Edifying Email from a Major Assistant District Attorney

(I vetted the sender, and believe me, this person is in The. Belly. Of. The Beast. I post this not to pretend that I wasn’t wrong about the very possibility of Trump being declared the winner  – I clearly was wrong.  But I remain very frightened of what the Soros machine has in store.  Riots.  Assisinations. False flag acts of overt war.  

But give this a reading.  And go to confession. (I did. Today. After making two general confessions within the past fortnight.)
Dear Ann,
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your clear-headed analysis of the presidential campaign, which has enabled me to retain my own tenuous grasp on reality this past year. It seems to me that it is the most obvious thing in the world that once a political faction has descended into open treachery and corruption – to weaponize the FBI and the IRS, to intentionally cripple our healthcare system, to run guns to drug lords, to hide official communications from public scrutiny, to barter official access and privileges, to transfer billions of dollars in cash to homicidal maniacs, and all of the other high and petty crimes that they have rubbed our noses in for the past eight years or more – it is simply not an option to ever again turn the keys of the White House over to genuine political enemies who might start looking through the files and hauling ex-staffers in front of grand juries.
I had thought, as you apparently did, that the plan was for Trump to lose the election – and perhaps it was, but what difference does it make? Whether the malevolent cabal that has been behind Obama and the Clintons is pleased with the outcome or not, I have zero doubt that they will use whatever means necessary to keep him in line – which should be pathetically easy to do.
I also think that there is an interesting parallel between Trump and Pope Francis. As was the case with Francis, out of sincere desperation Trump’s supporters have bought into the fantasy that he is going to push back against the destructive forces of the Left – and are just as ignorant of or indifferent to the mountain of evidence that Trump (like Francis) is a man of the Left himself. I expect that Trump will sell out conservatives in the political realm just as boldly, swiftly, and effectively as Francis has sold out the Catholic faithful, and that the people who should feel most betrayed will be his staunchest defenders, cheering him on as he destroys everything that they once held dear.
Let me close by saying that I have been a deputy district attorney for thirty years, specializing in the prosecution of major frauds, so I know as well as anyone how easy it is to persuade intelligent and successful people to believe in things that are objectively unbelievable. Even so, I was completely unprepared for the mass credulity with which the public has accepted the pretexts for the destruction of our traditions, values, and institutions. I recently re-read Orwell’s “1984”, and along with your explanation of diabolical narcissism, I think that I am finally beginning to understand the dynamics that are in play here. It has certainly motivated me to be far more attentive to the state of my own soul.
May God bless you richly,
Assistant D.A. X

Stay Frosty….

My email box is filling up with not just “you were WRONG!” emails, but emails casting Trump in messianic terms. Lots of phrases like “The anointed of God” and “The hand of the Lord is upon him”.

Um, folks, that’s Christ, not Trump.

The last time I had this creepy feeling of je ne sais quoi was on March 13, ARSH 2013. Really, really creepy and ominous.

Stay frosty, don’t let your guard down. The uncertainty level his just gone parabolic. As an astute reader put it, ALL of these people would burn the whole damn thing to the ground in order to draw more power to themselves. False flag events, both domestically and abroad, and outright riot fomentation and incitement to violence seem likely in the coming weeks (by the Soros machine).

Also, get used to the phrase “art of the deal”. You’re going to be hearing that a lot to explain why it is that actually doing what was promised is “simply unrealistic”.

The phrase that most stuck out in his victory speech was, “The U.S. owes Hillary Clinton a major debt of gratitude for her service to the country.”

I wonder if that debt is so major that it might require a presidential pardon to pay….

And so it begins….

Put not your trust in princes: In the children of men, in whom there is no salvation.


Starting Tuesday Off Right: The Just Man Shall Scarcely Be Saved Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.


For the time is, that judgment should begin at the house of God. And if first at us, what shall be the end of them that believe not the gospel of God? And if the just man shall scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?   1 Peter 4: 17-18

Upon the Rivers of Babylon, There We Sat and Wept….

People praying in Norcia, Italy

People praying in Norcia, Italy in front of the destroyed Basilica of St. Benedict

The recent events in Norcia, Italy are a lesson. Norcia, miraculously spared injury and death, was the merciful warning.  Rome is next, and Rome will be a bloodbath.

