“He said he was from Liberia, not Africa…”

From this thread over at Lucianne.com.  Emphases mine.

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It´s us. We are the reason for the panic. We vote for it, educate our kids with it, watch it on TV, “like” and “follow” it, and listen to its music. Here´s anecdotal evidence; my wife´s hospital is caddy corner to Dallas Presby, home of the ebola incident. The docs at her hospital left Presby to start a new, less screwed up system. So, they know Presby and keep in contact with former colleagues. Well, according to the old Presby docs, the thirty-something Dallas Presby nurse´s answer to the CDC was, “He said he was from Liberia, not Africa.” So, next time you want to believe the tin foil hat conspiracy theory answer, remember instead that we ARE that stupid and our stupidity is why we create the cases for panic.

Important Ebola Note

So there is tremendous chatter about this guy from Liberia, and we now have enough of the backstory to see just how maliciously negligent the so-called protection agencies really are.  But what I want to focus on is Thomas Eric Duncan – the Liberian who after hauling his sister’s still living yet rapidly disintegrating body to and from the hospital thought it would be a great idea to take a three-legged flight to Dallas, and then just casually forget to mention at the Dallas emergency room the whole “I hauled my sister, dying of Ebola, to and from the hospital a couple of weeks ago.”

There is speculation that Duncan is a psychopathic arch criminal, or that he was recruited by musloids to make the trip.  Nope.  I doubt this very, very seriously.  Then how in the world, you may ask, could he possibly DO THIS?  I’ll tell you the likely answer if you really want to know, but I warn you, our culture has conditioned even the “strongest” of you to reject the truth I am about to lay out.  Are you sure you want it?  Fair warning has been given.  Complaints will not be fielded.

The AVERAGE I.Q. amongst Liberians is 67.  Anything below 69 is considered severe impairment. Only people who are profoundly mentally retarded, such as with severe Down Syndrome, have lower I.Q. scores, and many folks with milder Down Syndrome actually have I.Q. scores in the 70s and 80s.  What we are talking about in Liberia is the AVERAGE IQ of non-impaired human beings.  AVERAGE.  Which means, by definition, that half the populace is above 67, and half the population is below 67.

CITATION HERE.  A ranking of nations by average IQ.  Fascinating.

Mr. Duncan, in all likelihood, got on a plane bound for Dallas because all was was thinking was “the Americans will save me”.  He gave NO THOUGHT whatsoever to the consequences of his actions or to other human beings, nor did any of his family members, because people who are dim-witted think only about themselves and the immediate gratification of their immediate needs and wants.  We see this manifested in our own western cultures, wherein people who OBVIOUSLY have lower I.Q.s are far, far more prone to crime – such as theft – and sexual promiscuity, as well as drug use, because they lack the powers of impulse control and consideration for other human beings that is an undeniable characteristic that goes along with an IQ that is several standard deviations “left” on the bell curve.  When all you are capable of pondering is yourself and your own physical pleasure, or the maintenance of your own life, when a person or people is so collectively impaired that thinking through the consequences of actions three or four steps ahead, or of thinking of how one’s actions will affect other people, is almost impossible, then Thomas Eric Duncans happen.

The first step to defending against this reality is to ACKNOWLEDGE IT.

People have been saying for years, “This political correctness is going to get us all killed.”

Yes.  Yes, it is.

Now, if you are sitting there squirming thinking that I am being all racist, let me just copy and paste that last sentence and make one little adjustment:

When all you are capable of pondering is yourself and your own physical pleasure, or the maintenance of your own life, when a person or people is so collectively impaired that thinking through the consequences of actions three or four steps ahead, or of thinking of how one’s actions will affect other people, is almost impossible, then contemporary American culture happens.

I wrote this not just to make the point about failing to acknowledge and deal with objective reality, and how that is now LITERALLY going to kill people, I wrote it to hopefully rehabilitate Duncan’s reputation.  I doubt he is a psychopath.  I doubt he is a terrorist operative.  I think he is just a sub-Saharan African who is probably teetering on the precipice of mental retardation, because that is what the odds clearly, clearly dictate.


Notes for Apres la Guerre: Part 1, MONETARY THEORY

There can be no hope of a sound rebuilding unless and until people understand what money actually is.  As I covered in Parts One and Two of my Economics Presentation on YouTube, MONEY is a FUNGIBLE PROXY for man’s ability to labor, produce and create THROUGH TIME.  Money isn’t gold.  Money isn’t pieces of paper.  Money isn’t zeroes and ones on a computer server.  Money is human life and effort manifested in an agreed-upon form which is used as a convenient medium of exchange.  This is why, for example, when Jon Corzine swept the MFGlobal accounts, one trader at the Chicago Merc (now housed in the Board of Trade building), who kept the majority of his wealth in his MFGlobal account, precisely because it was, according to the Rule of Law, the safest place to store wealth, walked up to one of my order clerk buddies during the first week of November of ARSH 2011, weeping, and said to him, “It’s all gone.  All those years of work … its all gone.”  Note the units.  YEARS OF WORK.  Not dollars, but “YEARS OF MY LIFE”.  Yep.

