There Must Be A Reckoning

(Originally penned and posted September 21, ARSH 2011)

The Obama regime has brought the entire planet to critical mass. A triangular imploding collapse appears imminent on the financial front as Keynesian theory coupled with the Cloward-Piven strategy enter their final destructive phase; the military front as Obama’s reformed islamic Caliphate prepares to finish what Hitler started and undo the victories of Charles Martel at Tours and King Jan Sobieski at Vienna; and the cultural front as marriage has been all but destroyed, sodomy is celebrated, and pedophilia is fast-tracked for normalization and decriminalization.

And no one shows even the slightest inclination to do anything to stop, much less punish the Washington DC regime for any of this. And this is precisely the problem.

No society can survive without a firm foundation of justice upon which to anchor itself. Without a foundation of justice, there can be no law, or rule of law. Without the Rule of Law, power and freedom become pure functions of brute force, and morality, societal integrity, financial integrity and true charity, which is to say LOVE in all its forms and contexts, die swift deaths. As Obama’s Manufacturing Czar, Ron Bloom said:

“Generally speaking, we get the joke. We know that the free market is nonsense. We know that the whole point is to game the system, to beat the market, or at least find someone who will pay you a lot of money ’cause they’re convinced that there is a free lunch. We know this is largely about power, that it’s an adults-only no-limit game. We kind of agree with Mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun. And we get it, that if you want a friend, you should get a dog.”
-Ron Bloom
Keynote address at the 6th Annual Distressed Investing Forum, Union League Club, New York, February 27-28, ARSH 2008.


(Remember, this was written on September 21, ARSH 2011.) In light of Operation Fast & Furious, the Solyndra scam and the recently-exposed LightSquared attempted subornation of perjury, along with the seeming attempts to bait a full-blown race and class civil war by the Obama regime, I am hard-pressed to think of another collection of 96 words that contain the essence of an entire philosophy with such brutal succinctness and terrifying clarity.

We now see that Bloom meant every word literally. The Washington DC regime has done nothing but game the system in a quest for personal power and wealth. We now know that they view the entire world’s economy and stability as a no-limit game, wherein the chips are in denominations of billions and trillions of dollars and billions of human lives, that they view as theirs for the taking. The Obama regime is nothing if not power hungry, is ramping up rhetoric with an eye towards inciting widespread violence, and perhaps hot war both at home and abroad, and is seemingly devoid of human empathy. For a dog to befriend these people would be a massive condescension on the part of the dog.

In short, these people, with Barack Obama first among them, are arch-criminals. Obama himself is one of the greatest criminals in all of human history. He has illegally usurped the single most powerful office on the planet. He has illegally and fraudulently insinuated himself into the office of Chief Executive of the largest, most powerful economy in all of human history by orders of magnitude, an economy so large and so powerful that its inevitable collapse will affect nearly every person on the planet in a tangibly negative way. He has also criminally commandeered the most powerful military force the world has ever known – also by orders of magnitude. He has hijacked a military arsenal that has the capacity to kill most of the people on this planet. He has also used his criminally-acquired power to destabilize an entire region and culture and foment what will probably become the first truly nuclear world war, centered on Israel and Iran, in which the death toll will be ultimately counted in the hundreds of millions. The scope of this crime is so large that it is difficult for the human mind to grasp it.

We are now firmly in the domain of the Stalin Principle. Josef Stalin famously said, “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.” Obama, and the entire political class in Washington, and really, our entire culture collectively, now obviously determine the moral licitness of an activity solely by its scale. Once a crime surpasses a certain level in terms of scale, it ceases to be constrained by ANY moral matrix.

What’s that, you say? A non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerent has overthrown the Executive branch and is systematically dismantling our Constitutional Republic? Well, there’s really nothing we can do about that….

What, what? A cadre of Marxists is actively debasing the U.S. dollar and consciously imploding the economy via suicidal spending, money printing and outright looting of the United States Treasury? Well, we’ll just have to wait it out and hope that everything turns out for the best….

How now? These same Marxists are actively facilitating the reforming of the Islamic Caliphate and setting up the destruction of Israel and the Muslim conquering of Europe? Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it….