WARNING: If you are a soft person that cannot bear hard truths, stop reading now.  If you think that the only way to be charitable is to be a flaccid milksop, curse me as uncharitable and depart now. But this has to be said.

I am in close contact with an American that was there, and here is “the rest of the story” that I have condensed and written up.

In the minutes immediately after the quake, a few people who had been inside the town walls came to the town square, saw the catastrophe, saw the heavily damaged bell tower of the city hall looming above them, knelt, and started praying the Rosary.  Over the next few minutes, a steady stream of locals trickled into the square until there were a couple hundred people present.  The monks of Norcia, all up the hill just overlooking the town, looked down and saw huge plumes of dust engulfing the town and saw the Basilica’s bell tower was down. The three young priest monks in the community manfully grabbed their stoles and sped down the hill as fast as they could, fully expecting casualties.  Within a few minutes, having to enter the city literally climbing over piles of rubble that were once churches, the three young priest-monks, upon entering the town square at a dead sprint, were ready to give the Last Rites to the grievously injured and dead.  Two of them split off and began helping the firemen search and clear buildings, with the main challenge being getting elderly people out of the buildings and houses.  The other priest stayed in the square and manfully SCREAMED in Italian at the people there present to kneel and pray. All the while, severe aftershocks were coming every few minutes.

And here is where it gets sad. The people already praying were either foreigners who were there in Norcia because of the Monks (as in the American source of this information), or Italians who were there visitng the Monks.  This handful of people had started praying the Rosary quietly in Latin.  The priest monk, screaming at the locals in the square, knelt down and began the Rosary in Italian – loudly.  Yelling the prayers, in fact.


And bear in mind, magnitude 4 aftershocks were happening every few minutes, with the city hall bell tower looking like it could fall on them at any moment.  Their city destroyed, having experienced literally the Wrath of God, and having once again dodged death, these ethnic Catholics, steeped and saturated in Catholic culture, most of them economically  dependent on Catholic tourism to one degree or another, casually refused to pray.

With the foreigners and couple of Italians attached to the Monks, and the now-arrived nuns now praying the Rosary in Italian, two of the priest monks set up confessionals in the corners of the square.

The American source of this information did not see ONE PERSON avail themselves of the Sacrament of Penance. The monk priests, after seeing that there was zero interest, went about assisting the firemen and praying.  When Fr. Cassian Folsom arrived, he took over leading the Rosary for the handful of laypeople and the nuns praying, including the earthquake Collect prayer below.

And now to the unpleasantness.

I looked up the Mass propers to be said in times of earthquake, and look what we find:

Collect: Almighty, everlasting God, who dost look upon the earth and make it tremble, spare those who are afraid, and be merciful to those who pray to Thee: that we who fear Thine anger, which shaketh the foundations of the earth, may always experience Thy mercy, which healeth its commotions. Through our Lord…

Secret: O God, who didst firmly establish the earth in its foundations, receive the offerings and prayers of Thy people, and taking away the dangers of earthquake, turn the scourges of Thy divine anger into healing remedies for mankind, that they who are of earth and shall return to earth, may by their holy conduct rejoice in becoming citizens of heaven. Through our Lord Jesus Christ…

Post-communion. Lord, we who receive Thy Sacraments beseech Thee, keep us safe: and by Thy high power steady this earth which because of sin quakes before our eyes: so that the hearts of men may know that these scourges come from Thy wrath and cease by Thy mercy. Through our Lord Jesus Christ …

Let us consider the eyewitness testimony of the American above in light of these prayers of Holy Mother Church, and ask ourselves a few terrifying questions.

After suffering this monumental catastrophe, and experiencing the actual, literal Wrath of God…

A.) How many of the locals there present, every one ethnically Catholic to the bone, decided to stop contracepting?

B.) Stop engaging in adulterous fornication with their “second spouse”?

C.) Stop fornicating, masturbating, viewing pornography?

D.) Start going to Sunday Mass again?

E.) Denounce and publicly reject all aberrosexuality and public obscenity?

F.) Go to confession and confess their mortal sins with true sorrow and a firm resolve to sin no more?

G.) Felt even the slightest tinge of remorse for their sins, or recommended themselves to God and begged His mercy?

In short, how many were inspired to turn back to God?

We all know that the answer, for all intents and purposes, is zero.

Zero fear of the Lord. Zero.