Let’s say I have a friend to whom I loan some of my money in the form of cash.  Let’s also say that this friend, after years of study and hard work, has acquired a skill set that I would like to learn – let’s say welding.  There are two ways that my friend can repay his debt to me.  The first is for him to repay me in cash money – which is actually a DERIVATIVE.  The second, and PUREST FORM is to repay me in his TIME and SKILL, which is the true underlying entity.

Okay, so we would now have two choices of the form of repayment if we decide that he will repay me in his time and skill.  First, we set an HOURLY RATE, because humans live their lives passing through time, and thus TIME is the baseline unit.  Let’s say $20 per hour is the rate for tutelage in the skill set of welding.  After every one hour lesson, I can reach into my wallet and hand him a $20 bill, which he would then hand immediately back to me, and I would then reduce the balance on his loan in my ledger by $20.  OR, he could take every $20 bill I hand him over the weeks and months of welding tutelage, put it in an envelope marked “Ann”, and when he had the full balance of the loan saved up, hand me the envelope, and then I would close out the ledger as “paid in full”.  THIS is how most people think they MUST do business.  Since people wrongly think that money is the pure commodity itself, and NOT a mere derivative proxy, they insist that this “You hand me a $20 bill and I hand it back to you” maneuver is necessary.  But it isn’t.  In fact, it is silly.  The SIMPLEST way to repay this debt is for me to simply strike $20 from the loan balance for every hour of tutelage, with no further exchange of cash.  In fact, once the hourly rate for the tutoring has been set, the debt COULD be recorded not in dollars, but in HOURS OF HIS LIFE.

This is why Marxism is so evil, and why the Seventh Commandment (Thou shalt not steal) exists.  Forcibly confiscating the property of one person unjustly and giving it unjustly to another person is an act of violence and degradation – utterly denying and disregarding the humanity of the one (the “rich”), presumably in favor of the other (the “poor”).  When this is done in the name of “charity” or “compassion”, it is, in a way, even more evil.  Hey, at least with Jon Corzine we all know where we stand.  Corzine and the other oligarchs feel free to steal other people’s property because they have no respect whatsoever for other human beings.  When religious leaders falsely paint property confiscation and redistribution as “CHARITY”, which is, remember, a constitutive quality of God, namely the joy at the very existence of another – NOT the indifference to the life and existence of the other to which the denial of property rights is an obvious corollary – this is perhaps even more damaging to society.  It is nothing less than calling good, evil and evil, good.    Too bad the Pope doesn’t seem to have even the faintest understanding of this.  He seems to believe that money is MERE paper, MERE zeroes and ones, with no connection whatsoever to actual human beings, and seems to have not the slightest understanding that it is the FREE GIVING of one’s money or property, which is simply a derivative proxy for one’s human capacity to labor, produce or create THROUGH TIME, that is charity, not being gang-raped by oligarchs spewing platitudes about “the poor”.  And don’t even get me started on his seeming failure to comprehend that government debt monetization is the forcible confiscation of wealth from not just the contemporary non-oligarch class, but also from human beings who do not yet exist, and are thus utterly helpless.  This is what happens when Affirmative Action picks the pope, and the influence of Holy Spirit is refused.  But, “the Church is great precisely because She endures the smallness of men”, as Roberto de Mattei said so eloquently and presciently ten days before the election of Pope Francis.

If nobody even understands what money is, how can we possibly hope to rebuild the economy, banking system and financial markets into something other than yet another iteration of the satanic maw of iniquity and villainy that we are now witnessing the implosion of?  “Same song, second verse” is NOT a satisfactory goal.  Not even close.  Either do it right, or lay down, shut up and stay out of the way so that someone better than you can at least have a clean slate from which to start.  Harsh?  Yep.  But true.  So deal.

The next installment in this series will cover banking theory and regulation.

Pope Francis Bergoglio voluntarily kissing the oligarch who has been instrumental in the pillaging of Argentina, and the violent stratification of the Argentine economy into super-rich micro oligarchy and massive, destitute, immobile underclass.  But then, Peronist-Fascism isn't really about economics or justice, it is about the acquisition and retention of personal power, and nothing more.

Pope Francis Bergoglio voluntarily kissing for the cameras the oligarch Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has been instrumental in the pillaging of Argentina, and the violent stratification of the Argentine economy into super-rich micro oligarchy and massive, destitute, immobile underclass. But then, Peronist-Fascism isn’t really about economics or justice, it is about the acquisition and retention of personal power, and nothing more.