This apathy and moral impotence is why our nation is crumbling before our very eyes. This is why Western Civilization is imploding. There is no justice, or even a THIRST for justice. In terms of Obama, the worst consequence anyone can bring themselves to discuss is impeachment. Impeachment would be a disaster, because it would unjustly confer legitimacy and Presidential status upon Obama when he is, in fact, NOT the President. Impeachment is the constitutional remedy for removing a legally seated, legitimate President. Obama is neither. But the impeachment proceeding itself, because it would be executed by the House, Senate and Supreme Court, would give Obama a legal “stamp of approval” that he MUST NEVER be given.

Further, the Senate would be charged with voting to convict, and we all know that the moral cowards and outright criminals that now populate the legislative branch would never, ever vote to convict – no matter what the evidence. But let’s assume just for a moment that the Senate DID vote to convict. What would be the consequence to Obama? He would retire either to Hawaii or somewhere in the Middle East to live a life of extravagant wealth, of lazy days filled with ESPN, hard drug use and sodomy. This is exactly the same result that would come from Obama’s defeat in the 2012 election, or Obama’s decision to not seek re-election, OR Obama’s decision to resign at noon tomorrow.

We can no longer permit arch-criminals to evade justice. We MUST shatter the Stalin Principle if we expect our civilization to survive. Barack Obama MUST be arrested, tried as a non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerent, convicted and punished accordingly for his crime. The MINIMUM punishment possible is a life sentence at the super-max federal prison in Florence, Colorado. Again, this is the MINIMUM acceptable punishment for one of the greatest crimes in human history.  The appropriate punishment is that after trial and conviction, he be offered the Sacraments, and at dawn the next morning be put against a wall and shot.  His body should then be hung and publicly displayed.

I am currently reading a book that should be read by every person now reading this essay. It is called “The Death of Christian Culture” by Dr. John Senior. Penned in 1978, it reads like an exegesis of current events. If you think that “Atlas Shrugged” is a prophetic read, you will be physically and emotionally shaken by “The Death of Christian Culture”. One of the key concepts covered by Dr. Senior is in chapter 7, “To Each His Own”. Beginning on page 108 comes one of the most pristine and refined discussions of the concept of justice that I have ever read. Please indulge me as I now blockquote Dr. Senior. The emphases are mine.

Justice is simply the social good, and it must therefore be done. It is defined as “giving each his due” cuique sum, “to each his own”. A man is due his life because he is a living thing; it is his nature to have life; and, since it is also his nature to be moral, if a man commits a crime, he must be punished because punishment is retributive – punishment is the penalty due the criminal in justice to him. Proportioned punishment is due him, too, and you cannot deny him that right without yourself committing an injustice against him deserving punishment in turn. The judge who fails the criminal in punishment himself incurs a greater guilt.

Because we as a nation and as a culture have failed for over 50 years to properly apply justice to the criminals among us, we have committed crimes against the criminals themselves, our neighbors, ourselves and God. And for that, we are now being punished. Justice will be done.

When Ted Kennedy was permitted to murder Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969 with no punishment whatsoever, Kopechne’s blood was spread from the hands of Kennedy alone to the hands of the entire nation. The same can be said for the blood of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The same can be said for the crimes of Bill Clinton. In failing to punish Clinton, the matter simply didn’t “go away”. The entire nation is now reaping the whirlwind of allowing Bill Clinton to lie under oath without consequence, and fifty solid years of similar failures in millions of cases, not the least of which are the trillions of dollars stolen by “banksters” and other white-collar criminals to date and the 45 million victims (and counting) of the American abortion holocaust. No justice, no society.

“There is another justification for punishment besides retribution. Pain and deprivation are medicinal. They hurt so much that the criminal can learn that crime does not pay – or at least that the victims pay back. If you want to teach the prisoner a trade or put him to useful work, well and good; but those things are secondary and must never interfere with the first and proper use of punishment, which is the restoration of the equality of justice not only in society but in the person of the criminal. A person who commits a crime has indulged his will against reason; a disequilibrium has been established in his soul, as Plato says, which can only be righted by retributive exercise of reason against his will. The greatest evil in the world is to do wrong without being punished.”

Let us make the assumption for a moment that Ted Kennedy is in hell. It is impossible to know as Christ’s Mercy is infinite and Kennedy MAY have repented of his life of grave sin before his death. If Kennedy is in fact in heaven, he will not mind us using him as an instructive hypothetical example. In fact, he will delight and rejoice in it. If Ted Kennedy is in hell, a massive contributive dynamic to his failure to repent will have been the fact that we, his neighbors, his brothers, failed to punish him and see justice done upon him. Because Kennedy was never made to feel any pain or retributive justice for murdering Mary Jo Kopechne, he was never deeply confronted with his sin, or the fear of what the consequences would be for his immortal soul in the next life – because there were zero consequences in THIS life. In fact, it made him bolder in his sin. If Ted Kennedy is in hell, we are partially complicit in his being there, and justice will be meted out upon US for our failure in charity towards him.