Now consider this: If a town steeped in Catholicism such as Norcia shows no sign of repentance among the locals, what EXACTLY do you think it will take for, say, modern American Protestants to turn to God, enter His Holy Church, stop contracepting, stop fornicating, denounce and punish crimes against nature, confess their sins, and go to Mass?

I know the answer.  It will take an extinction-level event. Never before in human history have men NOT responded to the Wrath of God.  Even pagans would respond to earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and wars with misguided attempts to reconcile with the supernatural.  Over the past 2000 years, Christians would respond en masse to disasters with prayer, processions, penance, and a revival in the interior life.  Not so today.  For the first time in human history, man is utterly incorrigible, and the race of men that are utterly incorrigible are the POST-CHRISTIAN HUMANISTS.

Norcia was miraculously protected, I’m convinced, by the Monks praying the Divine Office and offering the Holy Sacrifice. But they were protected from physical death. Many of them, contracepting, fornicating, refusing to worship God, are spiritually dead. Per the prayers above, they were given a tiny foretaste of the terrible wrath of God AS A MERCY to get them to repent and turn back to God. God allows these things to happen in order to facilitate and hasten the sinner’s return to Him. Look at the words of the Secret above: HEALING REMEDIES. Two months earlier, 300 people were killed in the first earthquake of this seismic event.  300 people went to bed and never saw the sun rise before facing Christ at their particular judgments.  Just a few miles away.  And then the people of Norcia saw their city destroyed before them, spared, once again, all injury and death, and no meaningful spirit of repentance was generated. Do we honestly believe that throwing $100 million in construction will suddenly inspire devotion and orthodoxy when God’s Wrath did not?  How many Bible stories can you cite in which God caused apostate Israel to return to Him by showering them with material abundance?

Yeah. ZERO.


In reading up on seismology, I discovered that the second Norcia earthquake of last Sunday, being of greater magnitude than the August quake, changed the paradigm.  So long as the shocks remained below the original 6.3 of late August, the seismic paradigm was one of “decrescendo”, or reducing.  Now, the great likelihood is that these two shocks of 6.3 and 6.6 were, in fact, PRE-SHOCKS to a forthcoming mega shock in the 7 or even 8 magnitude range.

And with that, one’s gaze turns southward, to Rome.

Our Lady of Fatima has prophesied Rome’s apostasy and physical destruction. The 6.6 quake was strongly felt in Rome, and three churches were damaged to the point of needing to be closed. A magnitude 8 shock would utterly devastate Rome, likely destroying many churches and attractions, destroying irreplaceable artistic and cultural patrimony. And unlike Norcia, Rome is a cesspit of sodomy, sacrilege and satanism.

Over the past 18 months or so, I have had a steady stream of people approach me, wanting to talk to me about sodomitical activity in Rome, the depravity of the Vatican, and specifically sodomitical activity centered around the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica.  It seems that a high percentage of male Vatican tour guides are sodomites.  The Vatican Museums have been all but taken over by a mafia tied intimately to the Legion of Christ, which is a racketeering organization whose lust for sacrilegious sex is second only to its lust for money.  The sacristy of St. Peter’s Basilica has been notorious for sodomitical activity dating back to the arrival in ARSH 1970 of the odious flaming queen, Cardinal Virgilio Noe.

Now make no mistake, sodomy is bad, but sodomy in the Petrine Basilica, mere yards from the Blessed Sacrament exposed, and mere yards from the tomb of St. Peter, strongly, strongly implies the involvement of satanists.

If what I have just described is in fact happening, and I believe that it is, the question that remains is: how much longer will God permit this before He puts a stop to it?  How much more sodomy in the Vatican? How many more rock concerts in the Sistine Chapel?  If all these things are to us are a money-making racket, a venue for Legion of Christ cult recruiting junkets, and a place for elitist faggots to meet up for sex without having to stoop to slumming in gay bars, why should we expect to keep them? And this applies to all of our sins. The abortion, the sodomy, the financial crimes, the crimes against peace, the apostasy, the toleration of an antipope that is a blaspheming heretic – how much longer will God tolerate the intolerable?

I am reminded of something that happened this summer.  The place where I was had a late summer fair, as many places do.  For this fair, huge speakers and a deejay were set up just across from the church.  One evening, as we were having Eucharistic Adoration, the deejay fired up the music – horrific, pounding techno dance music. Even though there were quite a few people in the church, including numerous laymen and several priests, no one moved.  I jumped up, double genuflected, walked outside and told the deejay politely but firmly that we were having Eucharistic Adoration and that he would turn off the music. Now. I remember thinking at that time, “We are going to lose The Mass, we are going to lose the ability to worship God in the traditional liturgy, because no one will do anything to defend it, even in the smallest, simplest context.”

