerent

Not to sound like a broken record (or skipping CD for you younglings), but I think one of the reasons I am struggling to summon the drive to comment on current events is the fact that nearly everything I read is built upon a false premise.  And when you have to not just rebut conclusions, but the very premises those conclusions are built upon; when every single conversation, argument or exchange requires total remediation of the base premise, and no matter how many times you do this, no progress ever seems to be made… it gets tiring.

So with regards to Iran, the question is why is the Obama regime giving them nukes, actually advocating FOR the Ayatollahs?  No one can make any sense out of these events, when the answer is obvious, and has been obvious all along for that tiny group of us who have manfully engaged the historical dataset and dealt with it like adults.

Barack Obama and his handlers are not loyal Americans.

They are non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerents.  

They are conscious enemies of the Constitutional Republic of the United States who infiltrated and overthrew the Constitutional Republic in a cold coup, and are now willfully destroying any remaining structures or paradigms that could support an internal counter-revolution, while building up and supporting previously extant alliances with other enemies of the former United States, most notably with their rapidly coalescing islamic mercenary army, as well as any and all Marxist kleptocracies.

So long as the delusion persists that “we all want what’s best for America, we just disagree about how to go about it…”, there is no hope.  The base premise MUST be true in order for any logical corollaries to be valid.

Barack Obama and all of the brains and actual executors of policy in the Obama regime are NON-STATE, NON-UNIFORMED ENEMY BELLIGERENTS.

Once you acknowledge this simple, obvious-since-the-very-beginning truth, EVERYTHING, and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING that has happened and continues to happen, not only makes perfect sense, but is fairly easily anticipated.

I haven’t been accurate over these past years because I’m magic.  I have been as accurate and prescient as I have been because I have been working from TRUE PREMISES, which were and are simply established by manfully engaging the objective dataset of reality.

Here is a rant excerpt from three years ago.  And I had been beating this drum since the usurpation in ARSH 2008.