Starting Wednesday Off Right: St. Remigius: Shameless Proselytizer Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.


Saint Remigius baptizes Clovis I, by the Master of Saint Gilles, c. ARSH 1500 (National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.)

From CatholicTradition.org:

Clovis, king of all northern Gaul (France), was himself yet a pagan, though not unfriendly to the Church. He had married St. Clotildis, daughter of the Christian king of Burgundians, Chilperic, and she made repeated attempts to convert her husband. In 496, the Alemanni crossed the Rhine and the Franks marched out to drive them back. One account says that St. Clotildis had said to Clovis in taking leave, “My lord, to be victorious invoke the God of the Christians. If you call on Him with confidence, nothing can resist you”; and that the wary Clovis had promised that he would be a Christian if he were victorious. The battle was going badly against him when the king, either reminded of these words or moved by desperation, shouted to the heavens, “O Christ, Whom Clotildis invokes as Son of the Living God, I implore Thy help! I have called upon my gods, and they have no power. I therefore call on Thee. I believe in Thee! Deliver me from my enemies and I will be Baptized in Thy name!” The Franks rallied and turned the tide of battle; the Alemanni were overcome.

Queen St. Clotildis was not trusting to any enthusiasm of victory, and sent for St. Remigius, telling him to touch the heart of the king while he was well disposed. When Clovis saw her he cried out, “Clovis has vanquished the Alemanni and you have triumphed over Clovis. What you have so much at heart is done.” The queen answered, “To the God of hosts is the glory of both these triumphs due.” Clovis suggested that perhaps the people would not be willing to forsake their gods, but said he would speak to them according to the bishop’s instructions. He assembled the chiefs and warriors, but they prevented his speaking, and cried out, “We abjure mortal gods, and are ready to follow the immortal God whom Remigius preaches.” St. Remigius and St. Vedast therefore instructed and prepared them for Baptism. To strike the senses of barbarous people and impress their minds, Queen Clotildis took care that the streets from the palace to the church should be adorned with hangings, and that the church and baptistery should be lighted with a great number of candles and scented with incense. The catechumens marched in procession, carrying crosses, and singing the litany; St. Remigius conducted the king by the hand, followed by the queen and the people. At the font the bishop is said to have addressed Clovis in words that are memorable, if not actually pronounced: “Humble yourself, Sicambrian! Worship what you have burned, and burn what you have worshipped!” Words which may be emphatically addressed to every penitent, to express the change of heart and conduct that is required of him.

St. Remigius afterwards Baptized the king’s two sisters and three thousand men of his army, as well as women and children, with the help of the other bishops and priests present.

St. Remy, pray for us!

#TOLDYA On Goldman

I tweeted this the other day, but it needs to be pounded and driven so as many people as possible know and understand it.

“I Am Putting Everything In Goldman Sachs Because These Guys Can Do Whatever The Hell They Want.”

That title comes from a tweet by Eric Hunsaker of Nanex.  It is morally incorrect, obviously, but it rhetorically drives home the point.

I was encouraged yesterday by a person whom I did not expect to be following such news asking me if I had heard about “those Goldman Sachs tapes”.  It was a sweet moment.  “Yes,” I said.  “Yes, I heard about that.”  It is critical that as many people as possible have at least a cursory understanding of these things, because most of the people who are talking about them today, or are able to provide any level of education or leadership with regards to these concepts and issues, will not survive the war.  So, the “hedge” against the attempted purging is to get as much of the information out into the broad populace as possible, as early as possible.  I have a friend who is literally the most knowledgable person alive – the global authority – on a very specific and desperately critical area of expertise, which is rapidly being forgotten and purged from civilization.  If he were to be hit by a drunk driver, or if his pancreas was to explode into cancer, I shudder to think at the loss to civilization that would result (after I shudder to think of not seeing him again personally in this world, of course).  Thankfully, we have today the ability to record and disseminate information and thus “hedge” against data loss like never before – in fact, we can even record data in the audio and video formats, which adds a level of comprehension and nuance to datasets that has never been possible before.  We have the equivalent ability of hearing Shakespeare read and INFLECT his own lines.  In terms, especially, of objective datasets, we really do have an obligation to get data laid down, copied and spread, so that apres la guerre those remaining will have the tools they need to get about the business of rebuilding – and rebuilding on a solid foundation.  There is no reason whatsoever that a calamity analogous to the burning of the Library at Alexandria should happen now.  None.  If it happens, it will be because we, in our sloth, shortsightedness and callous indifference to those who will come after us on the timeline, allowed it to happen.   