We are going to lose our churches, we are going to lose our patrimony, because we are not using them to worship God, and worse, we won’t even defend them from desecration.


Today the focus is on rebuilding the town of Norcia.  I think the Basilica of St. Benedict should be rebuilt.  No question.  That church was being used by the monks, all day, every day.  They pray the entire Divine Office, and up until August, threw the doors open at 3:30am, and the doors remained open until 8:00pm every day.

But what of the rest of it? Again, if you can’t take hard truths, stop reading now.

Why, exactly, should money be spent – money that I would hasten to remind one and all simply does not exist, and will require new debt in an already utterly insolvent, hyper-leveraged Italy and EU – to build churches that no one uses?

Why build a house to God whom none see fit to worship?

Because worshiping God involves, you know, ACTUALLY SHOWING UP.

If what people want is Norcia as an Umbrian Disneyland, or Rome after it is destroyed as a Catholic Las Vegas, then I must ask, how EXACTLY does this help the people – the same people that we heard in the narrative above who wouldn’t pray, repent, make a confession, even make the sign of the Cross – not go to hell for all eternity when they die?  Are we so far gone in the Bergoglian apostasy that we deem material comfort in life as life’s meaning and end?  Just throw up buildings with pretty facades that are utterly empty inside, spew platitudes, and resume NOT going to Mass, NOT going to the Office, NOT praying the Rosary.  Throw up bell towers and ring bells for Mass and prayer that WE NEVER ANSWER. Build buildings that look like churches, but whose doors never open. Install confessionals that never see the dead being raised.

So, in a nutshell, we want the churches rebuilt so that we may resume our life of NOT going to Mass or prayer? Do I have that about right? We DEMAND that we be able to blow off worshiping God all day every day, and even in multiple venues. We DEMAND that the Church continue to provide a matrix within which we can make money, not that we’ll be, you know, actually participating in the boring churchy stuff. Because Eucharist, schmucharist.  Holy Sacrifice of Calvaryblah, blah, frickity blah. Rosary, schmozary.

Create paradaisical medieval Umbrian Potemkin villages from whole cloth. I’m sure with enough money it could be done. Rebuild Rome. We have the technology. Long live the Vatican bathhouse! Long live the Antipapal Suite at the Casa Santa Marta!

Just let me know when you start raising the dead, because anything less than that is Disneyland at best, and a seedy gay bar at worst. I’ll be over here, by the river, sitting and weeping.

Saints Benedict and Scholastica, pray for us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

TOLDYA. Satanism Amongst Oligarchy Confirmed

The Wikileaks Podesta satanism thing looks to be 100% for real. I immediately searched the phrase “spirit cooking“ and it came right up:


I saw human breast milk and semen and knew that it was satanic. It’s textbook.

Now do you see why I have been ranting and raving in this space about BOTH “secular” topics (politics, finance, etc.) AND about Our Blessed Lord, His Holy Catholic Church, and the infiltration thereof? Do you believe me now that this is all of a piece?

I have some things to say about sodomitical and satanic activities going on in Rome, and St. Peter’s Basilica specifically.  That will be the next post.

Go to confession.

Pray the Rosary.


Something happened, and I had to do some stuff.  Posting will now resume. Thank you for your patience and concern.

Time for this again.


1. Orbis factor rex aeterne, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison.
2. Pietatis fons immense, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison.
3. Noxas omnes nostras pelle, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison.
4. Christe qui lux es mundi dator vitae, eleison. Christe, eleison. Christe, eleison.
5. Arte laesos daemonis intuere, eleison. Christe, eleison. Christe, eleison.
6. Conservans te credentes confirmansque, eleison. Christe, eleison. Christe, eleison.
7. Deum scimus unum atque trinum esse, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison.
8. Patrem tuum teque flamen utrorumque, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison.
9. Clemens nobis adsis paraclite ut vivamus in te, eleison. Kyrie, eleison. Kyrie, eleison.