Exactly the same dynamic is in play for Barack Obama and the Washington DC regime in toto. If we surrender Obama to a life of ill-gotten luxury and continued depravity, we will not only be clearing the path and scattering the rose petals for the next arch-criminal, we will also be failing Obama PERSONALLY. This is the truth of Christian Charity, which has exactly nothing to do with being “nice”.

Real Charity is ferocious, fecund and awesome in its vigor and persistence.

Real Charity does not impotently shrug its shoulders and turn its back and walk away. Ever.

Real Charity never says, “Oh, f*** him/her.”

Real Charity says, “Let justice be done upon him.”

They object to punishment itself; and that is because they deny the existence of justice; and that is because they deny that man is free, that man is responsible for his acts. Crime, they say, is sickness. It must be cured, or better, prevented by prophylaxis of the spirit, by the extermination of free will altogether so that men will react like Pavlov’s dogs to sensitivity training and even to psychosurgery and drugs . . . . They say crime is illness. Now if that were true, there could be no moral act whatsoever. If man is not free to choose evil, he is not free to choose good . . . . Everyone must remember the story of the murderer who said in court: “You can’t blame me, it was my heredity and environment that caused me to kill”, and the judge who replied, “It is my heredity and environment that sentences you to hang by the neck until dead.”

Those words were written by John Senior in ARSH 1978. As we watch the arch-criminal, Barack Obama bait a race war, with himself as the poster child in order to retain and advance his own power, and to evade the justice that is due him, remember that the total absence of justice can only lead to the total absence of freedom.

Barack Obama and all of those those complicit in his myriad crimes against the United States and humanity must be arrested, tried and punished as criminals in proper proportion to the enormous scale of their crimes. This isn’t about vengeance. It is about justice.

It is a reckoning.


Trying a New Donation Platform and Benefactor Mass 4 of 9 Today

Since having my PayPal account swept last December by team Lois Lerner, I have been receiving donations only via snail mail to the address on the contact page – which is still valid, by the way.  But after the bakery that had the $135k fine levied against it for not baking the cake for the sodomites and their aping of the sacrament of marriage, I noticed that they had moved to a Christian-friendly donation service that does not involve PayPal, .

So, after hemming and hawing over it for months, and with my 6 month rent package on this parking spot expiring at the end of October, I thought we might try, for however long it lasts, the Big Orange Donation Button on the right sidebar – because I am either going to have to re-up here, or move on down the road.  But either way, something is going to have to happen.  Unfortunately, this donation platform requires a plastic card of some sort, but that’s pretty much the only non-PayPal and non-SnailMail solution.

And yes, I am still working at the place where I clean all the things, but far under minimum wage, which is fine.  My wage is just, and I freely choose to exchange my labor for that price. And in my situation, I am grateful for it.

In addition to requests about donations, I have also received inquiries about my Cornerstone Cattle Marketing DVD set.  Yes, it is still able to be purchased.  Send a check for $500 made out to Ann Barnhardt to the address on the contact page with “Cattle Marketing DVD” in the memo, and include your name and shipping address, and my order fulfillment elves will generally drop ship the next business day. Don’t be surprised if the check comes back to you endorsed over to another name.

Today is day 4 of 9 of our Novena of Masses for my benefactors; past, present and future.  The intention, centered around the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is for the grace of a happy, holy, provided death.

Be assured of my undying gratitude, and prayers.


Before you follow Pope Francis’ command to prove yourselves worthy of him…

…by quartering a squad of musloid invaders in your home, allow me to show you the TRUE face of islamic invasion and conquest.

Meet Elin Krantz.  She was a young Swedish girl who fell for the kind of bullshit Pope Francis is peddling, and was a vocal proponent of “diversity” and unlimited “open immigration” of musloids into Sweden and Europe.



Elin was raped and beaten to death by a musloid invader of Sweden. Her body was dumped and concealed under rocks in a forest. This is what the koran commands.  Rape of women in conquered lands is a “reward” for fighting for the islamic political system.


Swede380% of rapes in Sweden are committed by musloids.