The Enemy’s malice is four dimensional, every bit as intent on raping, pillaging and destroying the souls of people who have not yet been born as those of us alive today.  Our charity, likewise, MUST exist in four dimensions, every bit as fervent for souls with whom we will never share this mortal coil, separated by rivers, seas and oceans of time.

So, here is where I explained in Part 7 of my Economic Presentation from November of ARSH 2012 what has now been proven by Carmen Segarra’s tapes.  I *think* the video should start playing at the right spot (5:16).  I’ll even transcript it for you:

And you say, “No.  How is that possible?  How can that be?  How can Goldman Sachs be running at 545 times leverage relative to its assets?”  And the answer is, because Goldman Sachs and the United States government are, for all intents and purposes, the SAME. FISCAL. ENTITY.  And if anybody has any explanation other than that, I would love to hear it.  And again, I would just encourage you to look at the people who are populating the United States government, the bureaucracy, the federal reserve banks.  And look at their CVs.  Where did these people come from?  They came from Goldman.  ‘Kay?  Again, I don’t like the whole conspiracy theory worldview, but sometimes it’s real.  And when it is real, you have to be brave enough to face it.  That’s it.

More Notes on Shame: John the Baptist, Salome and Mrs. Beryl Muspratt

1.  Thank you for all of the feedback on the “We should be ashamed” piece from last month.  I was especially touched by the “I went to confession for the first time in X years” emails.  Now, please don’t wait another X years to go back, okay?  :-)

2.  There are a few more points on the subject of shame that I would like to expand upon.  The first comes from the novel “Brideshead Revisited”, which demonstrates, completely contrary to the Modernist, post-Christian, “church of Nice” heresy, how shame is a medicinal mercy.  If we can self-generate shame without having to have it applied from the exterior, then so much the better.  But for many people, the shaming must be generated, at least initially, externally.  This is a function of charity – true charity, not the mindless platitude consisting of indifference yielding permissiveness, or in giving people “free stuff”, or just simply “what makes them happy”.  No, true charity is joy in the existence of another and thus a focused desire that that person make it to heaven.  Full stop.

If you are not familiar with Brideshead Revisited, the context is easily explained.  Set between the World Wars in England, Julia is civilly divorced from Rex, and is shacking up with Charles, who is also civilly divorced.  Charles and Julia make a real cute couple and “love” each other (inasmuch as people who express their “love” for one another do so by knowingly flagellating and crucifying Christ in exchange for having an orgasm, can actually be said to love one another in any honest sense of the word.)

[Bridey has just announced his engagement to Beryl Muspratt, a widow with three children. Julia asks why he hasn't brought Beryl to Brideshead to meet her]

Lord Brideshead ‘Bridey’: [pompously] You must understand that Beryl is a woman of strict Catholic principle, fortified by the prejudices of the middle classes. I couldn’t *possibly* bring her here. It is a matter of indifference whether you choose to live in sin with Rex or Charles or both – I have always avoided enquiry into the details of your ménage – but in no case would Beryl consent to be your guest.
Julia Mottram: Why, you pompous ass!
[Julia walks out of the room, holding back tears]
Charles Ryder: Bridey! What a bloody offensive thing to say to Julia.
Lord Brideshead ‘Bridey’: [coldly] It was nothing she should object to. I was merely stating a fact well known to her.

Long story short, Julia eventually breaks off her affair with Charles and lives at home, alone for the rest of her life, reconciled to Our Lord through His Holy Church, namely through the Sacrament of Confession.

Beryl Muspratt, painted by all of the protagonists as a villain, ugly, frumpy, judgmental, and emblematic of “everything wrong with the Church”, even though she is never directly seen in the novel, only discussed and quoted a few times by others, is the most heroic figure in the novel.  She is reported as always being kind to Julia, but unwavering in her defense of the Truth, in this case the Truth about marriage and the Sixth Commandment.  Thus, she could never consent to being a guest in the home of a woman – even her own sister-in-law – whom she knows to be Living in Sin, because to do so would ratify the sin itself, ratify the torture and murder of God Himself, and also REDUCE the likelihood that Julia (and Charles) would repent, correct their situation, and die confessed and in a state of grace, be that five minutes hence, or five decades.  Beryl cannot coerce Julia or anyone else to love God, but she can and rightly does apply medicinal shame to Julia in the hopes that the pain of that shame might lead Julia to stop torturing and killing Christ, and thus utterly rejecting His Love in favor of having orgasms with a cute guy, and in so doing, damning herself to hell.