1. Maker of the world, King eternal, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us.
2. O immense source of pity, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us.
3. Drive off all our evils, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us.
4. Christ who art the light of the world and giver of life, have mercy upon us. Christ, have mercy upon us. Christ, have mercy upon us.
5. Consider the wounds produced by the devil’s art, have mercy upon us. Christ, have mercy upon us. Christ, have mercy upon us.
6. Keeping and confirming thy believers, have mercy upon us. Christ, have mercy upon us. Christ, have mercy upon us.
7. We know that God is one and three, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us.
8. Thou and thy Father, an equal light, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us.
9. Thou, merciful unto us, art present with the Holy Spirit that we might live in thee, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us.


Four Years Ago Today…

… the IRS swept my bank account after a real estate sale settlement wire landed in the account and got their attention.

All I can say is… THANKS, GUYS!

The epistle of the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost (last Sunday, and all of the Ferias this week) is from Philippians 3 and 4.

This jumps out:

“For many walk, of whom I have told you often (and now tell you weeping), that they are enemies of the Cross of Christ;”

Guys, the “enemies of the Cross of Christ” are people INSIDE THE CHURCH who refuse – categorically refuse – to face or take on any sacrifice or suffering in any form.  You know, like people who would refuse to speak up against, say, hypothetically, just pulling this off the top of my head, say, a blaspheming heretic Antipope and probable False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist – because it might harm their career track, donation revenue, or social status.

This is a pure derivative of effeminacy.  In fact, it is basically the textbook definition of effeminacy.  Effeminacy, remember, isn’t “swishing faggotry”… necessarily.  Effeminacy is a vice that transcends sex.  It is the vice of SOFTNESS – the unwillingness to stand any personal discomfort, much less suffering.  This vice is contrary to the virtue or PERSERVERANCE.

So what St. Paul is talking about when he says “enemies of the Cross of Christ” in this context isn’t pagan Roman persecutors, or Jewish persecutors, or in our day Musloids, or Washington D.C. or Antipope Jorge Bergoglio – that is to say enemies of Christ and His Church from without.  No, he’s talking about EFFEMINATES, the Christians who refuse to “take up their cross” and follow Christ, no matter the cost.

The punchline to all of this is, of course, Our Lord’s words, “For My yoke is sweet, and My burden is light.” In their desperate attempt to avoid all suffering and sacrifice, people miss out on the graces that Our Lord desperately wants to shower them with – but they have to take up their Cross first.

That ain’t no joke.  Thanks, IRS. It’s been a pleasure NOT doing business with you.

A Couple of Cattle Emails

I have been simply amazed at the amount of whining my fellow cowboys are doing now. I am constantly reminding them how wonderful they thought it was three years ago when prices reached the level that they currently are today. You had fat cattle trade for under a buck per pound last week and it is “the end of the world”.  Also had a guy last week bragging about his last pen of steers gaining 4.7 pounds per day with the cost of the gain being under $0.60 cents per pound. I asked him how much money he made and he said they lost $50 bucks a head. I replied, “Then what difference did it make that they gained so much if you lost money?” He looked at me like I was an idiot because I wasn’t impressed with his performance facts.

I cannot express how much getting rid of the banker and trading cattle as you and Bud taught has done for my life. I go to bed and sleep all night and worry not! I have so much fun doing what markets tell me to do. Five years ago I was doing all stocker trades, but by paying attention, I switched to cows and sold three calf crops in excess of $1500 per head out of cows that were purchased when they should have been. Now the market is signaling a return to the stocker cattle paradigm, and I made a lot of money getting rid of my young bred heifers and cows while they were overvalued. You may need to come out again because a lot of these guys are in a hell of a mess one short year after the biggest run-up in prices in my lifetime! It is so simple: performance , price sold for, etc. has not one thing to do with how much money you make! Thank you so much for the knowledge you have given me. My wife and I talk of you often.



R is absolutely correct. Right now, the margin possibilities coupled with the unimaginably low gain costs present a better situation than I have ever seen in the Stocker segment. It’s a jolt on the cow-calf side, but incredibly good elsewhere.

We watched the sale at (Smallville, USA) on Tuesday online via DV Auction for a little while during lunch. Nothing that we saw sell that was under 400 pounds brought over $1.25 per pound. This includes the 250 pound cattle. Later in the sale, they sold a load of 800 pounders for $1.25. If you can’t figure that out with cost of gain at $0.60 per pound, then you better find some other way to kill time between meals.