100% of rapes in Norway last year were committed by musloids.




Novena of Benefactor Masses Begins TODAY – DAY 1

This month, instead of one or two Masses offered for my benefactors and supporters, past, present and future, there will be NINE CONSECUTIVE Masses offered for you: September 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17.

The theme of this Novena of Masses is the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that is, her body being immediately taken up into heaven upon her death.  The Assumption is the Fourth Glorious Mystery of the Rosary, and the Fruit of this mystery as we pray the Rosary is the grace of a happy, holy, provided death.  And that is my intention for all of you in this Novena of Masses: that you die happy, holy, provided deaths.

The days are dark, time grows short, and with each passing day the shadow of war, calamity, persecution and death grows thicker and thicker.  This focuses the mind on that which is truly important, namely, will we, will YOU Dear Reader, spend all of eternity in heaven, pondering the Beatific Vision from the inside, or will we, will you, will I spend all of eternity in hell, separated from God forever, tortured by demons as a merciful distraction from what we freely chose to reject: Love Itself.

Please GO HERE for the prayers of the Novena of the Assumption.  Also, my essay on the Science of the Immaculate Conception and Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary might also be of interest.

And remember, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered EVERY DAY for the next NINE DAYS for the grace of a happy, holy, provided death for all of my benefactors and supporters, past, present and future.

Thank you.

“Therefore the Virgin is immortal to this day, seeing that He who had dwelt in her transported her to the regions of her assumption.” (Timothy of Jerusalem, Homily on Simeon and Anna; 400 AD).

“When finally the Blessed Virgin had fulfilled the course of this life, and was now to be called out of this world, all the apostles were gathered together from each region to her house…and behold the Lord Jesus came with His angels and, receiving her soul…at the break of day the apostles lifted the body with the couch and laid it in the sepulcher, and they guarded it awaiting the coming of the Lord. And behold the Lord again stood by them, and commanded that the holy body be taken up and borne on a cloud into paradise, where now, reunited with (her) soul…” – St. Gregory of Tours


You are Tommy. Christendom is Becky.

You are Tommy.

Christian Civilization is Becky.

The Marxist-Obamaist-Islamist Cabal are the three Gatlin Boys.

The Gatlin Boys done raped your Becky.

You know what you have to do, Tommy.

The Gatlin boys just laughed at him, when he walked into the bar room.
One of them got up and met him halfway ‘cross the floor.
When Tommy turned around they said, “Hey look! Ol’ Yella’s leavin’.”
But you could’a heard a pin drop when Tommy stopped and locked the door.

Twenty years of crawlin’ was bottled up inside him.
He wasn’t holdin’ nothin’ back; he let ‘em have it all.
When Tommy left the bar room, not a Gatlin Boy was standin’.
He said, “This one’s for Becky” as he watched the last one fall.

And I heard him say,

“I promised you, Dad, not to do the things you’d done.
I walk away from trouble when I can.
Now please don’t think I’m weak, I didn’t turn the other cheek,
And Papa, I sure hope you understand:

Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man”.

Five Minutes of Schizophrenia

Let’s see if this works.  Thanks for all of the help and suggestions, but I ended up just having to go redneck and play the Skype voicemail and have my computer record through its built-in microphone, but the sound quality is tolerable.

Some points:

1.  I am in no way afraid of this guy with regards to my own personal safety.  Don’t worry about that.  The point is, this person is schizophrenic with clearly violent tendencies, and can be set off, apparently, by just about anything.  And he walks the streets as we speak.

2.  If you ever hear someone in your family or socially talking and behaving like this, take it seriously.  Insane people should be regarded like wild animals.  I know that is a very harsh thing to say, especially in today’s effeminized world, but it is absolutely true.

3.  Don’t send me any emails asking, “What was he talking about when he was going off about Mr. Drysdale from the Beverly Hillbillies” or anything else.  Dude, I have NO IDEA.  The guy is crazy.  It makes no sense.  It is irrational, detached-from-reality gibberish.  The reason these people are dangerous is because TO THEM, what they say makes perfect, perfect sense.  He thinks he delivered the greatest rhetorical beat-down ever and that everything he thinks and says is perfectly logical and MORAL.  That is why the insane are capable of anything.

4.  Bear in mind, this was the third of three (so far) voicemails.  I have another SIXTEEN MINUTES of rambling, although the first two voicemails were not hostile, just manic.