It is precisely because Julia was made to feel PROFOUNDLY ASHAMED by Beryl refusing to enter her home that Julia set out on the road to repentance.  If Beryl had been a typical Novus Ordo “church of Nice” Kathy-zombie of today and sought to “encounter” Julia with the “tender caresses” of FAUX MERCY, manifested by indifference to Julia and her mortally sinful lifestyle, Julia would have been EDIFIED IN HER SIN, and thus would not have repented and corrected.  And neither would Charles – both would have been lost to hell, in all likelihood.  Interestingly, Bridey, the older brother, is revealed by his own words as being “indifferent”, and thus it is BRIDEY, with his lack of charity for the soul of his own sister, that is the most villainous character in this particular scene.  But even then, he concludes by stating that Julia has no right to object to the statement of facts which she already knows – namely the Sixth Commandment and Our Lord’s words in Matthew 19.  The only thing Julia has a right to object to or be hurt by is Bridey, her own brother, declaring that he is “indifferent” to her sin, and thus to the fate of his own sister’s soul, not to mention Charles’ soul.  That’s it.  And Beryl Muspratt is indeed the heroine of the novel.

3.  This came to mind because a longtime reader has an adult child who is ensnared in the sins of Sodom.  A Mass was said for the adult child, their liberation from the hold of the devil, and the salvation of their soul last week.  The adult child, along with the rest of the world, is trying to pressure the parents to ratify their sodomite activities and relationships in the name of “love” and “not judging”.  The parents, to their eternal credit, are holding fast to the Truth, constantly reminding the child of their love, and thus refusing to accept or ratify the sin, or to receive into their home or socialize with the sodomite partner.  The pressure on the parents, as you can imagine, is enormous.  From every corner in this post-Christian world they are hearing the lie that love is indifference and mercy is permissiveness.  In your charity, please pray for all concerned.

4.  Which segues into a topic, which I think merits its own essay, now that I think about it, but I will mention the concept here so you can start thinking about it.  In this post-Christian culture, the only perversion, the only “lifestyle” which is painted as shameful and harmful, is chastity.  You’re a virgin?  There’s something wrong with you.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  You have no sexual outlet?  You know, not having sex makes you crazy.  You’d be much better off and would “calm right down” if you just went out and got laid.  Good and hard.  Or at the very least “took care of yourself”.

5.  Also, I want to point out again that evil is never satisfied with mere toleration.  Evil demands first toleration, then ratification, then celebration, then co-participation.  That’s the progression.  With regards to abortion, aka murdering babies, we are now at co-participation through the Obamacare mandate.  You WILL pay for and thus co-participate in contraception, sterilization and abortion, or else you will be destroyed and your ability to live and work in the Iniquitous Gutter Republic will be destroyed by the IRS, and eventually you may be imprisoned in the name of “tax evasion”.

I saw a really interesting comment the other day – if the FEDGOV’s agenda was as benign as the deluded among us desperately want it to be, namely merely making contraception available and incredibly cheap, all they would have to do is make the pill an over-the-counter product.  This point, putting aside for a moment the fact that contraception is mortal sin and all of the health risks that go along with the pill, is extremely insightful and true.  These people in the satanic oligarchy now administering the FEDGOV, who are a collective forerunner antichrist, are keeping the pill tied to insurance coverage precisely so that through the Obamacare (or any nationalized healthcare delivery scheme) mechanism, tied to the IRS as the enforcement arm, they can FORCE CO-PARTICIPATION IN MORTAL SIN.  It is the only way to coerce, for example, a chaste 45 year old single man to directly participate in contraception and abortion.  Tie it to his taxes.

6.  And on the spiritual side, and circling back to shamelessness, here is a charming story from LifeSiteNews about a woman who released a video wherein she proclaims, over and over again, that she is NOT ASHAMED of murdering her baby.

“I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. I’m so sick of keeping these words contained. I am not ashamed.”

Make no mistake, so long as she is genuinely not ashamed of one of the most heinous sins a human being can commit, Christ’s Infinite Mercy is not available to her.  He can’t forgive you if you aren’t sorry.

7.  Finally, here is a very powerful image of Salome with the severed head of John the Baptist.  It was technically Salome’s mother, Herodias, who was condemned by John for her illicit marriage and thus agitated her daughter to request John’s execution, but the symbolism of the shameless, sinful woman smugly looking down at John’s head is the point.  Note the rehearsed air of power, the heavily practiced pose of defiance and victory, her features hard and joyless.  Now look at The Baptist’s face.  Even in death, his face is soft and quick, still emoting a genuine CHARITY.  He almost looks to be making eye contact with the woman, still trying to convince her to repent.  Now look back at the woman.  Look now at how weak and shallow and PATHETIC she is compared to him, essentially naked, save her gaudy headdress and jewelry; as transparent and superficial as her gauze girdle.  She fancies herself a queen, but she’s just a sad gutter denizen, wallowing and relishing in her own sin.

This image is a profound allegory of our post-Modern, post-Christian, feminist culture.

St. John the Baptist, pray for us.