TOLDYA: ObamaCare Is Kayfabe Too

Oh, I wrote for years and years that ObamaCare was designed to fail.  From the very beginning it was obvious to anyone with even the most cursory understanding of the concept of insurance and risk pooling that Obamacare was DESIGNED to plunge healthcare delivery in the former U.S. into total implosion and chaos, and to drive costs up on a parabolic curve.  As Denninger re-stated a few days ago, healthcare costs themselves are increasing at such a massive rate that within ten years…

If this pattern were to continue for 10 years then Medicare and Medicaid would rise to $3,448 billion, or for all intents and purposes all of the $3,854 billion the government spends now! Worse, increased tax revenue would absorb only $184 billion of that additional cost — for all intents and purposes ZERO.

We knew this because both Obama and Barney Frank, among others, were caught on camera openly admitting that Obamacare was merely an interstitial device to bring about total collapse and the nationalization of all health care in the former U.S.  Why? Simply put, to control the populace.  Play ball with the regime and keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you, because “enemies of the revolution” and their families will find themselves unable to source things like chemotherapy, bypass surgery, insulin or even antibiotics.  Also, it is the textbook application of the Cloward-Piven strategy.  Re-read Denninger’s quote above if you don’t understand what that means.

Now we have a Hillary Clinton email in which she is openly strategizing how best to bring Obamacare into the unraveling and collapse phase.

Obamacare was Kayfabe all along too.

Here is a piece I posted in ARSH 2013 when the whole Obamacare website launch happened, and it was exposed that the Obamacare website was merely a facade – THERE WAS LITERALLY NO PROGRAMMING CODE BENEATH THE “ENROLLMENT FORM”.

The Obamacare website was pure KAYFABE.

Isn’t it nice having a word for this now?  Thank you, professional wrestling.

History Rhymes: ObamaCare Website and the Ukrainian Wheat Farmers

(Originally penned and posted October 11, ARSH 2013)
The fact that the ObamaCare website is a complete clusterbungle that is totally inoperative is 100% INTENTIONAL.

It was designed to cause denial of service attacks on ITSELF, people. Come on. Wake up. This isn’t difficult.

This reminds me exactly of Ukraine under Stalin in the early 1930s. Ukraine is the breadbasket of eastern Europe. Tremendous farming and wheat production was centered in Ukraine. Under Lenin, and then Stalin, all farms and food production were seized and controlled by the state. The Soviets hated the Ukrainians and wanted them all dead. All of them. So here’s what they did:

At wheat planting time, the farmers went to the Soviet office in town to get their allocation of seed wheat to plant for that year’s crop. The Soviets stalled and stalled and then simply refused to give the Ukrainian farmers any seed. As the planting window narrowed day by day, and then finally closed, the farmers became first ever more urgent, and then resigned themselves in despair to the fact that they would have no crop that year.

Fast forward to wheat harvest time. The Soviet bureaucrats showed up at the farms and demanded that the farmers deliver that year’s wheat crop harvest. The farmers, in complete disbelief at the Soviets after having begged and pleaded for seed a few months earlier only to be ignored and then explicitly denied any seed by these very same Soviet bureaucrats, told them that there was no harvest because YOU REFUSED TO GIVE US ANY SEED.

The bureaucrats then accused the farmers of hiding and hoarding the wheat harvest, and summarily executed all of the men and teenaged boys on the spot as “enemies of the Revolution and the people”. Those were the lucky ones. The Ukrainians left alive then slowly starved to death, many descending into the madness of starvation. Many Ukrainian women, insane with hunger, slaughtered, cooked and ate their own children. Some of those women survived the famine and carried the intense guilt of what they had done for the rest of their lives. Before this totally state-engineered famine was over, upwards of three million Ukrainians were dead in less than two years. This event is called The Holodomor.

This ObamaCare website is similar in tactic. You are going to be punished for failing to comply with ObamaCare, even though the regime has specifically and maliciously seen to it that compliance is impossible – not that any person of conscience should even attempt to comply with the satanic ObamaCare anyway.

It’s intentional. (KAYFABE!)
It’s intentional. (KAYFABE!)
It’s intentional. (KAYFABE!)

History rhymes. Like an Irishman’s dirty limerick.

You people had better man up and do something real and concrete to depose these neo-Stalinist psychopaths. Mere talk and hand-wringing leads straight to mass graves.