Salome, Pierre Bonnaud, ARSH 1865-1930, Musée Hebert

Salome, Pierre Bonnaud, ARSH 1865-1930, Musée Hebert




September Benefactor Mass Set & Assorted Variety (or is that “A Sordid Variety”?)

1.  This month’s Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for all of my benefactors and supporters will be on Thursday the 25th at approximately 12:30pm EDT.  Remember, once you’re on the list, you can never, ever get off of it, even if you decide that you hate me.  Tricksey, she is, Precious.

Deepest, unceasing thanks to one and all.

2.  Just a quick note on the upcoming Synod on the Family called by Pope Francis Bergoglio in October.  Let me explain how it is going to play out.  The Synod will convene, only the Modernists will be allowed to say anything, the Synod will publish something that goes on and on and says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, then the Pope will issue a “Post-Synodal Exhortation” which will also go on and on and say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (but will use to nauseating excess the words “caress”, “tenderness” and “encounter”), and then the green light will be given to every Modernist and unwitting Modernist priest (which is most of them today – let’s be honest) to tell people that divorce and remarriage is no big deal and BY ALL MEANS you should receive Holy Communion.  And if you thought that annulment was merely “Catholic divorce” before, just you wait.  Annulments will be passed out at “A KENNEDY WANTS TO MARRY THE NANNY” SPEED.  Getting an annulment will be like ordering a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Value Meal at the drive-thru window.  They’ll have the annulment burgers and fries pre-made and sitting under the proverbial heat lamps.  Please pull through.

The reason this is all so easy to anticipate is because it has already happened since the Asteroid (™) hit in the 1960s.  In fact, it happened twice.  The first was with the promulgation of the New Mass, the Novus Ordo, in ARSH 1968.  Did you know that the Novus Ordo is supposed to be offered in Latin, with the priest facing God Almighty – NOT facing the people, and with Gregorian Chant?  Yup.  All of the abuses that you see today at almost every single Novus Ordo Mass are NOT specifically called for in any Vatican II documents.  They are all the result of a strategy of putting nothing down in writing, but instead operating like a Tin Pot Dictatorship and sending toadies to communicate that “anything goes, boys”, and anyone who doesn’t go along with or dares to speak out against the “new program” will be destroyed.  This is how the Novus Ordo Mass implementation was executed.  And, you know, it worked so darn well, why WOULDN’T they use the same strategy?

The other arena in which this was used to great “success” was in regards to contraception.  Paul VI Montini wrote Humanae Vitae, which condemned contraception in no uncertain terms, and then openly supported clerics who flagrantly disobeyed it, and even more egregiously, actively punished clerics and prelates who defended Humanae Vitae and called out their disobedient brother bishops and priests.

Yes.  You read that right.  Paul VI PUNISHED bishops and priests who defended his own encyclical.

And, as a result, to which my inbox provides a steady stream of testimony, YOU GUYS, now in the autumns and winters of your lives, thwarted the existence of your own children that God desperately wanted to give you, because your priest TOLD YOU THE DIRTY SATANIC LIE AT THE BEHEST AND UNDER THE THREAT OF HIS SUPERIORS that contraception wasn’t a sin, and it was okay for you to sterilize yourselves and reduce the marital embrace to an act of masturbation.  Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge.  And this tactic was wildly successful.

So shall it be with this Synod.  I would also assume that the blind eye of sanction will be turned to all manner of sodomy ratification, including the “blessing of unions” or some hellish abomination like that.  But NOTHING will ever be put in writing.  Only meaningless, Jesuitical, Modernist, drooling, utterly incoherent gobbledygook nonsense which the pseudo-intellectual neoconservative fanboys and fangirls will lap up like hogs at the slop trough, so pathetically needy and desperate to appear smart and be popular, that they will join in the hen cluck chorus of “oohs” and “aaaaahs” at nod knowingly at all of the big wurdz and run-on sentences.  (If I don’t understand what it says, it MUST be true!  But I’ll pretend that I do understand it so they think I’m teh smart and like me!)

Yeah.  I’ve got your dialogic encounter with the tender caresses of luuuuurv right here, you charlatans.

3.  While I will never abandon my trademarked term “Superfun Rockband church (™)”, I recently had “Six Flags Over Jehovahgod” put in front of me, and I snickered quite vigorously.

4.  Apparently I have started a bit of a Lennon Sisters frenzy.  Several people reported marathon YouTube sessions watching Lennon Sisters clips.  Here is something that I came across that delights me to no end.  One of my favorite songs is “Malaguena Salerosa”, which is a Mexican folk song.  I first heard it years ago in the movie soundtrack for Kill Bill 2.  Now, I’ll be the first to proclaim that Tarantino is one seriously messed-up cat, but the guy has spectacular musical tastes.  So, first is Malaguena Salerosa performed by Kathy Lennon, followed by the Chingon version off the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack, which I warn you, rocks just ever-so-slightly hard.  I love contrasts like these.

Many, many a mile I have driven with Chingon’s Malaguena Salerosa BLASTING in order to stay awake and outrun the PoPo as I crossed the fruited plains of North ‘Merica, hither and yon,  throttle mashed, injector nozzles gloriously a-spray, so as to “let ‘er drink”.  Lyrics beneath.  Enjoy.

Qué bonitos ojos tienes, (You have such beautiful eyes)
debajo de esas dos cejas. (Beneath those two eyebrows)
Debajo de esas dos cejas, (Beneath those two eyebrows)
qué bonitos ojos tienes. (You have such beautiful eyes.)

Ellos me quieren mirar, (I would like to see them)
pero si tú no los dejas, (But if you won’t allow that)
pero si tú no los dejas, (But if you won’t allow that)
ni siquiera parpadear. (well you won’t even let them blink)

Malagueña salerosa, (Graceful lady from Malaga)
besar tus labios quisiera. (I would love to kiss your lips)
Besar tus labios quisiera, (I would love to kiss your lips)
Malagueña salerosa.(graceful lady from Malaga)

Y decirte niña hermosa, (And to tell you beautiful girl,)
que eres linda y hechicera (that you are lovely and bewitching)
Eres linda y hechicera, (You are lovely and bewitching)
como el candor de una rosa. (like the openness of a rose)

Si por pobre me desprecias, (If you reject me for being poor,)
yo te concedo razón. (I will concede that you are right)
Yo te concedo razón, (I will concede that you are right)
si por pobre me desprecias. (If you reject me for being poor)

Yo no te ofrezco riquezas. (I do not offer you riches)
Te ofrezco mi corazón. (I am offering you my heart)
Te ofrezco mi corazón, (I am offering you my heart)
a cambio de mi pobreza. (In exchange for my poverty)

Y decirte niña hermosa, (And to tell you beautiful girl,)
que eres linda y hechicera (that you are lovely and bewitching)
Eres linda y hechicera, (You are lovely and bewitching)
como el candor de una rosa. (like the openness of a rose)

Starting Sunday Off Right: Taking Dictation Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

"Okay.  Write this down:  Abraham begot Isaac. And Isaac begot Jacob. And Jacob begot Judas and his brethren…." St. Matthew and the Angel, Guido Reni, ARSH 1640, Vatican Museums

“Okay. Write this down: Abraham begot Isaac. And Isaac begot Jacob. And Jacob begot Judas and his brethren….”
St. Matthew and the Angel, Guido Reni, ARSH 1640, Vatican Museums

This is so sweet I can barely stand it.  Look at the eyes.  Sigh.
I hereby declare Guido Reni my favorite.  I’m sure he’s thrilled.

St. Matthew, pray for us!

Got Zeal?

An excellent collection of quotes on the utter necessity for zeal for the salvation of souls.  Remember these quotes when you hear anyone say that proselytism is “solemn nonsense”, or that they have no desire to convert a person or persons to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

St. James the Apostle: “He must know that he who causeth a sinner to be converted from the error of his way will save his own soul from death and shall cover a multitude of sins” (St. James 5, 19-20).

St. John Chrysostom, (347-407), the illustrious Bishop of Constantinople, and Doctor of the Church, tells us: “Zeal for the salvation of souls is of so great a merit before God, that to give up all our goods to the poor, or to spend our whole life in the exercises of all sorts of austerities cannot equal the merit of it. There is no service more agreeable to God than this one. To employ one’s life in this blessed labor is more pleasing to the Divine Majesty than to suffer martyrdom. Would you not feel happy if you could spend large sums of money in corporal works of mercy? But know that he who labors for the salvation of souls does far more; nay, the zeal of souls is of far greater merit before God . . . than the working of miracles.”

Pope St. Gregory the Great (590-604): “No sacrifice is more acceptable to God than zeal for souls.”

St. Vincent de Paul (1576-1660): That St. Vincent was devoured by zeal for the house of God, his entire life testifies, because that life was employed in combating evil and extending the reign of good; and in this consists true zeal. Listen to some of his instructions to his community: “Let us give ourselves to God, gentlemen, to go to carry His holy Gospel over the entire earth and into whatever part He may lead us; there, let us maintain our part, and continue our duties until such time as His good pleasure will withdraw us. Let no difficulties move us, the glory of the eternal Father and the efficacy of the Word and of the passion of His Son are at stake. The salvation of men and our own are so great that they merit to be obtained at any price.”

St. Rose of Lima, (1586-1617). We read that her confessor offered himself to go to the missions, but he feared because of the dangers it would entail. After consulting the saint, he heard these words: “Go Father, and do not fear. Leave all to labor for the conversion of the infidel, and know that the greatest service that man can offer to God is to convert souls, for this is a work proper of the Apostolate. What greater happiness could there be than to baptize, be it only a little Indian child who would enter Heaven through the gates of Baptism?”

St. John de Brebeuf (1593-1649), one of the eight North American Martyrs, was heard to say, after pouring the saving waters of Baptism on a dying Indian child, “For this one single occasion I would travel all the way from France; I would cross the great ocean to win one little soul for Our Lord!”

St. Margaret Mary (1647-1690): “My divine Savior has given to understand that those who work for the salvation of souls will have a gift of touching the most hardened hearts, and will labor with marvelous success, if they themselves are penetrated with a tender devotion to His Divine Heart.”

Venerable Cardinal John Newman (1801-1890): “How can we answer to ourselves for the souls who have in our times lived and died in sin; the souls that have been lost and are now waiting for the judgment, seeing that for what we know, we were ordained to influence or reverse their present destiny and have not done it?”

St. Anthony Mary Claret (1808-1870): “Another thing that spurs me on to preach ceaselessly is the thought of the multitude of souls which fall into the depths of hell, who die in mortal sin, condemned forever and ever… if you were to see a blind man about to fall into a pit or over a precipice, would you not warn him? Behold, I do the same…” “How often I pray with St. Catherine of Siena: O my God, grant me a place by the gates of Hell, that I may stop those who enter there, saying: “Where are you going, unhappy one? Back, go back! Make a good confession. Save your soul. Don’t come here to be lost for all eternity!” St. Anthony resolved never to waste a moment of time, and during his 35 years as a priest, he wrote 144 books and preached some 25,000 sermons. On one trip, besides traveling, he preached 205 sermons in 48 days and 12 in one day.

The motivating force that dominated St. John Bosco’s (1815-1888) life is found in a phrase that is typically his: “Give me souls, you take the rest.” “There is nothing more holy in this world than to work for the good of souls, for whose salvation Jesus Christ poured out the last drops of His Blood.” In his writings and conferences, he consistently pointed out that: “Man is successful in this world if he saves his soul and is very knowledgeable if he knows the science of salvation; but he is a total failure if he loses his soul and knows nothing if he is ignorant of those things that can assure him of eternal salvation.” From his book The Life of St. Dominic Savio, St. John Bosco had this to say of St. Dominic Savio (the teenage saint who died in his 15th year): “The thought of saving souls for God was never out of his mind.” St. Dominic Savio, (1842-1856), in a serious conversation with one of his companions, gave several reasons for his apostolic zeal in “saving souls”: 1. My companion’s soul has been redeemed by Jesus Christ. 2. We are all brothers and so we must love each other’s souls. 3. God urges us to help each other. 4. If I manage to save one soul, I also ensure the salvation of my own.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897): “We have only short moments of this life to work for God’s glory. The devil knows this and that is why he tries to make us waste time in useless things. O, let us not waste our time! Let us save souls! Souls are falling into hell innumerable as the flakes of snow on a winter day. Jesus weeps! Instead of consoling Him we are brooding over our own sorrows . . . There is only one thing to do during the brief day, or rather, night of this life: Love Jesus with all the strength of your heart and save souls for Him, so that He may be loved!”

St. Padre Pio (1887-1968): “Time spent in honor of God and for the salvation of souls is never badly spent.

St. Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941): “We have no right to rest as long as a single soul is Satan’s slave.”

Our Lord to Sr. Josefa Menendez (1890-1923): “I am not attracted by your merits but by your love for souls.” “When a soul is generous enough to give me all I ask, she gathers up treasures for herself and others and snatches great numbers of souls from perdition.” ” I so much want souls to understand this! It is not the action in itself that is of value; it is the intention with which it is done.”
“Understand this well, Josefa: when a soul loves Me, she can make up for many who offend Me, and this relieves My Heart.” “One faithful soul can repair and obtain mercy for many ungrateful ones.” “A little act of generosity, of patience, of poverty . . . may become treasure that will win a great number of souls to My Heart.”

Our Lord to Sr. Consolata Betrone (1903-1946): “I prefer one act of love to all other prayers: ‘Jesus, Mary, I love Thee! Save souls!’ This comprises all: the souls in Purgatory, those in the Church Militant, the guilty and the innocent, the dying and the godless! One act of love can determine eternal happiness for a soul. Therefore, be careful never to omit one ‘Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, Save Souls!’ Do not lose time! Every act of love means a soul!”
Our Lady told Sister Consolata, “Only in Heaven will you realize the value and the fruitfulness of saving souls. The act of love is especially meritorious as one of reparation.”

Pope Pius XII (1939-1958): “No one is permitted to be idle and lazy while so many evils and dangers impend, and while those who are on the other side are working so hard to destroy the very basis of Catholic religion.